NCBA’s Beltway Beef Podcast: A Cattle Producer’s Perspective on Conservation Programs

Mon, 26 Sep 2022 09:14:28 CDT

NCBA's Beltway Beef Podcast: A Cattle Producer's Perspective on Conservation Programs

Each week, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association's Beltway Beef brings you the latest policy news affecting the U.S. cattle and beef industry. Hear from subject-matter experts, producers, and industry leaders on the topics that impact the business viability of farms and ranches across the country.

On this episode, NCBA member and Iowa cattle producer Shayne Wiese joins to discuss his experience utilizing voluntary conservation programs from the 2018 Farm Bill. As Congress is developing the next Farm Bill, Wiese provided essential insight on his experience accessing these programs for his own cattle operation and working with local U.S. Department of Agriculture staff. Wiese also highlighted how cattle can be a tool for conservation and environmental improvement. In addition to being a member of NCBA, Wiese is a member of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association.

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