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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday June 16, 2010
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-- Coming This Weekend- LMA Arrives in Oklahoma City and Brings World Livestock Auctioneering Championship.
-- Free Trade Deals Create Billions in Revenue, Thousands of New Industry Jobs
-- Most Americans Are Okay with 'sustainable' GM wheat
-- Speaking of GM Wheat- K-State Does Deal with Monsanto
-- This Friday's Cattle on Feed Report May Show Big Placements in May
-- Obama Promotes Cap and Trade in Oval Office Address- Congressman Lucas Calls That the Wrong Thing to Do
-- Wheat, Beef, and More
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Coming This Weekend- LMA Arrives in Oklahoma City and Brings World Livestock Auctioneering Championship.
The annual meeting of the Livestock Marketing Association gets underway tomorrow in downtown Oklahoma City. LMA's meeting of livestock auction operators is the venue for the annual World's Livestock Auctioneer Championship. LMA created and conducts the annual WLAC, now in its 47th year. LMA Vice President, and 2006 world champion, David Macedo, said the trade association holds the contest "because it showcases the competitive livestock marketing system and the outstanding auctioneering talent we have throughout this industry - talent that works for both buyers and sellers."

Thirty-two of the semi-finalists made it to Oklahoma City by qualifying at one of four quarter-final competitions conducted last fall. The top eight scorers in each competition move on to the WLAC. The 33rd contestant is Paul Ramirez, Tucson, Ariz., the current International Auctioneer Champion. LMA traditionally gives a "bye" into the semi-finals to the winner of that contest. The semi-finalists are judged on two elements: an interview on industry topics and issues, conducted during LMA's Annual Convention on June 18, and as they sell several drafts of cattle during the actual sale at the market on the 19th.

The ten finalists, as determined by their combined interview and selling scores, then return to the auction block for a final round of selling. The three titlists - world, reserve and runner-up - are announced at an awards banquet this Saturday evening.

In addition to the WLAC- the LMA will be talking about livestock handling issues and animal well being. LMA recently launched an innovative Online Animal Care Training Program, designed specifically for The unique handling challenges faced by livestock marketing businesses. This multi-media training and certification program will be demonstrated during the meeting of LMA's Membership Services Committee, Thursday, June 17, from 10 am until noon.

We have details of the Auctioneer Championship and LMA meeting as a calendar item on our website- click here to jump there for more info.

Free Trade Deals Create Billions in Revenue, Thousands of New Industry Jobs
Passage and implementation of the three Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) currently pending would represent an additional $2.3 billion in meat and poultry exports and the potential creation of 29,524 new jobs. That's the conclusion of a new White Paper just released by the American Meat Institute.

"It is clear that the road to both robust job and economic growth lies in expanding America's export markets," said J. Patrick Boyle, president and CEO of the American Meat Institute (AMI). Boyle noted that the trade expansion deals between the U.S. and South Korea, Panama and Colombia have been awaiting Congressional approval for years and the U.S. is losing market share as a result. "While the U.S. is waiting to enact these FTAs, our competitors are moving forward," said Boyle

In 2009, the value of exported meat, poultry and related products totaled $11.7 billion, up from $9.4 billion in 2007. According to ERS, U.S. meat exports are predicted to rise over the next decade, from 5.9 million metric tons in 2009 to nearly 7.1 million metric tons in 2019. "However, if we are going to realize this potential, we need to pass these trade agreements and move forward on expanding our export markets as well as exploring new trade opportunities," noted Boyle.

Click here for more details from this White Paper- and a link to the White Paper itself.

Most Americans Are Okay with 'sustainable' GM wheat
Many American consumers would be receptive to foods containing genetically modified wheat if it is produced sustainably, suggests a new survey examining attitudes to food technologies from the International Food Information Council (IFIC). The survey, the fourteenth conducted by the council, polled 750 US adults to gauge current attitudes toward the newest food technologies.

Although commercially available genetically modified (GM) wheat crops are likely to be at least a decade away, 80 percent of survey respondents said they would be likely to purchase bread, crackers, cookies, cereal, or pasta products containing GM wheat "if they were produced using sustainable practices to feed more people using fewer resources such as land and pesticides." And consistent with the 2008 survey, 77 percent of respondents said they would buy foods produced through biotechnology if they helped cut pesticide use.
IFIC said that these results suggested there would be "a receptive audience" to products containing GM wheat if or when they become commercially available.

These are interesting results- as one of the barriers to moving forward and developing genetically modified wheat several years back was the fear of a consumer backlash, both here domestically- but especially in several key international markets. The National Association of Wheat Growers and others have become proactive in calling for GM wheat- saying that if we don't have traits added into wheat to help with production efficiencies- fewer and fewer acres of wheat will be planted in the US annually, as other crops that have GM traits, often pencil out as better choices economically.

Click here for a link to an article with more on this study and some of the challenges the industry faces as the move begins towards GM Wheat.

Speaking of GM Wheat- K-State Does Deal with Monsanto
Kansas State University and Monsanto announced a relationship that will allow both to improve their wheat breeding programs.

"Agreements of this type benefit the Kansas wheat growers because they will have a greater selection of improved varieties from both public and private wheat breeding programs," said Gary Pierzynski, interim dean of the K-State College of Agriculture and interim director of K-State Research and Extension. Pierzynski said both parties are free to form additional collaborative arrangements with other public or private entities.

"Specifically, Monsanto brings to the partnership technologies that will enable us to 'genetically fingerprint' those varieties," Pierzynski said. "It will help us select specific genetic markers to provide improvements, such as disease and pest resistance."

Allan Fritz, Kansas State University professor of agronomy and a wheat breeder said working with private industry will give K-State the ability to get improved varieties to market faster.
"For K-State's program, this will provide breeders with accelerated wheat breeding processes, focusing our selection on plants that matter and targeting for critical traits," he said.
Fritz said K-State will continue to work with other public wheat breeding programs, as it has in the past. "It is essential we continue our interaction between the wheat breeding programs at other Land-Grant universities."

You can read more about this agreement that K-State has made with Monsanto by clicking here for the K-State News Release.

This Friday's Cattle on Feed Report May Show Big Placements in May
The USDA will issue their June First Cattle on Feed Report this Friday afternoon at 2 PM Central time- after the cattle markets are done for the week. This report will have a couple of interesting numbers, if Joe Victor and the folks at Allendale are correct.

The most interesting number that may surface is the May placements number. Allendale believes that "May Placements will be 15.2% larger than last year. Cattle feeders averaged profits of $107 per head from March through May and responded by increasing Placements. At the same time corn prices averaged 5 cents lower in May vs. April. Cattle placed in May will be marketed from September through January."

The marketings for May are expected to be a half percentage point higher than a year ago, with no real surprises expected from that number. The total number of feedlot critters as of June first is still expected to be less than June first of last year. "Total Cattle on Feed as of June 1 will be 1.3% smaller than last year. Our estimate is the lowest June 1 Cattle on Feed in 11 years," according to the email preview provided to us by Joe Victor of Allendale.

Obama Promotes Cap and Trade in Oval Office Address- Congressman Lucas Calls That the Wrong Thing to Do
The Ranking Member of the House Ag Committee, Frank Lucas, issued the following statement after President Obama's Oval Office address on the BP oil spill.

"I am disappointed, though not surprised, that President Obama is trying to use the Gulf oil spill crisis to push his disastrous cap and tax policy. The widening environmental crisis in the Gulf is a tragedy and those who were negligent should be held accountable. This includes the Obama administration, which has been slow to respond to this disaster and has demonstrated a lack of leadership and organization in dealing with this crisis.

"The administration should focus on stopping the oil spill and preventing further damage to the environment and our economy, rather than to use the situation as an opportunity for political gain and to push a liberal agenda.

"Punishing those who live and work in rural America with a cap and tax policy that will result in lost jobs, higher energy costs and higher food prices does nothing to address the shortcomings of the administration's response to this crisis. "

Wheat, Beef, and More
Had a wheat harvest note from Hope Pjesky from northern Oklahoma yesterday- "We have cut two fields in Southeast Alfalfa County near Goltry. The first field we cut on Friday and Saturday was 12.8 -11.6 moisture, 58.7 - 64.5 test weight (I am not sure what the deal is with the one load that was 58.7 every other one was up in the 60s). It yielded 47.94 and isn't historically one of our better fields. It was Duster. We finished another field of Duster on Saturday evening but some of it is still on trucks in the barn so no yield or test weights as of yet. I did take a bag of it in and had it protein tested-, the result was 11.9% protein."
With the forecast calling for sunshine and hot temperatures, some combines may start rolling again today- let me hear from you as you get wheat harvest results in. The same is true of those that are cutting winter canola.

We did a story earlier this week about the Beef Advocacy program where you can earn your MBA. Heather Buckmaster with the Oklahoma Beef Council reminds us that two MBA Graduation sessions are planned in Oklahoma June 23 and June 24. She adds that it's not too late for someone to sign up and enter the program. Click here for that Beef Buzz with details about the MBA program and how you can Cowboy up and get involved in telling the Beef Industry's story.

Check our calendar for the items happening this week and next- the TSCRA Summer Meeting, the LMA meeting, the OCA Summer Ranch Tour and more are all on the agenda in just the next few days. Click here for the calendar listings on our website, www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com and REMEMBER- if you have calendar info that we need to be including- crop us an email at We always love to hear from our readers, listeners and viewers.

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Let's Check the Markets!
We've had requests to include Canola prices for your convenience here- and we will be doing so on a regular basis. Current cash price for Canola is $7.30 per bushel, delivered to local participating elevators that are working with PCOM.

Here are some links we will leave in place on an ongoing basis- Click on the name of the report to go to that link:
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