Hay Trade Slow to Steady

Compared to the last report: Hay trade is slow to steady. After a cou-ple of weeks of no moisture, hay producers could start baling and selling the hay. Oklahoma still has a lot of 2023 hay, which is being sold and still stacked in barns. Even with all of the rain we have had, we have started to see drought creeping back across the state due to high temperatures and high winds.

Alfalfa Large squares $175-$200 a ton – New Crop
Alfalfa Rounds – No Trend
Grinding hay – No Trend
Bermuda 5×6 rounds – $70-$90 a bale – New Crop
Bermuda 5×6 rounds – $50-$55 a bale – Year Old Hay
Bermuda Large Squares – No Trend
Wheat Hay 5×6 Round/Large Squares – $80-$100 a Ton – New Crop Grass Hay 4×5-4×6 – $45-$55 a bale – New Crop
Grass Hay 5×6 – No Trend Rough
Grass Hay any size $30-$40 a bale – Year Old Hay

The Oklahoma Mesonet Drought Monitor shows we are at 0 percent in exceptional drought, 0 percent in an extreme drought, 1.20 percent in severe drought, 20.82 percent in moderate, 37.17 percent in abnor-mally

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