5 State Beef Conference Comes to Beaver, Oklahoma on October 4

Wed, 28 Sep 2022 11:29:14 CDT

5 State Beef Conference Comes to Beaver, Oklahoma on October 4

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Farm Director, KC Sheperd, got the chance to visit with Mary Chris Barth to talk about the 5-State Beef Conference coming up on Tuesday, October 4 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Beaver County Fair Building in Beaver, Okla.

“This conference rotates within counties in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico,” Barth said. “This year, Beaver County has the privilege of hosting it on next Tuesday, October 4, and we will start registration at 9:30 a.m. at the fairgrounds pavilion, then we will break for lunch, and end the session by 4 p.m.”

Barth said it has been quite a while since the conference was in Oklahoma.

“The last time I actively participated in Beaver County was 15 years ago, so we are very privileged to have it back, and looking forward to all people coming from multiple states,” Barth said.

The speakers, Barth said, will be talking about drought-related issues.

“I think we are all so tied to our weather situation right now,” Barth said. “Our headline speaker is Kit Pharo. He is from Cheyenne Wells, Colorado.”

Barth said Kit Pharo will be speaking about focusing on production per acre rather than production per cow.

“Mr. Pharo says a farmer doesn’t focus on production per plant, he focuses on the production of bushels per acre, so it is a similar concept for a rancher,” Barth said.

The next speaker, Barth said, will be Dr. Tim Steffens from Texas A&M AgriLife Services.

“He will be talking about how we monitor our pastures during this drought situation, and choosing methods so we don’t overgraze,” Barth said.

After Dr. Steffens, Barth said two more individuals from Texas will be featured. First, Justin Rader, a rancher from Canadian, Texas will be speaking about drought impact, ecological stewardship, and the relationships that help maintain the cow herd.

Rader will be followed by Adam Isaacs, another Canadian, Texas rancher who will be speaking about grazing management and adapting during dry conditions.

“We are very privileged to have a participant from K-State this year, Jennifer Ifft and she is going to be focusing on the drought insurance,” Barth said. “ We have new opportunities that we didn’t have in the last drought as far as forage insurance and now some livestock value insurance as far as what the markets are doing. That will be very pleasant to have her as part of our program.”

Following the event, Barth said, will be a homecooked meal.

There will also be a home-cooked beef dinner, Barth said.

For individuals wanting to sign up, Barth said the simplest way is to contact the Beaver County Extension office.

“That gives us a little easier headcount on the meal,” Barth said. “No one is going to be turned away if you don’t get registered. Just show up on Tuesday and we will have a seat and a plate for you.”

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