Emergency Drought Commission Meeting Coming up May 8th 10am

The Oklahoma Emergency Drought Commission will meet on May 8 at 10:00 Am at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Building in the board room. There will be an opportunity for public comment.

Oklahoma’s Emergency Drought Commission, enabled through passage of Enrolled House Bill 1923 in 2013, provides funding for drought mitigation and related projects in Oklahoma in conjunction with a formal gubernatorial drought declaration. The Emergency Drought Commission consists of the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Conservation Commission, the Secretary of Agriculture and the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. 

The Emergency Drought Commission shall determine the expenditures to be made from the Emergency Drought Relief Fund, totaling up to three million dollars as appropriated by House Bill 2959, and shall determine the appropriate agency to expend the funds. The activities of the Emergency Drought Commission shall continue until it is determined by the Governor that a drought emergency no longer exists in the state. Specific assistance projects are limited to the affected counties and must be approved by the Oklahoma Emergency Drought Commission. The Emergency Drought Commission also serves as a permanent drought advisory panel to the Governor and appropriate state agencies.

The Emergency Drought Commission shall have the authority to consider requests for use of Emergency Drought Relief Funds from proposed projects located, or operating, within one, or more, of Oklahoma’s 77 counties, in accordance with EO 2022-23.

To see the full agenda, or learn more about the council, visit https://ag.ok.gov/oklahoma-emergency-drought-commission/

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