Stephanie Bice: Fiscal Year 2025 NDAA

The servicemembers who put their lives on the line every day for their country deserve to have their nation put them first. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is one of the most important pieces of legislation that Congress works on every year. This bill not only funds our brave men and women’s salaries but also helps prepare our military to meet the challenges faced from adversaries across the globe.  

The FY25 NDAA bill focuses on improving our servicemembers’ quality of life whether they are deployed or serving here at home. Recent reports found poor housing conditions for military members, which ultimately is a serious detriment to their health, wellness, and quality of life. In this legislation, my colleagues and I have implemented new housing requirements and funding to help physically improve these living conditions. Alongside these funds are new implementations for servicemembers’ access to medical care and childcare. It is critical that we continue to prioritize the physical and mental health of our servicemembers and veterans. When it comes to military spouses, we also work to increase quality of life by expanding employment opportunities. Finally, the salaries for junior enlisted servicemembers will receive a 19.5% raise in this year’s legislation.  

While quality of life for servicemembers and their families is extremely important, we must also ensure that our military remains a lethal and combat-ready fighting force. This starts by restoring our military to its original intent, to protect and safeguard our nation. This legislation requires merit-based promotion, ends affirmative action at service academies, and works to stop the politicization of the military.   

We must also address the growing threats we face in the Indo-Pacific. This bill combats adversarial aggression by investing in new innovative technologies in hypersonics, AI, cyber, and directed energy. It works to enhance military readiness, strengthen our defenses against military espionage, and support our allies like Israel. When it comes to our own borders, this legislation expands DoD counternarcotics and fully funds our National Guard troops who are working to combat the effects of Biden’s border crisis.   

I anticipate supporting the NDAA bill in its current form this week and prioritizing our military and those who serve. The men and women who put their lives on the line every day deserve the best support and care during and after their service.   

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