Bob Rodenberger Highlights Importance of Coverage Even with High Markets

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KC Sheperd, Farm Director, is back talking with Bob Rodenberger, a partner with Stockman Oklahoma Livestock Marketing, as he gives the latest on the cattle markets. 

“In general, overall, the feeder market stayed good,” Rodenberger said. “The grazing market is still phenomenal.”

Demand for light cattle going to grass, Rodenberger said, and light cattle in general has been great.

“At these levels, even if you think we are going to get higher, it is cheap insurance to go out here and put some sort of coverage or use the government livestock protection to cover some of these cattle at these levels,” Rodenberger said.

Rodenberger said regardless of the high markets, it is important to have some protection in place just in case.

“Optimism is still there, and meat is still moving,” Rodenberger said. “I think we have got to find a level where we run up against demand pushing back, but we haven’t found that yet.”

For next week, Rodenberger said he expects to see good demand.