Oklahoma CattleWomen President Cheyenne Sparks Gives Overview of Upcoming Events

Farm Director, KC Sheperd, caught up with the president of the Oklahoma CattleWomen’s Association, Cheyenne Sparks, and talked about exciting events coming up for the association.

“First and foremost, we have our Region IV meeting,” Sparks said. “ANCW (American National CattleWomen, Inc.) has regions all across the United States, and Oklahoma is in Region IV with Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. We like to meet up once a year and have a regional meeting where we learn about what is going on in the industry- not just in our region but nationally.”

In the regional meeting, Sparks said attendees will discuss what each individual state is doing to better serve the cattle community.

“That is going to be our homecoming. That is when we get to talk with each other, learn, engage, and share the good news about beef,” Sparks said. “We are looking to have that in Oklahoma this coming year in 2023. I am very excited for us to bring it to our home state and just welcome all of these Cattlewomen from all over.”

The ANCW Region IV meeting will take place on May 5 in Oklahoma City, which will continue into the weekend with an event called the Women in Ranching and Education Development on May 6, and fellowship on May 7.

Women in Ranching and Educational Development, also referred to as WIRED, is for anyone in the beef community looking to become more successful and knowledgeable in their operation.

Whether you are somebody coming up in college and looking to gain knowledge before you start your own operation, whether you are managing and facilitating your operation alongside your partner, or whether you are someone later along in life that is taking on the ranch by yourself for the first time, Sparks said the WIRED program is for everyone.

“WIRED is my favorite program that the American National CattleWomen put on, so much, that the Oklahoma Cattlewomen actually adhere that to our own agenda for the cultivating CattleWomen series we have had over the past couple of years,” Sparks said.  

The upcoming WIRED event, Sparks said, creates a comfortable environment for attendees to build their confidence, learn with others, and fellowship with other producers.

“We are a voice for women who share a passion for the beef community,” Sparks said. “We focus on the beef promotion, education, legislation, all things that we are going to be looking to do during this event with the region meeting and the WIRED program.”

Sparks said there are several different ways to keep up to date with the Oklahoma CattleWomen, including visiting okcattlewomen.org, or their Facebook page.

To become an Oklahoma CattleWomen member, Sparks said applicants must pay a small annual fee of 20 dollars.

“Our year starts on October 1, so if you get in now, you get a full year of membership ahead of you, and you are up to date on everything that is coming forth,” Sparks said. “We love to invite new members and current members, so this event is actually going to be open to both members and non-members.”

Sparks said sign-up can be completed online, over the phone, or in person at the OCA office

“If you prefer talking to somebody in person, we love that,” Sparks said. “If you prefer going online and doing it yourself, we love that too.”

As for the upcoming Christmas parade at the Oklahoma National Stockyards on December 3, Sparks said the Oklahoma CattleWomen plan to have a float at this year’s parade.

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