This Week on SUNUP: Summer Farm & Ranch Management

This week on SUNUP, we’re covering timely summer management topics for your farm and ranch.

Segments include:

What can happen when cattle eat toxic Johnsongrass?
Rosslyn Biggs, DVM, OSU Extension beef cattle specialist, gives a quick overview of the potentially deadly effects of prussic acid.

Testing for nitrates in forage sorghum
We travel to Noble County to meet with a producer who’s getting his forage sorghum hay tested for nitrates. Dave Lalman, OSU Extension beef cattle specialist, and Rick Clovis, OSU Extension agricultural educator in Pawnee and Osage Counties, offer management and forage testing advice. Contact your local OSU Extension county office for forage testing.

Are there ways to save on feed costs?
Dave Lalman, OSU Extension beef cattle specialist, has management advice for producers about saving on feed costs, while continuing to grow cattle on their operations.

Cow-Calf Corner: Heat Stress
Mark Johnson, OSU Extension beef cattle breeding specialist, has heat stress management tips for cattle herds.

How much is too much moisture for hay?
Paul Vining, Oklahoma Quality Beef Network coordinator, explains how much or how little moisture should be in your hay. He also explains some of the fire risks associated with high/extreme heat during the summer months.

Vet Scripts: Keeping Pets Cool in Summer
Barry Whitworth, DVM, OSU Extension area food and animal health quality specialist, offers ways to keep our pets cool and safe during warm weather.

Alpha-Gal Syndrome: Symptoms and Signs
Janice Hermann, OSU Extension nutrition specialist, has information on Alpha-gal syndrome, commonly called the red meat allergy, that is caused by ticks.

Naturally Speaking: Does my pond have too many weeds?
Marley Beem, OSU Extension aquaculture specialist, tells us when pond owners should be concerned about the volume of weeds in their ponds.

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