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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Monday August 9, 2010
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-- Obama Administration Confirms They Are Finding the Money for Ag Disaster Aid
-- Mandatory Price Reporting Clears the Senate- Awaits House Action in September
-- As we get ready for the 2010 National FFA Convention- Oklahoma Outqualifies All Other States
-- HRW Wheat Harvest Mostly Done- For Oklahoma- Too Much Dockage & Foreign Matter- Too Little Protein
-- $1.2 Billion in Broadband Projects Announced by USDA
-- Senate Ag Leadership Offer Bill to Reverse Courts on Pesticide Application Permits
-- Merial's Igenity Offers Low Cost DNA Test for Replacement Beef Heifers
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Obama Administration Confirms They Are Finding the Money for Ag Disaster Aid
Senator Blanche Lincoln's office has released a letter she has received from the Obama Administration- promising that they will find a way to fund her proposed $1.5 billion dollar ag disaster plan for farmers across the country. That will include $106 million in assistance for Oklahoma producers.

In the letter, Robert Nabors of the Office of Management and Budget tells the Chairman of the Senate Ag Committee that "I want to assure you that the Administration is committed to providing assistance consistent with your legislative proposal by the end of this month. OMB and USDA are aware of existing authorities and are currently reviewing options to ensure compliance with existing laws, ease of administration, and effectiveness of targeting the assistance to those in need."

Lincoln has not been able to find a vehicle to carry forward her proposal to pass this disaster assistance plan, but was promised by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel that the Obama Administration would find the money within USDA to make this plan a reality.

We reported last Friday that Senator Lincoln was continuing to push for this aid, even though she has been unable to find a way to pass it through Congress. Click here for our story of last Friday morning- and click on the LINK below to jump to our story on the OMB letter- we have a PDF of the letter for you to read with that story.

Click here for the OMB's assurances to Senator Lincoln about finding the Disaster Aid somewhere within USDA.

Mandatory Price Reporting Clears the Senate- Awaits House Action in September
This past Thursday evening, the Senate approved legislation to reauthorize the law requiring meat packers to report to the U.S. Department of Agriculture the prices they pay producers for animals.

Senators passed by voice vote S. 3656, sponsored by Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., and Ranking Member Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., to reauthorize for five years the Livestock Mandatory Reporting Act, which is set to expire Sept. 30. The reauthorizing bill, which would extend the law to Sept. 30, 2015, also adds to the reporting law provisions requiring weekly reporting of pork exports - by price and volume - and of wholesale pork cuts.

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association applauds the efforts of the Senate Ag Committee Leadership to get this measure through their committee and now through the full Senate. Bruce Hafenfeld of California is the Chairman of the NCBA's Policy Division and says "As a producer of food and fiber for a growing global population, I appreciate Senator Lincoln's efforts to help continue the availability of timely and accurate information for U.S. cattle producers. By reauthorizing the Mandatory Price Reporting, cattle producers will continue to have access to daily price and volume information on purchases of cattle and boxed beef sales as well as export and import data. This effort to enhance transparency in the marketplace is a definite win for every aspect of the industry."

Click here for more on the reauthorization efforts in Congress for Mandatory Price Reporting.

As we get ready for the 2010 National FFA Convention- Oklahoma Outqualifies All Other States
In a couple of key areas, the Oklahoma FFA Association has bested every other state in the country. For example, in the area of the national proficiencies competition, Oklahoma has qualified 22 national finalists, compared to Wisconsin with 18 National Finalists and California and Illinois with each 16.

Another test of the high quality depth of the Oklahoma FFA experience is in the number of three star chapters that will be honored at the National convention in Indianapolis. Among the elite states that have more than 20 chapters that meet the stringent qualifications to achieve three stars- Oklahoma is the leader with 25 chapters to be so recognized, while Iowa is second with 22 and Florida is third with 21.

One individual FFA member that we will be watching closely as we cover the 2010 National Convention in a couple of months will be Riley Padgett of Woodward. Riley has been selected as the Oklahoma representative to be the National officer candidate from the state this fall.
Another young man in the Blue and Gold that we will be telling you about in the days ahead will be the one Oklahoman that has been named as one of the National Star Finalists for 2010- Rusty Kenner of Cheyenne who will be competing for the American Star in Agribusiness.

Click here to see the full list of Oklahoma FFA Chapters that Made the Three Star List- plus the listing of Proficiency National Finalists.

HRW Wheat Harvest Mostly Done- For Oklahoma- Too Much Dockage & Foreign Matter- Too Little Protein
Harvest of the 2010 Hard Red Winter Wheat crop is virtually done, except for the state of Montana- and Mark Hodges of Plains Grains says that the lower than normal protein levels seen early on in Texas and Oklahoma improved some, but still have trended below 12% as we have moved further north in the HRW belt.

At the 2010 Oklahoma Wheat Review this past week in Stillwater, Hodges told us that the 2010 Oklahoma wheat crop was plagued with three significant problems- too much dockage and foreign material- and not enough protein. He says a lot of that are the agronomic decisions we make as a grazing state- planting much earlier than the optimum planting date for grain production only is one specific that we discussed.

Click on the LINK below and you can hear our full conversation with Hodges- as well as check on the HRW wheat belt harvest report and jump over to the Plains Grains website for more of the quality data that has been gathered about this year's crop.

Click here for more with Mark Hodges and the Plains Grains data for 2010.

$1.2 Billion in Broadband Projects Announced by USDA
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced this last week the funding of 126 new Recovery Act broadband infrastructure projects that will create jobs and provide rural residents in 38 states and Native American tribal areas access to improved service. Broadband access plays a critical role in expanding economic, health care, educational and public safety services in underserved rural communities. Today's announcement is part of the second round of USDA broadband funding through the Recovery Act.

Oklahoma projects are claiming over $46 million in this program with the lion's share of that money- over $42 million going to Cimarron Telephone Co. USDA says "With this award of $42.4 million, the Cimmarron Telephone Company project will provide both FTTH and wireless broadband service to underserved areas of Payne, Osage, Creek, Pawnee and Okfuskee counties in Oklahoma. More than 21,500 people, approximately 933 local businesses and 35 community institutions stand to benefit from this improved service. Not only will this project create jobs upfront, it will help drive economic development in the community that creates jobs for years to come."

Five other projects that will serve Oklahoma are also a part of this broadband pile of cash- alltold, USDA announced $1.2 Billion worth of projects last week. Click here for the complete listing of all projects- it is listed alphabetically by states- so scroll down to the "Os" to see the Sooner state projects.

Click here for the full news release from USDA on these recovery act monies heading out the door for broadband projects.

Senate Ag Leadership Offer Bill to Reverse Courts on Pesticide Application Permits
U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, and Ranking Member Saxby Chambliss of Georgia announced this past Friday afternoon they have introduced legislation that aims to clarify that additional permits are not required for pesticide application in accordance with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). The bill, S. 3735, will bring legal and regulatory certainty for our farmers, foresters and ranchers regarding the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) recent actions related to the Clean Water Act.

American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman said, "American Farm Bureau Federation strongly supports legislation introduced today by Senators Lincoln and Chambliss to remedy the harmful effects of a court decision that puts farmers at risk of unnecessary and burdensome regulation. This legislation does nothing more than clarify what has been the situation for nearly forty years - that lawful application of pesticides under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) does not trigger regulatory requirements in other programs. Congress must step up and take action to clarify the questions raised by a flawed court ruling that, if left to stand, will have ramifications for farmers and ranchers around the country. Farmers know the label on each chemical they use is the law of the land and that they must use chemicals properly. Having additional regulations and bureaucratic red tape will not improve food safety or the environment. We commend the senators for their leadership on this important issue."

Back in July, Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole was hosted by the Kinder Family of Walters as they explained the problems of EPA moving in the direction of requiring permits everytime you apply pesticides anywhere close to a body of water. Click here for our story and the video remarks of Congressman Cole that day in Cotton County.
Click on the LINK below for more on this move by the Senators to turn back EPA's efforts to regulate pesticide usage in this manner.

Click here to read more about the efforts of Senators Lincoln and Chambliss to stop EPA in trying to require additional permits for pesticide use.

Merial's Igenity Offers Low Cost DNA Test for Replacement Beef Heifers
IGENITY, a division of Merial, announces the introduction of the most cost-effective DNA product on the market - the IGENITY profile for replacement heifers. It is designed specifically for cow/calf producers committed to the long-term success of their herd.

"Developing a replacement heifer requires a substantial financial investment by the producer. Not only will that heifer remain in the herd for years to come, but she will also help to define the genetic direction and profitability of the entire herd," says Dr. Kevin DeHaan, technical services director, IGENITY. "Bottom line: Producers can't afford to pick the wrong replacement heifers, and the IGENITY profile for replacement heifers can help producers make the right decisions for their herd." We talked with Dr. DeHaan at the recent Summer Cattle Industry Conference and you can hear our conversation about Igenity and this new inexpensive DNA test for heifers by clicking on the LINK below.

Through the new cost-effective DNA offering from IGENITY, cow/calf producers can receive analyses on five economically important traits:

Maternal Calving Ease
Average Daily Gain
Percent Choice

Click here to learn more about the new DNA tests that Igenity offers for replacement heifers.

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Let's Check the Markets!
We've had requests to include Canola prices for your convenience here- and we will be doing so on a regular basis. Current cash price for Canola is $8.40 per bushel- as of the close of business Friday, while the 2011 New Crop contracts for Canola are now available are $8.45 per bushel- delivered to local participating elevators that are working with PCOM.

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