Subject: Oklahoma's Farm News Update
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Date: 10/30/2017 6:45 AM

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Oklahoma's Latest Farm and Ranch News

Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
   Monday, October 30, 2017

Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 
FFAShineFeatured Story:
With Piper Merritt Hearing Her Name Called- Oklahoma FFA Gets Their First National Officer Since Riley Pagett Served in 2011   
Oklahoma FFA members once again performed well in a variety of contests and competitive venues at the 2017 National FFA Convention and Expo. The 90th FFA Convention ended up attracting just over 67,000 members, advisors, parents and other supporters of the Blue and Gold.

At the top of the list of Oklahoma FFA achievers- you have to put Piper Merritt of the Owasso FFA Chapter and last year's state FFA Secretary.  Her name was the first of six names called on Saturday afternoon as new national FFA Officer team was assembled.

Merritt will serve in the coming year as the Central Region Vice President. National officers commit to a year of service to the National FFA Organization. Each officer travels more than 100,000 national and international miles to interact with business and industry leaders, thousands of FFA members and teachers, corporate sponsors, government and education officials, state FFA leaders, the general public, and more. The team will lead personal growth and leadership training conferences for FFA members throughout the country and help set policies that will guide the future of FFA and promote agricultural literacy.

On Friday afternoon- we sat down and talked about the real possibility that she might be wrapping up her school work in Stillwater for this semester- then taking a year off to serve as a National Officer.  Click or tap here for that preview story- and you can click or tap here for our overview of the complete officer team- including the first African American female ever naned to serve as the National President of the organization.

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FFAshine2Oklahoma FFA Members Shine at the 90th National FFA Convention in Indianapolis  

Even before Piper Merritt's inclusion into the National Officer team- it had been a really good year for Oklahoma FFA- here's a rundown of some of the high achievers from this last week- if there is a hyperlink on the name- we have a story back on the Blue Green Gazette you can check out:

National Championship in Extemporaneous Public Speaking goes to Kyle Young of Owasso (story coming)

National Championship in Conduct of Meetings (Jr Parli Pro)- Kingfisher FFA (the first time this contest has ever been held)

National Championship in Marketing Plan- Fairview FFA

Four National Winners in AgriScience Fair- Central, Cushing, Edmond and Stillwater Chapters

Champions include Garrett Thornton, Central FFA in Animal Systems

Jessica Kenville, Edmond FFA in Environmental Services

Carson Chandler & Gunner Evans of Cushing in Environ Services

Austin Hooten-Stillwater FFA in Social Sciences

Beef Production Proficiency Champ- Lane Fanning, Laverne FFA

Fiber and Oil Seed Production Proficiency Champ- Luke Muller, Navajo FFA

National Runnerup- Elgin FFA in Ag Communications

Third Place Nationally- Adair FFA- Horse Evaluation

One of Three Finalists for the 2017 FFA Talent Review- Jaci Detrick, Newcastle FFA(performing on stage multiple times during the week)

Region 2 Ag Ed Teacher of Year- Jonathan Holloway- Owasso (story coming)

You can see all of our coverage from the National FFA Convention- as sponsored by ITC, your Energy Superhighway, by the Oklahoma FFA Association and the Oklahoma FFA Alumni- by clicking or tapping here on the Blue Green Gazette section dedicated to the 2017 National Convention.

BuzzSecretary Sonny Perdue Optimistic that Advancements in International Trade will Soon Pick Up Pace  

US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue spent an entire day last week, visiting the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis. Before addressing attendees during the Convention's general session, Perdue met with members of the media. was there and participated in the Secretary's press conference, during which he spoke on several subjects, including agricultural trade.

He began, affirming that Japan had just reelected its sitting President, Shinzo Abe, insinuating that the country's leaders had hoped to get passed their election process before making any serious moves related to expanding trade with the US.

"We think they'll be more ready now to negotiate over free-trade agreements," he said. "We're anxious to do that. We think they should really be anxious to do that - regarding tariffs and access of beef. We feel like we could make a real difference there."

The Secretary mentioned, too, that in a recent meeting with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on the status of NAFTA negotiations and international trade relations, he said several other countries in the Pacific Rim were identified as important markets that the US should aggressively work to gain access to. He remarked on his optimism to now have Ted McKinney in place as USDA's chief salesman, on hand to help in these efforts.

"We've got a lot of markets there," Perdue said. "That's why I'm very happy to have Undersecretary for Trade Ted McKinney to be here. I look forward to him knocking on doors, meeting with our customers and to sell them on the benefit of healthy, nutritious agricultural products."

Regarding NAFTA, Perdue defended the agreement insisting it has been extremely beneficial for the US ag industry. He reported, though, that the negotiators were currently "conceptually apart" and were taking an intermission. He expressed hope that three nations would eventually come together to finalize modernized terms to the agreement, and leave agriculture's position unscathed. 

You can listen to the Secretary's comments regarding agricultural trade made at the National FFA Convention this week, on Friday's Beef Buzz - click here.
McKinneyUSDA Trade Undersec. Ted McKinney Speaks Candidly at National FFA Convention

In the story above, Secretary Sonny Perdue conveyed his confidence in Ted McKinney, who was just recently confirmed by the US Senate to officially take his place as Undersecretary of Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs at the USDA, a newly created position in the current Farm Bill, but before McKinney, never filled. During my visit to Indianapolis this past week, attending the National FFA Convention, I had the opportunity to sit down and interview the now former director of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture. His genuine personality and level headedness makes it clear why Perdue would want McKinney on his team, who was nice enough to give our listeners the backstory on how he made it to the USDA.
"Actually, I was coaxed into it a little bit," McKinney recounted. "I've always believed in service, but I thought, 'Come on, I'm not the kind they're going to be interested in.'"
But according to McKinney, then Governor Mike Pence, remarked to him that he should consider changing his zip code, his first hint that the Trump Administration was looking to find a spot for him. That comment was followed by the encouragement of business contacts in Washington, DC that McKinney had worked with during his extensive career in the plant science and livestock arena.
Months later, McKinney would eventually find himself receiving the confirmation of the US Senate to take his appointed post at the USDA on Secretary Sonny Perdue's management team, as chief salesman for the US ag industry.
"He's probably right, I think as I look back," he recollected, considering whether or not he believed Perdue had placed him in the right position. "The corporate experience allowed me to work a lot of products through international approvals. Some successful, some quite frustrating. So, I'm eternally grateful to Sec. Perdue for making the invitation and here we are."
McKinney says it will be his steadfast mission to respectably showcase the bounty and quality of American made agricultural products to the world and strike deals that are mutually beneficial for the US and its customers.
"I'm going to be an unabashed fanatic and cheerleader for the exporting of good agricultural products," McKinney said. "Sec. Perdue, my colleagues and I are pushing the absolute boundaries to make sure ag and food are lifted up. We are there for that American farmer to sell whatever they make. If we're lifting those exports going through, I can look back and say perhaps, job well done. That's my goal."

You can read more or listen to our entire conversation from the Convention, by clicking or tapping here.

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As a fifth-generation agriculturalist, Carolyn Piguet considers farming a family tradition and a part of life.
Piguet grew up in Omega on the Kingfisher-Blaine County Line. Her parents, Delbert and Agnes Fisher, were wheat farmers and raised beef cattle. She graduated from Lomega High School with a class of 13 people.
She obtained a bachelor's degree in biology from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and a master's degree in counseling from Northeastern State University. She taught science, was an elementary school counselor, a testing coordinator and a principal before becoming the agricultural education instructor and FFA advisor at Vinita Public Schools in 2010. She is now one of only three Oklahoma agricultural education instructors to be Nationally Board Certified.
The transition from science to agriculture was easy for Piguet because of her agricultural background and the fact that science is all about life cycles.
Piguet said teaching agriculture allows her to unite all of her passions. She considers herself happy, content and truly blessed through her position.
"I love agriculture," she said, "and there's not a better scenario in which to build leadership, build independence, build project gratification, than in agriculture. So it married a lot of my interests, and I've been blessed. Things have come together. The community has rallied. We have tremendous kids out of the program."
As Vinita's ag teacher, Piguet carried over a project she had previously overseen as a principal, now called The Vinita FFA Catering Group, with a belief that students need to experience projects from start to finish, and she says food is a great way to do this. The project started out small, but today it caters over 20 weddings a year. The money raised goes back to the students to encourage them to pursue state FFA degrees and proficiency awards.
And while she could have retired six years ago, Piguet hopes to continue teaching for at least 10 more years.
"I've got a whole list of stuff that I want to get done before that time," she said.
Continue reading Virginia's story about her life and what makes her a significant woman in agriculture, by clicking over to our website for her complete profile by ODAFF.
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Last week, the National Corn Growers Association celebrated the 20th anniversary of the National Plant Genome Initiative. The NCGA established the project to research and map the corn genome - which has since opened up a new frontier for corn that is still being explored today and has resulted in significant economic and environmental dividends for farmers and society at large.
Pam Johnson, a Floyd, Iowa farmer who served as the Chairperson of NCGA's Research and Business Development Action Team and later as NCGA president said, "The NPGI didn't just build a bridge between scientific discovery and real-world solutions for corn, it laid the groundwork for a new interstate highway of discovery."
NPGI has funded more than $1.5 billion of genomic research to date and the undertaking continues to send ripples through the scientific community and agriculture.
The research is helping researchers better understand corn's evolution and history that started nearly five million years ago, before it was first domesticated in Central America.
"The data we have contains answers like the best way to adapt corn to different climates, develop more efficient corn plants, use less energy growing it, sequester more carbon and increase the supply of food and feed," Johnson said.
According to the USDA, corn production in the U.S. has grown from roughly 9 billion bushels in 1997 when NPGI began to more than 15 billion bushels today. At the same time, the value of the U.S. crop has grown from $25 billion to more than $51 billion.

Click here to read the complete story behind the NCGA's effort to better understand corn and how to harness its greatest potential.
WeekAheadThis Week- Kris Black Cream of the Crop, School Land Auctions Conclude and State Beef Checkoff Vote
At noon today, the Kris Black Cream of the Crop Fall Production sale will kickoff, offering 100 Head of 15-20 Month old Virgin Herd Bull & AI Sire Prospects.

They will also have in their sale 40 Head of Spring Calving Bred Heifers- several that are Donor Quality.

In addition, Semen and Embryos available on many past Cream of the Crop Standouts!

Click here for more details and how you can contract folks ahead of the sale that starts at noon today.

You can also jump over to the Black Hereford Ranch website for a lot of resources about the sale.


The final two auctions for 2017 will be held today and tomorrow by the Oklahoma School Land Commission- offering five year leases that are located in several counties in central Oklahoma.

Today's sale is in Shawnee at the Gordon Cooper Technology Center- starting at 10 AM.

Leases will be offered in Cleveland, Garvin, Lincoln, Oklahoma and Pottawtomie Counties.

Tomorrow's sale will also start at 10 AM- at the Payne County Expo Center in Stillwater. 

Leases will be offered at the Stillwater auction in Logan, Noble, Payne and Pawnee Counties.

The one page flyer giving you exact locations can be seen by clicking here.

The full rundown of the leases can be seen by clicking or tapping here.


We will spend more time on this tomorrow- but this Wednesday(November First) is the Voting Day for the Oklahoma Beef Checkoff- the vote happening at County Extension Offices across Oklahoma during their normal business hours.

We talked with Michael Kelsey of the Oklahoma Cattlemen about the nuts and bolts of the vote- click or tap here for that story and the chance to listen to our Q&A with him on how to vote, where to vote, how the ballots are being handled, who counts them and more.
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