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Date: 10/10/2017 7:01 AM

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The Market was racing higher Monday at the Oklahoma National Stockyards- $6 to $8 Higher on Feeders- click here for details.
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Today's First Look:
mornings with cash and futures reviewed- includes where the Cash Cattle market stands, the latest Feeder Cattle Markets Etc.
Each afternoon we are posting a recap of that day's markets as analyzed by Justin Lewis of KIS futuresclick or tap here for the report posted yesterday afternoon around 3:30 PM.
Okla Cash Grain:  
Daily Oklahoma Cash Grain Prices- as reported by the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture on Monday, October 9th.
Futures Wrap:  
Our Daily Market Wrapup from the Radio Oklahoma Network - analyzing the Futures Markets from the previous Day.
Feeder Cattle Recap:  
The National Daily Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary- as prepared by USDA.
Slaughter Cattle Recap: 
The National Daily Slaughter Cattle Summary- as prepared by the USDA.
TCFA Feedlot Recap:  
Finally, here is the Daily Volume and Price Summary from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.

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Oklahoma's Latest Farm and Ranch News

Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
   Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 

Featured Story:
Out of State Groups Plan Legal Challenge to Oklahoma Beef Checkoff Vote
A legal challenge is being planned against the Oklahoma Beef Checkoff vote by two out of state activist organizations. R-Calf USA, based in Billings, Montana and the Organization for Competitive Markets, based in Lincoln, Nebraska have plans to file a lawsuit in Oklahoma to stop voting now underway for the secondary state beef checkoff referendum that was authorized earlier this year by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.

In a memo dated October 7th, R-Calf updated members and affiliates about plans to initiate a lawsuit against the parties involved with the State Beef Checkoff in Oklahoma.

According to the memo from R-Calf- "Our plan is to file a lawsuit in the state of Oklahoma as quickly as possible to obtain an injunction to stop the Oklahoma Beef Checkoff Referendum on grounds that it violates Oklahoma's Constitution, state statutes and administrative rules.

"We will work with the Organization for Competitive Markets on this to minimize costs to our respective organizations.

"The plaintiffs in the case will not be R-CALF USA and OCM, but will be an Oklahoma R-CALF USA member and an Oklahoma member of OCM. R-CALF USA is looking for an Oklahoma member willing to be a plaintiff. The member from OCM who will be a plaintiff is former Oklahoma State Senator and current rancher Paul Muegge.

The memo then goes on to solicit an "a beef checkoff paying rancher in Oklahoma" willing to be a plaintiff in the effort to stop the Oklahoma Beef Checkoff vote. The memo indicated that R-Calf's goal was to file a lawsuit within ten days (with the clock starting last Saturday).

No details were given as to who might be sued- but since the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture authorized the referendum, it's likely they will be named in any legal action brought forward by the out of state groups.

Click or tap here to read more on these latest efforts by these out of state groups that have ties to anti animal agriculture groups PETA and HSUS

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The Oklahoma Farm Bureau - a grassroots organization that has for its Mission Statement- Improving the Lives of Rural Oklahomans."  Farm Bureau, as the state's largest general farm organization, is active at the State Capitol fighting for the best interests of its members and working with other groups to make certain that the interests of rural Oklahoma are protected.  Click here for their website to learn more about the organization and how it can benefit you to be a part of Farm Bureau.

In this week's edition of the Cow/Calf Corner newsletter, Dr. Derrell Peel reviews the latest numbers of the US beef export market year-to-date.

According to Peel's article, increases in the volume of beef exports during the month of August were led by product moved into Japan, with a 39.3 percent increase. Japan claimed a total
30.6 percent share of total beef exports in August.

South Korea, Mexico, Canada and Hong Kong, in addition to Japan, make up the five largest export destinations from January to August here in 2017. Peel notes that exports have actually increased year-over-year each month this year.

On the other hand - Peel reports that beef imports increased 7.9 percent in August, for the third consecutive monthly year over year increase in beef imports.  Total beef imports for the first eight months of the year are down 2.8 percent from one year ago. Canada commands the largest share of beef imports into the US.

In the live animal trade, though, import levels were roughly unchanged overall, with some fractional differences in certain areas. Peel notes, though, that feeder cattle coming into the US were largely feeder  heifers - around 77 percent of the total cattle imports. Year to date feeder heifer imports from Mexico have more than doubled from last year with heifers making up 15.3 percent of feeder cattle imports from Mexico compared to 9.1 percent last year. 
Steers imported from Mexico , however, are up 13.6 percent year over year through August.
"Increased heifer imports from Mexico may be a reflection of stronger domestic Mexican demand for steers to support growing feedlot production in Mexico leaving heifers to make up a bigger share of cattle exports," Peel says. "It may also signal slowing heifer retention and herd growth in Mexico as heifer exports compete with domestic breeding demand for heifers.  For the first 8 months of the year, feeder heifer imports from Mexico and Canada have increased to 23.5 percent of total feeder cattle imports, up from a share of 20.1 percent one year ago."
Read Peel's complete analysis of the export markets, with consideration to the latest data available, by clicking here.

This week, members of the Texas Cattle Feeders Association are gathering in Amarillo to attend the organization's annual convention. I have made the trip myself to cover the event.

Yesterday, I had the chance to catch up with NCBA President Craig Uden, who brought me up to speed on several of the most pressing issues facing the beef industry, currently. One of which is the progress of trade negotiations being made by the Trump Administration.

Since August, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has been under renegotiation. By and large, Uden says the deal has been very beneficial for the ag industry - cattle producers in particular, with a zero percent tariff. However, the longer the negotiations go on, the more potential there is for ag's gains in the trade deal to be compromised. Uden says the industry just wants talks to be done and over with as soon as possible.

"It is a big worry," Uden said, regarding the NAFTA negotiations. "People don't realize the amount of volume that gets traded up and down in Canada - and Mexico is vital to us. It's never a good thing to have those trading partners on edge because what it does is, it makes them start look for other alternatives - and that's never a good option for us."

Uden says that the future of the beef industry will rely on a robust trade portfolio and he believes that if the industry is going to grow, then we need to be working with our closest neighbors to see that realized.

Meanwhile, Trump has threatened to pull the US out of the KORUS free trade agreement with South Korea. Just recently, the USTR's office and Korean trade officials formally brought the agreement under review. Uden says we can not afford to lose Korea.

"When President Trump came out and talked about just dropping the free-trade agreement with Korea, we pushed back pretty hard," Uden said. "We can't afford to lose and step back on Korea. That's become our second largest trading partner with about $1 billion worth of trade."
And at the same time, our newest customer - China, is slowly starting to gain some traction. But, while trade seems to have taken center stage, there are still several other issues at play also. Tax reform is being heavily considered in DC, Uden reports and NCBA is also closely watching the EPA's activities as the agency works to repeal and replace the Waters of the US rule.

To find out where the beef industry stands on these issues and others, and to get Uden's inside perspective regarding these matters, click or tap here to listen to our full conversation.
Over the weekend, Claremore ag teacher and Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association board member, Matt Boyer, joined me during our "In the Field" segment on KWTV News9.
Boyer and I discussed the OCA's ballot initiative that would establish a secondary Beef Checkoff program. Currently, the voting process has already begun. Up until October 20th, ballots can be requested from the OCA office and must be turned in or at least postmarked by or before October 27th. After that, you can vote in person at your local extension office for one day only - November 1st.
All cattle producers in the state are eligible to vote, regardless of age. As long as you own or sell cattle in Oklahoma, you can vote.
According to Boyer, the additional dollar per head sold, will be collected and managed by the Oklahoma Beef Council and will not be shared with the National Beef Checkoff Program - like the primary Checkoff does. The funds will stay entirely within our state's borders, he says.
And, should the initiative pass and you still do not wish to contribute as a producer, you can request a complete and total refund.
Boyer says the additional money raised through this program will help to further advance the work of the Oklahoma Beef Council to promote beef and support the industry.
To watch our visit from this past weekend, or to listen to our entire off-camera interview for more details on this initiative and for instructions on how to cast your own vote, click over to our website.

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BUZZIndependent Cattle Producers in Oklahoma to Form Alternative Industry Group

For the first time in many years, a new cattle industry organization for the state of Oklahoma is being formed. The effort to establish this new group dubbed the Oklahoma Independent Stock Growers Association, is being led by Andrea Hutchison of the Chain Ranch in Canton. She explained to me that this organization is needed to give likeminded producers a voice in the industry, at a time when they perceive it to be headed in the wrong direction.

"There's a growing concern among independent state producers, that we're kind of losing our voice," she said. "I've watched at-large forces come in, global forces come in - the World Wildlife Fund being a major player - in this drive to squelch our voice."

Hutchison claims the problem started with the creation of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. She believes this and the US Roundtable for Stainable Beef, are "usurping" producers' rights to produce livestock and market them as they see fit. She believes the sustainability movement happening throughout agriculture is being orchestrated through the United Nations, and is being implemented by groups like the USRSB to spread its influence on a grassroots level. Now, she says mainstream cattle industry associations are signing on with collaborative initiatives being promoted by the USRSB - which Hutchison says will ultimately squeeze independent producers out of the market if they do not conform to the rules and regulations of these initiatives.

"I just wrote a resolution and presented it at the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association meeting this past summer and - I got beat," Hutchison said, explaining her decision to branch off and form a new group of producers who share her interest. "This is a global beef trust. We can't have foreign law come into the United States, but that's what this is. If you don't comply with the rules and the policy and such that they deem acceptable then they're going to incrementally drive you out of the market."

Hutchison plans to formally get this new organization off the ground with its first official meeting, October 28th at the Chain Ranch Headquarters in Canton, Oklahoma featuring guest speakers and an election of officers. For more information, the group has a presence on Facebook now. Just search for Oklahoma Independent Stock Growers Association.

Listen to Hutchison further explain her position on the state of the beef industry and why she believes there is a need to form a new industry group, on yesterday's Beef Buzz - click here.
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In recognition of his leadership skills and with a high level of confidence in his abilities to serve their common interests, the members of the National Association of State Foresters have elected Oklahoma State Forester George Geissler as president of their organization.

"It is an honor for George Geissler to be elected President of NASF by his peers," said Jay Farrell, executive director of NASF.

Geissler has a long and distinguished career in forestry, as a federal service employee, in the corporate sector and as a private business owner - before joining Oklahoma Forestry Services in 2006. Currently, he serves as the OFS director and state forester.
Geissler leads the state's efforts in conservation, enhancement and protection of Oklahoma's 12.5 million acres of forests and wildfire mitigation and suppression for all 77 counties in the state.
Geissler succeeds Wyoming State Forester Bill Crapser as President of the NASF, and says he will spend the next year working to ensure the health, productivity and sustainability of our nation's trees and forests while protecting our citizens from loss due to threats such as wildland fire.
Click or tap here to read the original story for complete details on Geissler's election as NASF President.
TCFADay Two of the Texas Cattle Feeders Convention Underway- TCFA Celebrates 50 Years

The mood is upbeat at the 2017 TCFA Convention in Amarillo- over 500 feeders and supporters are there- the organization represents feedlots in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Monday- the group heard from their current Chairman Jim Lovell, NCBA President Craig Uden of Nebraska, Ag Futurist Dr. Lowell Catlett and Millennial Expert Jason Dorsey

We sat down and talked with several of the newsmakers- including Craig Uden- see the story up higher in the email list- and also got a lot of industry insights from the cattle industry leaders that are there from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and more.

They continue their meeting today- if you want to follow things on Twitter from that meeting- the hashtag is #TCFA50.

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