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Steers and Heifer Trade $5-10 Higher at Superior Livestock's Sept. 20th Video Auction - See Results

Fri, 21 Sep 2018 14:14:49 CDT

Steers and Heifer Trade $5-10 Higher at Superior Livestock's Sept. 20th Video Auction - See Results Superior Livestock September 20th Video Auction

Superior Livestock Auction returned to its bi-monthly offerings with this September 20th Video Auction live from their studio in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Cattle producers offered 19,450 head of calves, yearlings and breeding stock from 22 states for this auction. Superior Livestock went live at 7:30am CT with Superior Sunrise and the auction followed at 8am CT. This September 28th Video Auction was broadcast on The Cowboy Channel and streamed on Superior Livestock Auction’s Click To Bid website. Cattle were sold on contract to deliver immediately through the end of January 2019. After several strong days of trading and area wide rains in wheat country, there was much anticipation heading into today’s offering. Superior’s market did not disappoint and delivered an upward trending stocker and calf market to meet recent demands.

Regions 3/4/5/6 feeder steers welcomed with great buyer participation and very aggressive bidding resulting in $5-$7 higher, noting a higher demand for steers being delivered later in the fall. Buyers were selective in quality and feed programs. Feeder heifers from the same regions saw a strong demand with an increase of $7 to $10. Regions 1/2 feeder steers and heifers were under light test; but were in strong demand selling $3-$10 higher. Regions 1/2 weaned calves and calves on cow saw a steady market with some advance as much as $4 to $6 higher on lighter weights in anticipation of good moisture. Regions 3/4/5/6 weaned calves were well received with a strong market seeing increases of $5-$12. Calves on cows from the same regions were fully steady and buyers were selective in their purchase of program cattle.

Join Superior Livestock Auction our next video auction on October 4th. Broadcast live from the Superior Livestock’s Fort Worth studio. Superior Livestock’s next offering is the Weekly Superior Video Auction on September 27th with a consignment deadline of September 25th. Be sure and visit www.superiorlivestock.com to view our online auction catalog. For a buyers’ number or more information on becoming a consigner please call our Fort Worth office at 800-422-2117.

Superior is the largest livestock auction in the United State and markets well over one million head of cattle annually. With over 400 representatives located throughout the United States, Superior provides a complete national marketing network that serves both buyers and sellers.

Top Lots Included:

Stroman Ranch, Sweetwater, TX. 72 Fdr Strs @ 700lbs. Source & Age Verified, NHTC, Verified Natural Beef, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Angus cows by 44 Farms reg. Angus bulls. $168.00, October 10-20 Del. Hfr Mates weighing 650lbs. brought $163.00, Same Delivery.

Wolf Cattle Company, Calvert, TX. 136 Fdr Strs @ 725lbs. VAC 45, Superior Verified, NHTC, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Brangus & a few Braford cows by outstanding Profit Maker Angus (Special Design 307 & Precision 1680) bulls. 100% Black hided. $162.00, November 1-10 Del.

Thatcher Drummond, Pawhuska, OK. 181 Fdr Strs @ 785lbs. VAC 45+, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Angus & Angus base cows by reg. Buford Angus bulls. 95% Black hided, balance Charolais cross. $163.50, October 2-5 Del.

E.G Land & Livestock, Inc. Bryan, TX. 122 Fdr Strs @ 800lbs. VAC 45, Source & Age Verified, NHTC, Superior Progressive Genetics. Sired by Gardiner Angus, 44 Farms & Express Ranches Angus bulls. 95% Black hided, few off colors, depending on sort. $152.00, October 15-30 Del. Hfr Mates weighing 700lbs. brought $150.50, Same Delivery.

Seven Bar Ranch, Malakoff, TX. 120 Fdr Strs @ 825lbs. English & English Exotic cross showing 1/4 or less Brahman influence. Black, BWF or Charolais cross. $154.00, October 1-20 Del.

Goodnight Ranch Co. Englewood, KS. 384 Fdr Strs @ 830lbs. BVD-PI Free. Pred. Black hided w/some Red & Charolais cross. $160.25, October 1-13 Del.

Santa Rosa Ranch, Crockett, TX. 42 Fdr Strs @ 1020lbs. VAC 45, Source & Age Verified, NHTC, Superior Progressive Genetics. Ultrablack cross & Brangus (Power Source, Tailor Made & Marksman bloodlines). 95% Black hided, few off colors. 33 hd natural, balance are not. Vaccination records will go with cattle. $130.00, September 25-29 Del.

Gretzinger Ranch LLC, Clinton, MO. 134 Fdr Hfrs @ 730lbs. VAC 45+, Certified Natural, Superior Progressive Genetics. Angus. Dams purchased as hfrs in Nebraska. Sires performance tested Angus. 100% Black. Several hfrs are AI sired. Replacement prospects, none kept. $160.00, September 24-October 4 Del.

Steve Carlton, Prim, AR. 65 Fdr Hfrs @ 750lbs. VAC PRECON, BVD-PI Free. English, English cross & English Exotic cross w/some showing 1/4 ear, depending on sort. $144.00, September 25-October 5 Del.

Jeff or Tami Johnson, Dillon, MT. 80 Fdr Hfrs @ 780lbs. Source & Age Verified, NHTC, Superior Progressive Genetics. Black Angus. Red cattle do not go. $150.00, September 25-October 15 Del.

Denton Ranch, Inc. Minneola, KS. 122 Fdr Hfrs @ 835lbs. BVD-PI Free. English cross, Exotic cross, English Exotic cross & some good straight back Brahman cross carrying 1/8 or less ear. $141.00, September 24-28 Del.

Cattle Alliance, TJ Douthit Trust & Rocking BC. Francis, KS. 87 Wnd Str Clvs @ 600lbs. VAC 45, BVD-PI Free, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of purebred Basin Angus & William Zutavern Angus cows by purebred Maine Anjou bulls. AI bulls: DeRouchey (Slam Dunk, Classic & New Level) & Bushy Park Farms (Hotline, Premium Blend, DCC The Man & Hard Drive). 100% Black hided. $181.50, November 1-15 Del.

Sunbelt Ranch, Okeechobee, FL. 155 Str Clvs @ 300lbs. / Hfr Clvs @ 290lbs. VAC 34+. Out of Brangus 1st calf hfrs by Brangus bulls. $242.00, September 24-October 12 Del.

Randy Doonan, Caldwell, TX. 105 Wnd Str Clvs @ 420lbs. VAC PRECON. 70% Angus cross, bal. Charolais cross, Red & Red Motley Face. Pred. 1/8 ear w/approx. 10% 1/4 ear. $200.00, September 24 Del.

Cow Creek Cattle LLC, Okeechobee, FL. 106 Str Clvs @ 470lbs. / Hfr Clvs @ 450lbs. VAC 34+.Out of English cross & Brahman cross cows by outstanding Charolais & Brangus bulls. $173.00, October 1-30 Del.

T&R Cattle, Waco, TX. 500 Wnd Str Clvs @ 475lbs. Angus cross, Charolais cross, Hereford cross & English Exotic cross carrying approx. 1/4 or less Brahman influence, few up to 3/8. $190.50, November 1-15 Del.

River Sand Ranch, Joes, CO. 100 Str Clvs @ 485lbs. VAC 34+, Source & Age Verified, GAP 4, NHTC, Certified Natural Plus, Verified Natural Beef, VitaFerm Raised. Out of Angus & Angus cross cows by reg. Windmill Black Angus (TC Forthright & Brilliance) bulls. $207.00, October 20-November 5 Del. Hfr Mates weighing 485lbs. brought $165.00, Same Delivery.

Rusty & Lacey Robinson, Sawyer, KS. 140 Wnd Str Clvs @ 500lbs. VAC PRECON. English & English cross. 90% Black hided. $180.00, October 1-10 Del.

V.C. Hollingsworth Mgmt, Arcadia, FL. 188 Str Clvs @ 530lbs. VAC 34+, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of English cross & English Brahman cross cows by pred. Jorgensen Angus bulls. May be a few Charolais color calves from Charolais cross cows. $169.00, October 15-30 Del.

Santa Rosa Ranch, Crockett, TX. 77 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 540lbs. VAC 45, Source & Age Verified, NHTC, Verified Natural Beef, Superior Progressive Genetics. Ultrablack cross & Brangus (Power Source, Tailor Made & Marksman bloodlines). 95% Black hided, few off colors. $153.00, September 25-29 Del.

Arnold & Jason Page. Anton, CO. 95 Str Clvs @ 550lbs. VAC 34. Out of pred. Angus & Angus cross (BWF) & 4 Red Angus cows by Dickinson reg. SimAngus (Final Answer, Ranch Hand & Little Bear) bulls. October 10-27 Del.

David Long Ranch, Guymon, OK. 87 Wnd Str Clvs @ 585lbs. Out of Angus, Angus cross & Red Angus cows by Black Angus & Charolais bulls. Approx. 85% Black & BWF, 15% Charolais & Red. $173.50, October 29-November 12 Del.

Hfr Mates weighing 540lbs. brought $164.50, Same Delivery.

Justin Isch, Gridley, KS. 88 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 585lbs. VAC PRECON. Angus, Angus cross & Charolais Red Angus cross. Approx. 98% Black hided. $160.00, September 21-October 1 Del.

Bill Butler, Juntura, OR 430 Str Clvs @ 600lbs. VAC 34. Out of Black Angus, Black Angus cross, Red Angus & Red Angus cross cows by 35 Maag Angus & Reynolds Angus & 13 Salers bulls. $161.50, September 26-27 Del.

La Casa Valley Farms – Darin Brookman, Hollis, OK. 34 Wnd Str Clvs @ 620lbs / 39 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 620lbs. Source & Age Verified, NHTC, Verified Natural Beef, Superior Progressive Genetics. Out of Angus & Angus cross cows by 44 Farms & Bradley 3 Ranch Black Angus bulls. $168.00, September 21-30 Del.

Lovell & Lovell, Crockett, TX. 38 Wnd Str Clvs @ 635lbs. / 37 Wnd Hfr Clvs @ 625lbs. VAC 45, Certified Natural. Out of Brangus cows by Angus, Brangus & a few Charolais Bulls. Approx 80% Black hided, balance Charolais cross, Red or RMF. Carrying mostly 1/8 to 1/4 Brahman, few up to 3/8. Approx .80% Black hided. $159.00, September 25-October 13 Del.

Center Ranch, Centerville, TX. 76 Wnd Str Clvs @ 650lbs. VAC 45, Certified Natural, VitaFerm Raised. F1 Braford. October 2-6 Del.


Myers Cattle CO. Claude, TX. 40 Bred Cows @ 1150lbs. Northern Black Angus cows bred to Krebs Black Angus (sons of Barstow Cash) bulls turned in 4/15/18 for approx. 90 days. Preg checked 9/1/18. 4 yr olds. $1510.00, September 24-October 10 Del.

4 Star Ranch, Vernal, UT. 65 Bred Heifers @ 900lbs. Out of Black Angus Charolais cross hfrs bred to Black Angus bulls. Bulls turned in 5/15/18 for approx. 75 days. 18 mo. old. Ultrasounded 8/29/18, will not recheck. $1085.00, September 25-October 5 Del.

Source - Superior Livestock Auction



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