Crop Yield on the Line in Coming Weeks

The window to determine crop yield this season is opening. As crops make the shift from vegetation to reproduction, farmers have the opportunity to tip the scales at harvest with the right foliar application. Mike Powell, Senior Brand Manager of BioScience at Helena Products Group, urges farmers to keep an eye on growth stage to produce late-season gains with proven plant extract technology.

“Due to the weather we experienced during planting, a lot of farmers are now dealing with crops at different stages,” says Powell. “We have to find a way to get them back on track because once they hit reproduction, everything needs to be firing on all cylinders. With a foliar application of our plant extracts during the early to mid-reproductive stage, crops can utilize their resources more effectively and focus on growing yield.”

Powell recommends applying Fullscale®, a biological source of three, unique plant extracts in an ammonia-free 3-0-3 NPK solution with zinc EDTA, manganese EDTA and molybdenum. Data from multiple years of use shows Fullscale increases yield in corn by 7.5 bushels, soybeans by 4.1 bushels, wheat by 6 bushels, and cotton lint by 91 pounds per acre on average over the grower standard. 

The plant extracts in Fullscale were carefully selected based on their proven ability to consistently perform at high levels year after year in a variety of growing conditions. They strengthen the crop’s ability to move nutrients and sugars throughout the plant during pollination. This increase in efficiency enables the crop to shift its valuable energy to yield production.

 “In soybeans, for example, an increase in nutrient flow during reproductive stages greatly benefits flowering and seed production with increased quantity, size and pod retention,” says Powell. “By meeting crop demand at the right time, soybeans retain more flowers, hold more pods, and are more efficient at filling them.”

A key distinction between Fullscale and other plant extracts on the market is Helena’s ENC® Formulation Technology. This exclusive technology further improves nutrient uptake, minimizes spray application problems, and enhances tank mix compatibility. It helps Fullscale fit easily into mid-season pesticide applications going out now, allowing farmers to protect crops while satisfying hunger without an extra trip across the field.

Fullscale is available for use in soybeans, corn, cotton and cereal crops. Farmers are encouraged to contact their local Helena representative or authorized dealer to add Fullscale to upcoming fungicide and insecticide applications. To learn more, visit and tune in to the FieldLink® Podcast on YouTube or wherever you listen.

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