Oklahoma Cattlemen Support Black Vulture Relief Act

Last week, the bipartisan Black Vulture Relief Act was introduced in the US House by Rep. John Rose (R-TN) and Rep. Darren Soto (D-FL). The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) strongly supports the bill and will prioritize its passage this session. The bill would allow a cattle producer to “take” (capture, kill, disperse, or transport) black vultures that pose a risk to livestock. Additionally, the bill reduces permitting burdens and red tape by instituting a simple report that producers submit once per year detailing the number of black vultures they took.

The OCA has received feedback from members about how the black vultures have impacted their herds. It was a popular topic last fall during OCA Fall Gatherings, especially at meetings in eastern Oklahoma. This legislative action is greatly appreciated and will help producers that have battled these birds as well as anyone who may eventually have black vultures in their area.

“For several years now, Oklahoma cattle producers have been battling black vultures, especially at calving time. The birds will sit and wait on a cow to begin calving then swoop in in massive numbers to kill the calf and often severely injure, if not kill, the cow as well,” noted OCA Executive Vice President Michael Kelsey. “Currently, the only option is to file for a special permit that allows the producer to take 5 birds in a year. Given that many producers are fighting off three to four times that many per cow, this bill is much needed,” Kelsey continued.

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