OKFB Disappointed in Poultry Case Decision

Oklahoma Farm Bureau members are disappointed with the conclusion reached by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma today finding in favor of the state of Oklahoma and holding poultry companies liable for high phosphorous levels causing pollution in the Illinois River Watershed.

For decades, Oklahoma poultry farmers have been regulated by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry which requires nutrient management plans and limits on poultry litter application.

Additionally, in the almost 20 years since this lawsuit was filed, our members have worked with agencies like the Oklahoma Conservation Commission to improve water quality in the Illinois River Watershed using conservation practices like streambank restoration and filter strips. These farmer-led, proactive efforts have contributed to consistent improvement in water quality in the watershed.

Oklahoma’s family farmers have a vested interest in protecting the very environment where they and their families live, and they have implemented extensive steps including water testing and moving poultry litter out of the watershed to ensure that our state’s natural resources are protected. As proud caretakers of the land, our members are willing to meet and exceed environmental standards as they raise the protein that our state and our world rely upon.