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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Thursday July 1, 2010
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-- Ohio Ag and HSUS Do Deal- HSUS Backs Off Fall Ballot Vote
-- Bill to Open Cuba for Ag Exports- AND Tourists- Passes the House Ag Committee on Party Line Vote
-- US Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack Calls on Congress to Consider Ways to Grow the Number of Farmers in the US
-- Lincoln Promises No Command and Control from Washington
-- USMEF's Phil Seng Offers His View on Canada Beating Us to Deal with Chinese on Beef
-- Planted Acreage Report Holds Surprise Wednesday Morning
-- Thanks Rick!!!
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Ohio Ag and HSUS Do Deal- HSUS Backs Off Fall Ballot Vote
The Humane Society of the United States will not pursue a ballot initiative in Ohio this fall. That's because HSUS and Ohio agricultural groups have reached an agreement that preserves the integrity of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board approved by voters last fall and provides a pathway for enactment of eight major animal welfare reforms. The agreement calls for the livestock board and/or state legislature to adopt several provisions - including a moratorium on permits for the construction of egg production facilities that would use conventional cage housing; a ban on gestation stalls after December 31st this year, with existing stalls permitted to stay in production for 15 years; and a ban on transportation of non-ambulatory cows for slaughter.

"One of animal agriculture's most vocal critics has agreed that the Livestock Care Standards Board is the proper authority to handle difficult questions about farm animal care," said Jack Fisher, OFBF executive vice president. "This is truly a milestone and confirms Ohio's position as a national leader in farm animal care."

The story we have on our website includes the full news release from the HSUS, info from the Ohio Farm Bureau website and an audio report featuring Jack Fisher, Executive Vice President of the Ohio Farm Bureau- our thanks to the Buckeye Ag Radio Network for help in getting that audio from the News Conference held yesterday afternoon. Click on the LINK below and read and listen to our coverage.

One thing we noticed on the Ohio Farm Bureau story were a couple of comments from members out in the state- who were VERY unhappy with the compromise- feeling that Farm Bureau had sold farmers out in this deal with the HSUS.
In talking to one Oklahoma Livestock industry leader, he expressed the opinion that it may be a good thing in that it avoids taking resources to battle HSUS with- a battle that would have taken millions to have had any chance to win- and now the folks in Ohio can redirect those resources to fight all the mandates coming our of Washington these days against animal agriculture- like the Competition rules proposed by GIPSA, the Antibiotic Guidance from the FDA and other regulatory stuff that has been roaring out of Washington in recent days.

Click here for more on the Ohio Deal on Animal Care- the deal between the Governor of Ohio, HSUS and Ohio Ag Groups.

Bill to Open Cuba for Ag Exports- AND Tourists- Passes the House Ag Committee on Party Line Vote
The latest efforts to open up access to Cuba for US farm exports was in the spotlight on Wednesday afternoon in the House Ag Committee. The bill with 62 co-sponsors had rough going before the Democrats were able to stay together and move this measure out of the Committee. After a handful amendments were ruled out of order and a motion to report the Travel Restriction Reform and Export Enhancement Act out of committee without a recommendation - committee members finally voted 25 to 20 to report the bill with a favorable recommendation.

The measure provides for expanded agricultural trade with Cuba and allows Americans to travel more freely to the island. Calling it the right policy at the right time - Committee Chair Collin Peterson said the committee took a courageous vote to end the short-sighted and failed policy that limits American agriculture's access to the Cuban market.

Several groups hailed passage after the three hour markup was completed. The President of the National Corn Growers, Darren Ihnen expressed the feelings of many ag groups as he said "Increasing one-way trade with Cuba and lifting the travel ban will provide additional markets for corn products and co-products, which will in turn help the American farmer. We are pleased to see the Committee adopt this important piece of legislation with a favorable recommendation and we look forward to working with all members of the House of Representatives to ensure passage on the floor."

Click here for our coverage of this story- including an audio overview of the drama within the Committee on this vote.

US Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack Calls on Congress to Consider Ways to Grow the Number of Farmers in the US
The Senate Ag Committee has kicked off a series of Farm Policy Hearings here in 2010- and their first witness was the US Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack. Vilsack called on the Committee to consider a fresh direction for the next farm bill, asking them to consider policy that will enable the US to rebuild farm population in the next few years. He also repeated his common call to do more to energize the rural economy, saying that we need to do all we can to increase income levels in rural America. We have Secretary Vilsack's opening comments- Click here to jump to our story where you can hear them.

We also have the opening comments from Bob Stallman, President of the American Farm Bureau Federation, who told lawmakers that the 2012 farm bill must continue to provide the nation's farmers a dependable safety net, but given today's tight budget outlook, the legislation must also be fiscally responsible. Click here to go to our webstory with Stallman's comments to be able to hear his opening statement as he summarized it.

The other panelist in the second wave of those who testified before the Senate Ag Committee on Wednesday morning was Roger Johnson of the National Farmers Union. Johnson promoted the idea that the Direct Payment is not the best way to put a safety net under the farmer in this day and age- and wants more of a countercyclical approach emphasized as we write the next farm bill. Click here for the Johnson story and a chance to hear his opening statement.

Lincoln Promises No Command and Control from Washington
The Senate Ag Committee held their first farm bill hearing for 2010 on the last day of the first half of the year. In opening remarks - Committee Chairman Blanche Lincoln called the farm bill one of the most important pieces of legislation that Congress considers on behalf of rural America and the nation's farmers and ranchers. This first hearing focused on how well the current safety net is working for producers.

Click on the LINK below to go to our story that features the comments of Senator Lincoln at the opening of the hearing- you can hear the audio of the opening thoughts and concepts advanced by the Senator from Arkansas.

Click here for more on the Senate Ag Committee hearing from Wednesday- including a chance to hear Chairman Lincoln's opening comments.

USMEF's Phil Seng Offers His View on Canada Beating Us to Deal with Chinese on Beef
Last week's announcement that mainland China will reopen to Canadian beef is a significant development, as both the U.S. and Canada have been shut out of this market for several years due to lingering BSE-related trade restrictions.

On today's Beef Buzz, U.S. Meat Export Federation President and CEO Philip Seng says the agreement will likely provide Canada with an important "head start" in reestablishing sales channels in China. However, Seng adds that the agreement could provide a long-term benefit to the U.S. beef industry by serving as the prototype for a similar agreement between the United States and China.

Click on the LINK below to get over to this Beef Buzz, as heard on great radio stations all across the state on the Radio Oklahoma Network.

Click here for this Beef Buzz featuring comments from Phil Seng of the USMEF

Planted Acreage Report Holds Surprise Wednesday Morning
While a nationwide survey of farmers pointed to it - the pre-report trade estimates did not - resulting in a fairly big surprise in USDA's planted acreage report released Wednesday. Corn planted area is estimated at 87.9-million acres. That's still a two-percent increase from 2009 - and is nearly a record - but is one-percent below March intentions. Soybean acreage is pegged at a record high 78.9-million acres - also a two-percent increase from last year.

Record-high planted soybean acreage was reported in Kansas, Nebraska, New York and Pennsylvania. Minnesota and Oklahoma tied their record highs. Iowa leads all states with 10.2-million acres. Illinois and Kansas reported the largest increases in corn acres. Indiana, Missouri and Ohio also had notable increases. Iowa leads the nation with 13.3-million acres despite experiencing the largest decrease in planted acreage.

Cotton acres are up for the first time since 2006. Thanks in part to good weather and high prices - farmers planted 10.9-million cotton acres - up 19-percent from last year. But total U.S. crop area is down slightly. The 360-thousand acre decline from 2009 is only a tenth of a percent decrease.

Click here for our coverage from Wednesday morning as found on our website- OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Thanks Rick!!!
June 30th marked the point in time that Oklahoma agriculture lost a lot of expertise within the public sector. A host of employees at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture took early retirement- several of them as of the close of business on Wednesday, while the OSU Division of Agriculture also saw a substantial number of early retirements become effective as of yesterday.

One of those retirements that is now official took the Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture for the State out the door. Rick Maloney was not only a key right hand man kind of a guy for State Ag Secretary Terry Peach- but was also the head of the Market Development Division for the Agency.

At a reception held Wednesday evening- it was not just co workers who showed up to wish Maloney well- but also lawmakers and ag leaders from all segments of Oklahoma Agriculture. During the presentations made to Maloney- it was mentioned that he had especially served Oklahoma's youth well- being involved in things like the Oklahoma Youth Expo, the Tulsa State Fair and a lot more. Click on the LINK below- and you can see a few of the pictures we snapped last night of the reception as Rick Maloney ended his day job- and can now spend even more time being a champion of Oklahoma agriculture and rural youth in some different ways- that is, once he gets his list of "honey dos" taken care of.

Click here to see pictures from the Rick Maloney Retirement Reception on Wednesday Evening.

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Let's Check the Markets!
We've had requests to include Canola prices for your convenience here- and we will be doing so on a regular basis. Current cash price for Canola is $7.15 per bushel, while the 2011 New Crop contracts for Canola are now available are $7.05 per bushel- delivered to local participating elevators that are working with PCOM.

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