TSCRA Opposes Biden-era WOTUS Rule

Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) President Arthur Uhl today released a statement in response to the Biden Administration’s final Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. 

“For years we have been at the mercy of unclear and ever-changing federal regulations of surface water on our private property. Rather than creating a clear definition of WOTUS that defines what bodies of water fall under federal jurisdiction, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) only further exacerbated the problem. While the new rule creates limited exceptions for agriculture, the changes still fall woefully short of addressing the concerns raised by landowners to the EPA. The WOTUS has damaging effects to the beef industry, delaying, obstructing, and hindering our ability to raise beef, steward our land, and support our local economies. Landowners must now implement the unclear framework of this rule, or risk being fined thousands of dollars per day for noncompliance.”