On Today’s Ag Perspectives Podcast- Ron Hays talks WOTUS, 2023 Farm Bill and More with Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas

Sat, 28 Jan 2023 08:21:16 CST

Ron Hays talks Ag Issues and More with Former House Ag Chair Frank Lucas

Oklahoma Farm Report’s Ron Hays talked at the end of this week with one of the new members of the House Ag Committee, Oklahoma Third District Congressman Frank Lucas. While Lucas is “new” to the Committee here in 2023- in reality he returns after a four year absence as the most senior member of the Committee and is a former Chair of the Committee as he served as Chair from 2011- 2015 and was the driving force in getting the 2014 Farm Bill through Committee, across the House floor and through a Conference with Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow on the other side of the table.

Lucas says “I’m coming home to the Ag Committee. I’m proud in the 118th Congress that I’ll be returning to the House Agriculture Committee. Since being elected to Congress in 1994, I’ve been a Member of the Agriculture Committee, having had a hand in writing every Farm Bill since 1996 and serving as Chairman of the Committee from 2011 to 2015 crafting the landmark 2014 Farm Bill.”

The 2014 bill was significant for production agriculture as the ARC and PLC programs were developed in that legislation- and was retained in 2018. It’s likely that those programs will be a cornerstone of the federal farm safety net in the next farm bill- whether it is a 2023 bill or gets pushed into 2024.

Hays and the Congressman talked about the 2023 Farm Bill and the challenge to get it funded and how Lucas will be at the right hand of Chairman GT Thompson as his return to the Committee carries with it the assurance of retaining his senority on the Committee here in 2023 as one of the new members.

They also talk the ESA proposed listing of the Lesser Prairie Chicken and the battle with EPA and the Army Corps over WOTUS. And- the Congressman explains his plan of work for the Committee that he Chairs in the new Congress- the Science, Space and Technology Committee.

Listen to Congressman Frank Lucas talk these topics with Hall of Fame Farm Broadcaster Ron Hays by clicking on the Listen Bar.

Ron Hays talks Ag Issues and More with Former House Ag Chair Frank Lucas

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