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Severe Weather, Cooler Temps and Rain are all In the Forecast this Week

Well it looks like we might actually see some fall temperatures this week, and also the possibility of Rain, But as we know in Oklahoma, when we get rain, we always see a threat of severe weather. State Climatologist Gary McManus says We will see the possibility of large hail, a slight tornado risk, and …

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Historic Tornadoes touch down in the State

What a night across the state last night as a dozen or more tornadoes touched down. State Climatologist Gary McManus says we won’t know the extent of the damage until local weather folks from the NWS and SPC offices go out and investigate what was tornadic damage vs. straight-line wind damage. Channel 9’s David Payne …

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Dicey Weather Headed for the State this Weekend

Severe Weather is forecasted for the state on Sunday. Still, State Climatologist Gary McManus says today’s weather may also present some problems: “Everybody is staring at Sunday when today might hold some unpleasant impacts as well. There is a chance for freezing mist/drizzle/rain throughout the day where the temperatures remain below freezing. It has been …

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High Fire Danger Today and Tomorrow, With a chance of Showers on the Way

Windy weather and warm temperatures are in store for the next couple of days as a storm system moves through the state. State Climatologist Gary McManus says, “That heat is a pretty important component of today’s Red Flag Fire Warning today, and Fire Weather Watch tomorrow, and it’s customary and/or common to see these types …

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