Bob Rodenberger says It May be a Good Idea to Lock in a Price Early for Your Cattle

Listen to KC’s full conversation with Bob Rodenberfer as he gives a livestock market update.

KC Sheperd, Farm Director, is back talking with Bob Rodenberger, a partner with Stockman Oklahoma Livestock Marketing, as he gives the latest on the livestock markets and what he is hearing from producers in the state.

Recent rains across the state, Rodenberger said, have increased producer morale and increased buyer activity. Many people are having some success with getting wheat up out of the ground, Rodenberger said, and that means more wheat pasture cattle are being turned out.

“The market has been good everywhere,” Rodenberger said. “Oklahoma City, Monday, the calf market is outstanding, and the feeder market is good. Thursday, we saw that follow-through. Good calf market. Good feeder market.”

Rodenberger said the cow market is still good, and there is a good salvage market based on what he normally sees this time of year. Demand has yet to slow down, he added.

“If you’ve got calves or cattle that you are holding that you’ve got wheat pasture for, or you are getting ready for grass next spring- whatever it is- you’ve got a high dollar,” Rodenberger said.  

For those who are holding over cattle, Rodenberger said to pay attention to what they could lock in if they took those prices today, because anything can happen.

“There are tools out there to lock in a bottom to put profit in your pocket today and not gamble on some political or pandemic deal,” Rodenberger said.

From many producers, Rodenberger said he is hearing they plan on selling half of their calves due to only having enough wheat for half of their calf crop.

“They’ve got to either fill up the feeder or sell them,” Rodenberger said.

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