John Deere: Let’s Get to Work

John Deere announced today the launch of the new gas Gator™ XUV 845 and diesel Gator XUV 875 utility vehicles designed to assist farmers and ranchers improve productivity by helping with a variety of jobs around the farm. The new Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 utility vehicles include a larger, more customizable cargo box and additional comfort and convenience elements – all adding a helping hand to getting jobs done around the farm.

“The Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 are built with farmers for farmers,” said Eric Halfman, John Deere go-to-market manager for Gator utility vehicles. “We worked with farmers across the U.S. and Canada to make this machine more versatile for all the work they do on the farm.”

Standard of Reliability
The Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 utility vehicles improve upon the reliability of previous models that have made them essential pieces of equipment for the farm. The new models have a noticeably improved sound quality due to a new exhaust system, providing a more pleasant ride.

Other improvements on the Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 include a new location for the air intake, raising it by 12”, drawing air from the best location to protect the engine. In addition, there is a new CVT air intake and exhaust to help pull cleaner air and protect the system from debris, water and mud.

Versatility in Overdrive
“One of the most desirable traits of a Gator is the versatility it offers all over the farm,” Halfman said. “The new Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 include a redesigned cargo box that provides 13% more space than our previous models, making it a class leader in cargo box volume* and allowing you to carry more in one trip.”

Additional features of the new cargo box include:

  • Added width to increase capacity and reduce mud sling
  • 12V SAE power port in the cargo box to easily run small tank sprayers and rear-mounted spreaders
  • Five divider slots on the side and three at the front of the box to hold items in place and allow for easy configuration changes
  • Ability to create a second level of storage, keeping fence posts and wire easily separated
  • Redesigned tailgate with a flat work surface, ruler, v-groove for cutting pipe, anti-gravity pockets, bump stops and cup holders
  • Integrated clamping points to help secure items in place
  • Fold flat tie-downs in the front-middle and four corners of the bed
  • Tie-down pockets, providing a dedicated place for straps when securing loads that obstruct access to the D-rings on the inside of the box
  • Four stake pockets on each side to work with stake pocket clamps to hold tools
  • Mountable utility rack option
  • “The cargo box is designed to be the extra hand we all need when we’re out in the field or pasture, trying to get things done,” Halfman said. “Whether it is extra ways to secure a load to get it all in one trip to the job site, or the new power port to make running small tank sprayers easier, the Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 cargo box has been designed for getting work done.”

Precision Ag Ready
With the new Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 utility vehicle HVAC models, each can be customized to include a factory-installed GreenStar™ Ready option, giving owners the ability to quickly add a StarFire® receiver and universal display to the machine. All of the needed brackets and wiring to support the installation of the receiver and the display are included from the factory. The JDLink® modem will also be included, enabling the Gator to be integrated into the John Deere Operations Center™. Farmers will find this makes it easier to accomplish tasks around the farm such as boundary mapping. With the JDLink modem, data is wirelessly sent to the John Deere Operations Center or to the cab of the machine.

A new bracket for the integrated technology offers more control and less effort for the operator. An added switch bank features switches for the AutoTrac™ resume, ISO implement connector on/off and display on/off. The new on/off switches provide more integrated control of implements such as sprayers and displays.

“For customers adopting autonomy of some type on their farms, including hay operations, they will need to create autonomy boundaries,” Halfman said. “Mapping these boundaries with the integrated precision ag technology features on the Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 make either a go-to machine for farmers.”

To learn more about the John Deere Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 utility vehicles, visit or contact your local John Deere dealer.

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