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If You are Following the Conversation about Reference Prices… Here are a Few Facts

There was a time when agricultural economists who focus on farm policy didn’t take a position on a farm bill proposal.  At least the authors of this article were taught by our mentors…just describe what’s in a policy proposal and don’t take a position…that’s not your job.  Good and bad was for others to decide…primarily elected officials …

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Farm and Ranch news for February 28, 2024 with KC Sheperd

The Locally Led Conservation Process is an Integral Part of Continually Improving Conservation Efforts Throughout Oklahoma

At the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts’ 85th Annual Meeting, Farm Director, KC Sheperd, had the chance to visit with NRCS State Conservationist, Stacy Riley, talking about the locally-led conservation process and why it matters for communities throughout the state. Locally led conservation consists of a series of phases that involve community stakeholders in natural …

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