Steers, Cow/Calf Pairs, Bred & Owned Females, and Bred & Owned Bulls Brought the Heat to Tulsa on Tuesday, July 2!

The cattle show began on Tuesday, July 2 with Brady Jensen evaluating the Steers, Lim-Flex Cow/Calf Pairs, Limousin Cow/Calf Pairs, Bred & Owned Lim-Flex Females, Bred & Owned Limousin Females, Bred & Owned Lim-Flex Bulls, Bred & Owned Limousin Bulls. A total of 124 animals entered the ring today.

The morning began with the Prospect Steer Show. The Grand Champion Prospect Steer, MKJM Trippie Red 73L, weighing 839 pounds, born 07/12/2023, and was sired by Schilling Halas. The steer was exhibited by Makayla Massey, London, Ky. Reserve Champion Prospect Steer, Jiminey Criket, was exhibited by Kaydee Thomas, Ropesville, Texas, born 01/13/2024, was sired by LLKT Mr James Dean 902J and weighed 362 pounds.

The Progress Steer Show soon followed, exhibiting 14 head. The Grand Champion Progress Steer was 2303, weighing 1196 pounds, born 03/05/2023, was sired by Here I Am, and was exhibited by Ben Sherry, Yukon, Okla. The Reserve Champion Progress Steer was SC Luigi, weighing 1258 pounds, born 03/18/2023, was sired by SSTO Skls Frank 8879F, and was exhibited by Lilly Bayless, Auburn, Kan.

Grand Champion Lim-Flex Cow/Calf honors went to ELCX Kate 332K. She was born 05/16/2022 as a 53% Lim-Flex out of ELCX Kings Landing 599D. The pair was exhibited by Carter Kornegay, Tulsa, Okla. The Reserve Champion Pair was DL Kiwi 28K. She was born 06/10/2022 as a 56% Lim-Flex out of RLBH Air Force One. The pair was exhibited by Airielle Elliott, Pecos, Texas.

Grand Champion Purebred Limousin Cow/Calf honors went to Boss Lake Klarissa 239K. She was born 03/12/2022 and was out of Cottage Lake Border Agent. The pair was exhibited by Memphis Peterson, Pukwana, S.D.

The Grand Champion Bred and Owned Lim-Flex Female was TJFR Kadillac and was exhibited by Ty Freed, Fairbury, Ill. She was born 10/11/2022, and is a 59% Lim-Flex, sired by FWLY Can Do. McKenna Richardson, Eureka, Kan., exhibited the Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Lim-Flex Female. Richardson’s Legacy 309L was sired by MAYC Gold Buckle 624G and is a 57% Lim-Flex born 4/14/2023. The third overall was KESC Lucy’s Marvel 5L. She was born 2/11/2023, sired by MAGS Winston. This 25% Lim-Flex was exhibited by Kesler Collins, Flanagan, Ill.

In the Bred & Owned Limousin Female Show, McKenna Richarson, Eureka, Kan., won Grand Champion Bred and Owned Limousin Female. Richardson’s Lola 308L is a 4/4/2023, 79% Limousin, sired by Ratliff Jump Start 340J. Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Limousin Female was exhibited by Braylen Schaeffer, Hagerstown, Ind. With BSFR Rythm And Harmony, 78% Limousin, born 11/15/2023, and sired ELCX Kings Landing 599D. Third Overall Bred and Owned Limousin Female was BNTL Kokomo 433K, an 81% Limousin, sired by TASF Crown Royal 960C, born 11/15/2022, and exhibited by exhibited by Bentley London, Collinsville, Texas.

Tayhlor Elmore, Hominy, Okla. showed the Grand Champion Bred and Owned Lim-Flex Bull. TAYE Lil Troy sired by KLS Sull Charmer, an 71% Lim-Flex born 12/7/2023. The Reserve Champion banner went to KLCS MK Smooth Talker who was sired by Ratcliff Jump Start 340J. He was a 67% Lim-Flex, born 10/15/2023, and exhibited by Keely Shultz, Danielsville, Ga. The Third Overall Lim-Flex Bull went to FSC Land Payment a 71% Lim-Flex out of SSTO Guns N Roses 9408G. He was exhibited by Brock Freed, Fairbury, Ill.

In the Bred and Owned Limousin Bull Show, Colt Parkinson, Levelland, Texas, showed the Grand Champion. LFL Lover Boy 3151L was born 10/5/2023 and is a 83% Limousin who was sired by Ratliff Jump Start 340J. The Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Limousin Bull was LLKT Luckenbach 072L, sired by FWLY LHC Capital, a 81% Limousin, born 10/3/2023, and exhibited by Cole Keeton, Wolfforth, Texas. The Third Overall Bred and Owned Limousin Bull came went to Peyton Schmalshof, Avon, Ill. With 436 ATAK Legend. He was born on 1/10/2023 and is a 81% Limousin, sired by FWLY LHC Capital.

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