Hay Growers have started to focus on their Longtime Customers

Compared to the last report: Hay growers have started to focus on their longtime customers. Taking care of those long-time customers is causing buyers to rely on Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honey Bees, and Farm-raised Fish, or ELAP.

The ELAP services have been allowing people to receive affordable delivery costs as they buy hay all across the country. Also, these services have allowed hay brokers to deliver affordable hay for some customers who do not have those hay contacts. Prices do continue to rise along with the demand.

Good news rain has moved across the State of Oklahoma, which is preparing us for the 2023 harvest for all
types of crops, but, we all are still in some sort of drought. As we look at the Oklahoma Mesonet Drought Monitor, we are at 19.88 percent in exceptional drought, 64.01 percent in extreme drought, 85.98 percent in severe drought, 91.21 percent in moderate, and 99.97 percent in abnormally dry conditions.

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