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The Last Act Before Sine Die- More Than 100 Bills Wait on the Governor's Action

Wed, 25 May 2022 04:21:29 CDT

The Last Act Before Sine Die- More Than 100 Bills Wait on the Governor's Action The House and Senate are currently adjourned to a Call of the Chair as we wait to see how Governor Kevin Stitt will act on the more than 100 bills currently on his desk. Nearly one-third of those implement the fiscal year 2023 budget. (Our Thanks to the Oklahoma Grain and Feed Association for providing this comprehensive list of bills awaiting the action of OKlahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. )

Gov. Stitt has until Thursday, May 26, at 11:59 p.m. to either sign or veto the measures. If he takes no action, they become law. Legislators have until 5 p.m. on Friday, May 27, to override any vetoes.

Please find below the measures pending the Governor's action.

•     HB 1072: Gann, Tom(R)/Quinn, Marty(R). Adjusts provisions of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Regulation Act to establish an Unodorized LPG Permit, update language of related parties and permit virtual instruction for certain courses.

•     HB 1123: Phillips, Logan(R)/Leewright, James(R). Makes appropriations to the Broadband Governing Board.

•     HB 1940: Hilbert, Kyle(R)/Leewright, James(R). Prohibits roofing contractors providing repairs or improvement services from advertising or promising to pay all or part of applicable insurance deductibles and permits insurers to take certain action upon violation of such restrictions.

•     HB 2046: McCall, Charles(R)/Simpson, Frank(R). Creates the Higher Education Institution Local Funding Act which establishes standards to provide eligible two-year institutions within the Higher Education System designation as a funding district and access to certain Ad Valorem income.

•     HB 2179: Fetgatter, Scott(R)/Garvin, Jessica (F)(R). Adjusts medical marijuana grower licensing classification and fees into new categories based on total square footage of grow canopy and makes updates to language to reflect the areas of responsibilty under the Medical Marijuana Authority.

•     HB 2233: Sims, Lonnie(R)/Haste, John (F)(R). Permits boards of county commissioners to expend certain federal COVID-19 relief funds within federal guidelines and outside of standard requirements for appropriations and revenue; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 2322: Frix, Avery(R)/Taylor, Zack (F)(R). Provides updates to medicaid coverage to bring it in-line with the Ensuring Access to Medicaid Act; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 2627: Lowe, Dick (F)(R)/Montgomery, John(R). Provides guidelines to county assessors for what actions are to be taken when a notification of a protest in value by a taxpayer is received and sets guidance for making certain appointments, for conflicts of interest, and the Opens Records Act.

•     HB 2693: Williams, Danny (F)(R)/Pugh, Adam(R). Creates the Oklahoma Education Commission to conduct a study on how to improve the quality of instruction and learning through distance and remote modalities.

•     HB 2776: Pfeiffer, John(R)/Montgomery, John(R). Creates the Health Care Workforce Development and Finance Act for recruiting & educating the state's health care workforce and directs the Health Care Workforce Training Commission to administer the loan repayment program.

•     HB 2779: Pfeiffer, John(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Makes an appropriation to the University Hospital Authority.

•     HB 2958: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Sets budget limits for the Office of the Attorney General for the implementation of HB 4210; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 2959: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Directs an apportionment of funds allocated to the Water Resources Board to the Emergency Drought Relief Fund.

•     HB 3056: Sims, Lonnie(R)/Paxton, Lonnie(R). Declares that the Ethics Commission shall not have enforcement jurisdiction concerning candidates or committees related to municipal campaign finance and disclosure and permits municipalities to contract with certain entities.

•     HB 3081: Hilbert, Kyle(R)/Hall, Chuck (F)(R). Establishes tax credits for qualified economic development expenditures and outlines qualifications and limitations of the tax credit.

•     ?HB 3088: Hilbert, Kyle(R)/Hall, Chuck (F)(R). Permits a tax credit for residents with nonrecurring adoption expenses that shall not exceed $2,000 for a single filer and $4,000 for married filing jointly.

•     HB 3208: Cornwell, Rusty(R)/Paxton, Lonnie(R). Places a moratorium on the issuance of new medical marijuana business licenses between July 1, 2022 and July 1, 2024.

•     HB 3286: Rosecrants, Jacob(D)/Bergstrom, Micheal(R). Increases penalties on the crime of stalking to be a felony offense and establishes enhanced standards for determining stalking and imposes additional requirements on persons convicted of stalking.

•     HB 3349: McCall, Charles(R)/Treat, Greg(R). Creates a Statewide Recovery Fund subject to legislative appropriation to be filled by federal American Rescue Plan Act funds; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 3418: Fetgatter, Scott(R)/Montgomery, John(R). Permits an adjustment to taxable income of an amount required to equal 100% of the cost of expenditures for certain qualified properties and improvement properties on the year a property is placed into service; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 3564: McBride, Mark(R)/Pemberton, Dewayne(R). Creates the Oklahoma Future Teacher Scholarship and Employment program to create a five-year incentive structure to students pursuing higher education and employment related to teaching; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 3567: McBride, Mark(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Makes an appropriation to OMES for repairs, refurbishments and improvements to the tunnels underneath the State Capitol; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 3568: McBride, Mark(R)/Allen, Mark(R). Provides for a limited gross production tax exemption for certain secondary and tertiary recovery projects starting July 1, 2022 or later and creates the Emission Reduction Technology Incentive Act; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 3571: McBride, Mark(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Authorizes the Capitol Improvement Authority to issue bonds and obligations such to raise $70 MIL for improvements to the Jim Thorpe Office Building; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 3639: Dempsey Eddy (F)(R)/David, Kim(R). Adjusts fees on various youth nonresident hunting licenses; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 3819: Sims, Lonnie(R)/Rader, Dave(R). Creates the Oklahoma Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Matching Fund Act which makes an appropriation for rural areas to request money to be used to acquire federal matching funds in the event of disasters; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 3901: Pfeiffer, John(R)/Montgomery, John(R). Expands the jurisdiction of the Court of Tax Review to include complaints regarding valuation of real and personal property with an assessed fair cash value over $3MIL from the county board of equalization.

•     HB 3925: Sterling, Danny(R)/Howard, Brent (F)(R). Establishes a court cost compliance program to assist county sheriffs and courts with the collection of outstanding court costs/fines and creates the Cost Administration Implementation Committee for oversight of the program; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 3929: Pfeiffer, John(R)/Rogers, Cody (F)(R). Establishes standards for process validation in medical marijuana testing and licensing provisions; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 3971: Burns, Ty(R)/Leewright, James(R). Directs the Medical Marijuana Authority to implement rules to employ secret shoppers.

•     HB 4056: Marti, T.J.(R)/Paxton, Lonnie(R). Directs the private laboratory under contract with the Medical Marijuana Authority to provide certain recommendations for brands and models of all equipment and standards to be utilized by testing laboratories in the state; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 4085: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Howard, Brent (F)(R). Creates the Oklahoma Rural Jobs Act which provides a system for rural funds seeking investment to be certified and qualify for tax credits.

•     HB 4099: Frix, Avery(R)/Jech, Darcy(R). Authorizes the Capitol Improvement Authority to issue obligations to acquire real property in a total amount up to $46 MIL for museums and sites of the Historical Society.

•     HB 4105: Frix, Avery(R)/Standridge, Rob(R). Provides naming for various highways and bridges throughout the state.

•     HB 4150: Luttrell, Ken(R)/Coleman, Bill (F)(R). Adjusts railway provisions to require motorists to yield to on-track equipment as well as trains.

•     HB 4279: Sneed, Chris(R)/Quinn, Marty(R). Updates provisions of the Market Assistance Association Act which relate to the composition and responsibilities of the Market Assistance Association Board of Directors.

•     HB 4327: Stearman, Wendi (F)(R)/Daniels, Julie(R). Permits individuals to bring certain civil actions against any person who performs or assists in the performance of an abortion in any way; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 4354: Hill, Brian(R)/Kidd, Chris(R). Creates the Research and Development Attraction Act which directs OCAST to institute a grant program for research and development by state-based small businesses.

•     HB 4388: Hilbert, Kyle(R)/Pugh, Adam(R). Creates the Teacher Empowerment Revolving Fund and provides funding allocation from certain excess in the Education Lottery Trust Fund and permits school districts to establish new levels of teacher certificates; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 4412: Lowe, Dick (F)(R)/Pederson, Roland(R). Creates the Healthy Soil Program Act which directs the Conservation Commission to implement a program to promote sustainable land use in the state through grants and educational services.

•     HB 4413: Lowe, Dick (F)(R)/Montgomery, John(R). Provides several adjustments and language updates to the Employment Security Act.

•     HB 4449: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Creates a Military Justice Fund to provide funding for necessary expenses incurred by the Military Dept. to prosecute military misconduct and exempts the Military Dept. from certain requirements of the Art in Public Places Act; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 4454: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Makes an appropriation to the Large-Scale Economic Activity and Development Fund.

•     HB 4456: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Creates a special Progressing Rural Economic Prosperity Fund within the State Treasury; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 4457: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Creates the Route 66 Commission and a related revolving fund to provide grants to solicit applications and distribute funds and redirects money from certain Tourism funds into the Route 66 Fund; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 4459: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Provides for a gradual increase over six years of the apportionment limit on certain funds deposited into the County Improvement for Roads and Bridges fund to a limit of $150 MIL in FY-28 and subsequent years; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 4460: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Adjusts certain limits on bonding authority for the Grand River Dam Authority to account for 2022 provisions of the Large-scale Economic Activity and Development Act.

•     HB 4464: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Makes an appropriation to the Progressing Rural Economic Prosperity Fund; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 4465: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Directs the apportionment and spending of certain funds designated to the Dept. of Education for FY-23.

•     HB 4466: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Sets budget limits for the Dept. of Human Services.

•     HB 4467: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Sets budget limits for the Dept. of Commerce.

•     HB 4468: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Sets budget limits for the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology.

•     HB 4470: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Sets budget limits for the Dept. of Public Safety.

•     HB 4471: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Directs the Dept. of Public Safety to provide an annual written report on all Highway Patrol Trooper Academies conducted during a given fiscal year and the year prior to the Legislature.

•     HB 4472: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Sets budget limits for the Office of the Attorney General.

•     HB 4473: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Makes an appropriation of roughly $181 MIL to the Inflation Relief Stimulus Fund; EMERGENCY.

•     HB 4474: Wallace, Kevin(R)/Thompson, Roger(R). Creates the Inflation Relief Stimulus Fund operated by the Treasurer to provide payments to Oklahoma citizens on December 1, 2022 or as soon thereafter as possible based on 2021 income tax filings; EMERGENCY.

•     SB 14: Bergstrom, Micheal(R)/Humphrey, Justin J.J.(R). Permits the Dept. of Corrections to establish a Hospice Care and Certified Nurse Assistant training program under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer for the purpose of providing inmate training and education.

•     SB 169: Kidd, Chris(R)/Luttrell, Ken(R). Updates certain requirements for container types and sealing methods related to cocktails-to-go.

•     SB 192: Howard, Brent (F)(R)/Pfeiffer, John(R). Removes Requirement that unmanufactured farm products be assessed and valued.

•     SB 217: Howard, Brent (F)(R)/Martinez, Ryan(R). Adjusts various provisions of the Juvenile Code.

•     SB 366: David, Kim(R)/Hilbert, Kyle(R). Relates to various provisions governing driving privileges for impaired drivers, providing for withdrawal of privileges, procedures for concurrent suspensions and optional participation in the Impaired Driver Accountability Program.

•     SB 401: Stanley, Brenda (F)(R)/Martinez, Ryan(R). Provides for a total income tax exemption on military retirement benefits.

•     SB 418: Daniels, Julie(R)/Martinez, Ryan(R). Creates the Oklahoma INFORM Act which provides standards and regulations regarding online marketplaces.

•     SB 429: Thompson, Roger(R)/Hilbert, Kyle(R). Appropriates money to the Water Resources Board and provides authority to the board to make expenditures for certain grant programs.

•     SB 615: Bullard, David (F)(R)/Williams, Danny (F)(R). Requires multiple occupancy restrooms or changing areas in schools to be for the exclusive use of the male sex or the female sex and schools shall provide accomodation for those who refuse to comply with this requirement; EMERGENCY.

•     SB 757: Pugh, Adam(R)/McEntire, Marcus(R). Removes certain requirements under the Tax Commission's authority to audit alcohol sale licensees to determine if the correct amount of tax payable has been collected and makes updates regarding third-party vendors and alcohol delivery.

•     SB 856: Weaver, Darrell (F)(R)/West, Josh(R). Provides exemptions to certain travel reimbursement provisions to the Military Dept. when performing services in support of the National Guard.

•     SB 924: Treat, Greg(R)/Boatman, Jeff(R). Relates to the permissibility and authority to share state data by OMES.

•     SB 976: Murdock, Casey(R)/Hardin, David(R). Removes the requirement that notification of sheriffs' sales be made in a newspaper and allows such notices to be posted on the websites of newspapers or an official government website; EMERGENCY.

•     SB 1040: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Makes general appropriations for FY-23.

•     SB 1043: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Sets budget limits for the Dept. of Health.

•     SB 1048: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Sets budget limits for the Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

•     SB 1052: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Sets budget limits for the Dept. of Corrections.

•     SB 1055: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Sets budget limits for the Office of Juvenile Affairs.

•     SB 1056: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Makes an appropriation and sets budget limits for the District Courts.

•     SB 1058: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Sets budget limits for the Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

•     SB 1060: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Sets budget limits for the Tourism and Recreation Department.

•     SB 1061: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Sets budget limits for the Office of Management and Enterprise Services.

•     SB 1074: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Sets budget limits for the Health Care Authority.

•     SB 1075: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Removes the assessment of certain sales taxes on the sale of motor vehicles; EMERGENCY.

•     SB 1079: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Includes facilities engaged in research and development to those eligible for certain ad valorem exemptions based upon payroll requirements, and removes any penalties and interest for tax year 2021 if resulting from such assessments.

•     SB 1091: Thompson, Roger(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Creates a February 2021 Winter Storm Grant Revolving Fund to provide grants to mitigate costs incurred by municipal utilities affected by the weather event in February 2021; EMERGENCY.

•     SB 1300: Rader, Dave(R)/Lawson, Mark(R).Requires the Tax Commission to send certain license plate renewal notifications by email unless there is no email address provided at the time of initial registration.

•     SB 1302: Rader, Dave(R)/Pfeiffer, John(R). Requires the Tax Commission, when notifying a state employee they are not in compliance with state tax law, to include that a percentage of their wages may be subject to garnishment and adds medical marijuana gross receipts under certain tax statutes.

•     SB 1305: Rader, Dave(R)/Miller, Nicole(R). Provides a tax exemption for sales and services to a nonprofit entity whose function is to provide, build, or repair homes that have been damaged or destroyed by disasters; EMERGENCY.

•     SB 1337: McCortney, Greg(R)/McEntire, Marcus(R). Removes certain duties and definitions related to the Health Care authority contracting with businesses to establish a state-run health benefits program and requires them to ensure sustainability of the Medicaid delivery system; EMERGENCY

•     SB 1339: Coleman, Bill (F)(R)/Strom, Judd(R). Adjusts provisions surrounding sales tax applicability and remittance to include all taxable property, services and transactions and expands the applicability of certain taxation to products sold via marketplace facilitators.

•     SB 1387: Standridge, Rob(R)/Steagall, Jay(R). Establishes numerous special license plates and creates the Diabetes Awareness License Plate Revolving Fund.

•     SB 1396: McCortney, Greg(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Makes several adjustments to the supplemental hospital offset payment program and the Health Care Authority's regulations regarding SHOP; EMERGENCY.

•     SB 1436: Garvin, Jessica (F)(R)/McEntire, Marcus(R). Requires employers in long-term care facilities to do criminal background checks on nurse aid before they begin employment rather than before the employer makes an offer of employment to such individuals.

•     SB 1456: Jech, Darcy(R)/Newton, Carl(R). Requires CLEET to promulgate rules to evaluate and approve requests by the Dept. of Corrections to conduct a separate training academy for its officers.

•     SB 1458: Thompson, Roger(R)/Echols, Jon(R). Provides that any unincumbered monies from various revolving funds are to be deposited into the General Revenue Fund, eliminates several fees regarding criminal offense, and creates the Office & Board of Judicial Performance Evaluation.

•     SB 1495: Treat, Greg(R)/McCall, Charles(R). Makes an appropriation of roughly $930 MIL to the Statewide Recovery Fund from federal American Rescue Plan Act money; EMERGENCY.

•     SB 1673: Pugh, Adam(R)/Nollan, Jadine(R). Increases the eligibility threshold for entry into the Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program; EMERGENCY.

•     SB 1704: Paxton, Lonnie(R)/Lowe, Dick (F)(R). Increases penalties on improper sale, transfer or purchase of medical marijuana and requires license revocation upon the second such offense and requires employees of medical marijuana businesses to obtain credentials authorizing them to work there.

•     SB 1725: Pugh, Adam(R)/Osburn, Mike(R). Sunsets the Occupational Licensing Advisory Commission at the end of calendar year 2022; EMERGENCY.

•     SB 1733: Treat, Greg(R)/McCall, Charles(R). Adjusts definitions of public bodies under the Open Records Act to exclude tax exempt organizations whose sole beneficiary is a college or university within the State System of Higher Education and which do not receive direct appropriations.

•     SB 1737: Stephens, Blake (F)(R)/Patzkowsky, Kenton(R). Requires medical marijuana commercial growers to register with the Dept of Ag, Food, and Forestry and they must post certain signage at the site of the commercial grow operation.

•     SB 1853: David, Kim(R)/McBride, Mark(R). Declares that the state will set a hydrogen fuel production standard as an annual goal each year through 2028 and directs related reporting to the Corporation Commission.

•     SB 1857: Montgomery, John(R)/Wallace, Kevin(R). Adjusts the applicable years for the clean-burning motor fuel tax credit, increases the maximum value of credits and allows the credits to be applied to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

•     SJR 51: Treat, Greg(R)/McCall, Charles(R). Provides approval for the Workers' Compensation Commission Fee Schedule effective July 1, 2022; EMERGENCY.



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