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Farm and Ranch News for October 13, 2023 with KC Sheperd

Farm and Ranch News for October 11, 2023, with KC Sheperd

Extreme Drought Or Worse up from Last Week, while Moderate Drought Looks Better

To view the latest Oklahoma drought map, CLICK HERE. According to the latest Oklahoma Drought Monitor, Exceptional Drought remains at Zero percent, unchanged for the past few weeks. Extreme drought or worse is now at 14.34, up from last weeks, 12.91 percent. Severe drought or worse is now at 32.40 percent, up from last week’s 30.93 percent. Moderate …

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Severe Weather, Cooler Temps and Rain are all In the Forecast this Week

Well it looks like we might actually see some fall temperatures this week, and also the possibility of Rain, But as we know in Oklahoma, when we get rain, we always see a threat of severe weather. State Climatologist Gary McManus says We will see the possibility of large hail, a slight tornado risk, and …

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Oklahomans encouraged to advocate for broadband service amid first wave of ARPA funding

– The submission window is now open for broadband service providers to apply for federal funding that will expand and improve Oklahoma broadband infrastructure. Rural residents lacking access to a quality, high-speed internet connection are encouraged to advocate for broadband service with their qualifying providers. The Oklahoma Broadband Office announced this month that service providers …

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Cooler Temps with Rain Chances this Week

Waking up to cooler temps across the state was a welcome relief! According to State Climatologist Gary McManus, there is no sign of another summer-like heat wave, and it is starting to look more like fall, “Remember, even if we do see another prolonged spate of above normal temperatures, the high temperatures won’t be to …

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Dry Conditions Enhance Fire Danger Across the State

Statewide Discussion: Overall dry conditions and the persistence of the heat dome through August has resulted in notable stress on both herbaceous and woody fuels and increasing fuels availability. Flash drought development resulting from above normal temperatures and the absence of moisture, most notably across the southern counties, has enhanced fire danger noted by increasing …

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State Climatologist Gary McManus says Soil Moisture is Deteriorating Quickly

Farm Director, KC Sheperd, caught up with State Climatologist, Gary McManus, and talked about a lookout on the drought in Oklahoma. Looking at the latest Oklahoma drought monitor report issued on August 24, McManus said the drought saw big changes this week. McManus said lack of rain, plus extreme heat, means flash drought. “We did …

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Cotton Board Chairman and Oklahoma Farmer Mark Nichols Sees Cotton Ready to Harvest in October

Farm Director, KC Sheperd, is visiting with Mark Nichols about Oklahoma’s cotton crop. Nichols is the President of Jess Mark Nichols Farms, Inc. and President of Hess Farms, Inc., a fourth-generation farm he has managed since 1980. He farms with his brother-in-law, son, and son-in-law, growing irrigated cotton, wheat, and milo. Recently, the Cotton Board elected …

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Farm and Ranch news for August 17, 2023 with KC Sheperd

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