American Angus Auxiliary rounds out 70-year celebration

The American Angus Auxiliary National Officers and Regional Directors at the Auxiliary Breakfast held during the 2022 Angus Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Pictured left to right are: Stacy Erdmann, ND; Cindy Worthington, CA; Deanna Hofing, IN; Tonya Rae Theis, KS; Karla Knapp, IA; Julie Conover, MO; Megan Ahern, TX; Valerie Trowbridge, PA; and Christy Perdue, NC.

Organization welcomes new leadership, celebrates history and camaraderie at Angus Convention.

For 70 years, the American Angus Auxiliary has offered Angus enthusiasts the opportunity to work together to provide educational, promotional and social programs and activities. Each year, Auxiliary members gather at Angus Convention to educate members, discuss future efforts and raise funds for Angus generations to come. The Auxiliary held their Annual Meeting, Miss American Angus competition and Auxiliary Breakfast in conjunction with the 2022 Angus Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Angus Convention is a great way for the Auxiliary directors, committee chairs, past presidents and membership to gather annually to look back at our year of progress,” said Deanna Hofing, American Angus Auxiliary 2021-2022 president. “It allows us to connect with our members, establish new friendships and socialize with the Angus industry.”
During the Auxiliary Annual Meeting, members elected new directors, officers and voted on changes to by-laws said Hofing.
A complete list of the 2022-2023 officers and directors follows.
President – Julie Conover, Missouri
President Elect – Karla Knapp, Iowa
Secretary/Treasurer – Tonya Rae Theis, Kansas
Advisor – Deanna Hofing, Indiana
Region 1 – Cindy Worthington, California
Region 2 – Megan Ahern, Texas
Region 3 – Stacy Erdmann, North Dakota
Region 4 – Christy Perdue, North Carolina
Region 5 – Rebecca Knott, Indiana
Region 6 – Valerie Trowbridge, Pennsylvania
In the Miss American Angus competition, five young ladies underwent a written quiz, an interview and presented a speech to a panel of judges. This year’s contestants included Allison Davis, Tennessee; Alexis Koelling, Missouri; Lizzie Schafer, Illinois; Kelsey Theis, Kansas; and Hailey Jentz, Wisconsin. The 2022 Miss American Angus, Mary Wood, concluded her reign by crowning Kelsey Theis as her successor.
Through the past year of the 70th anniversary, the Auxiliary honored their work and the dedication of women before them to strengthen their organization and its devotion to Angus youth. In final celebration, this year’s Auxiliary highlight was the auctioning of a CJ Brown painting, which included depictions of 29 notable Angus cow families and all 68 past presidents. The original painting sold for $8,000, along with five custom artist proofs which totaled $5,100.

“Our 70th year was a fantastic time to celebrate the Auxiliary’s achievements. I am thankful, grateful and humbled by having the opportunity to be the 70th anniversary president,” Hofing said. “This year was the first time we participated in the National Junior Angus Show tailgate party, the first time we were able to provide $20,000 in scholarships and the first year of the Miss American Angus advocacy program.”

Looking forward, the Auxiliary plans to continue providing juniors ample learning and leadership opportunities in the future.

“The Auxiliary has a bright future with the ladies who are now leading and will lead in future years,” Hofing said. “As times and culture changes, the Auxiliary will have to change as well to stay relevant and forward thinking for the juniors.”

The 2022 Angus Convention was held Nov. 4-7, 2022 in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more news and information about Angus Convention, visit To learn more about the American Angus Auxiliary, visit
–   Written by Briley Richard, Angus Communications