Global Clean Energy Joins National Sorghum Producers Industry Partner Program

National Sorghum Producers (NSP) is pleased to announce Global Clean Energy has joined the NSP Industry Partner program as a sponsor.

“We are excited to add a new partner to our valued industry program with the addition of Global Clean Energy,” NSP Industry Relations Director Jamaca Battin said. “Camelina is a rotation option with sorghum and adds one more tool to the toolbox in a world trying to decarbonize and seek more clean energy options.”

Global Clean Energy joins NSP as a Contributor level sponsor. The company produces renewable diesel from camelina – a crop that provides cover crop benefits while allowing farmers to harvest the crop and earn additive income. Camelina is bred and sold through their subsidiary, Sustainable Oils, Inc., the largest camelina supplier worldwide. Through its membership, Global Clean Energy seeks to provide more benefits to sorghum growers through education on the sustainable rotation benefits of their patented camelina varieties, which use low water, have a quick maturity of 85-105 days and can be harvested using existing equipment. 

“We like to say that our camelina protects like a cover crop but pays like a cash crop,” Global Clean Energy Senior Vice President of Global Clean Energy and President of Sustainable Oils Mike Karst said. “Through our partnership with NSP, we are excited to share the benefits of camelina with sorghum producers and work together to build a successful future for growers.”

Support from industry partners like Global Clean Energy helps NSP better advocate, promote and defend sorghum farmers and the industry. For more information about the NSP Industry Partner program, contact Jamaca Battin at, or visit

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