While fire danger continues across Oklahoma, peak burning conditions will be Abbreviated

Statewide Discussion: Dry conditions persist along with above normal temperatures and breezy conditions under clearing skies over dormant fuels. While fire danger continues across Oklahoma, peak burning conditions will be abbreviated. The greatest alignment of fire danger indices today will reside in southwestern Oklahoma. Precipitation chances enter the forecast Tuesday evening although potential amounts across western and central Oklahoma appear negligible with best opportunity for wetting rains in eastern Oklahoma on Wednesday.
Today: Fire danger will be highest in southwestern Oklahoma today with a shorter active burning period elsewhere. Cloud cover will diminish, and relative humidity values will dip into a range encouraging receptive fuels although winds will gradually decrease late into the afternoon across most of Oklahoma. Energy Release Component values are moving above the 80th percentile pointing to increasing resistance to control.
• Southwest Oklahoma: Temperature in the upper-60°’s to mid-70°’s and relative humidity values falling below 30%
midday with observations during peak burning conditions 18-22% under mostly-clear skies yielding fine-dead fuel moisture values 5-6%. West winds 15-20 mph with some gusts 25 mph will support moderate to rapid rates of fire spread in areas where grazing/haying have been absent. Rangeland fuels will exhibit head fire rates of spread 130-195 ft/min with flame lengths 10-13 ft. West winds are expected to taper off with sunset affording good opportunity for successful initial attack efforts.
• Western Oklahoma: Active burning conditions will develop slowly today clipping the burning period short as skies clear
and relative humidity values drop into the 16% (Cimarron County) to 30% (along I-35) as temperature warms into the 60°’s north 70° further south. Southwest winds early will become westerly 9-15 mph with some higher gusts. During peak
burning conditions, grass-dominated fuels where grazing has not occurred will exhibit head fire rates if spread 95-154
ft/min and flame lengths 8-12 ft. Peak burning conditions will occur around 3:00 PM with recovery lessening with the onset of sunset.
Eastern Oklahoma: Stronger winds this morning across northeastern Oklahoma are expected to decrease by afternoon
when southwest to west winds will be sustained 9-13 mph and some gusts near 20 mph before becoming calm in the
overnight hours. This afternoon, temperature will warm into the 60°’s with relative humidity briefly dipping into the 26-33% range. Grass-dominated fuels will exhibit head fire rates of spread 80-130 ft/min with flame lengths around 13 ft. while timber-litter fuels will exhibit ROS 15-20 ft/min with FL 4-5 ft. Again, peak burning conditions will occur briefly late in the afternoon subsiding with sunset.

Near-Term: Overall fire danger conditions moderate on Tuesday with precipitation chances entering the mix. Wednesday may present near-critical fire weather across much of western Oklahoma and fire danger will be dependent on both location and amount of any precipitation realized. Further east, rain chances continue Wednesday.

Burn Bans:
Refer to: https://ag.ok.gov/divisions/forestry-services/ for the most current burn
ban information and links to specific burn ban proclamations.

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