Forestry Services Urges Caution with Fireworks

Oklahoma Forestry Services is urging extra caution with fireworks and campfires over the holiday as wildfire danger increases across the state – particularly west of I-35.

A summer La Niña weather pattern is rapidly building over our state. Cooler surface waters in the Pacific Ocean are pushing the jet stream north which means warmer, drier air here in Oklahoma. These dry conditions coupled with the high temperatures are the perfect recipe for increased wildfire risk.

“When it is this hot and this dry, wildland fuels can be easily ignited by stray fireworks and that has us hoping that people will be extremely cautious,” said State Forester Mark Goeller. “This is the week that we celebrate our nation’s independence, and nobody should have to spend it either fighting or evacuating from wildfire caused by careless behavior. Please be careful.”

Wildfire activity has picked up over the past week and fires are getting more difficult to contain and control. While the possibility of rain exists in the state this week, the chances are not great and any wetting rains we get will quickly evaporate. Dry conditions – and the risk of wildfire – will persist at least into next week.

Oklahoma Forestry Services is the state’s lead wildland firefighting agency. Visit for the latest fire information and county burn ban resolutions.

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