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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Thursday August 26, 2010
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-- Senator Inhofe Remains Convinced Big GOP Gains Are Coming in November
-- Honey, Where's My Jacket?
-- Kansas (and Northern Oklahoma) Got Great Rains to Set Up Fall Planting of the 2011 Winter Wheat Crop
-- Kansas Senators, Former Secretary Johanns and Oklahoma Senator Coburn Tell Tom Vilsack- Stay Objective!
-- Budgets for Fall 2010 Wheat Pasture Looking Really Good- Almost Too Good.
-- Russia and U.S. Debating Chlorine Rinse- Again
-- The Big Event Coming to Express Ranch Tomorrow and Saturday!
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Senator Inhofe Remains Convinced Big GOP Gains Are Coming in November
Members of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Board of Directors met with Oklahoma's Senior Senator on Wednesday morning in Oklahoma City. Senator Jim Inhofe talked about several issues and then listened to concerns raised by the OFB leadership.

Inhofe expressed concern about the expiring tax cuts that expire on December 31 of this year. He highlighted the estate tax issue, where currently in 2010 there are no estate taxes owned if a person dies- but if they die after January 1, 2011, the tax penalty is 55% after a relatively meager one million dollar exemption. The Senator says if that is allowed to happen, it will be a disaster- be believes that the Democratic leadership will allow this and some of the other so called "Bush tax cuts" to be addressed, but was not specific about the timeline on that action taking place.

Senator Inhofe is very optimistic about the November elections, predicting that Democrats will have across the board losses in both the House and Senate. He agrees with other pundits that say the House is lost for the Democrats- and he continues to boldly call a Republican reversal in the US Senate as well, now predicting a net gain of 11 US Senate seats for the Republicans this November, which would move the GOP back into the majority in the Senate.

Click on the LINK below for more on the Senator meeting with OFB- and you can hear his comments with the media just in front of that session- including his optimistic assessment of the fall elections- at least from a Republican perspective.

Click here for more on Senator Inhofe talking EPA, Dust and More.

Honey, Where's My Jacket?
Gary McManus, Associate State Climatologist for the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, offers a tongue in cheek headline for his latest email about weather conditions in the state- he proclaims "Ft. Supply Residents Tired of the Cold Weather!" Gary explains "Just got word from the folks across the hall at the Norman National Weather Service forecast office that Ft. Supply cooperative observer station reached a low temperature of 40.7 degrees. Rounding that up to 41 degrees doesn't make it seem any warmer, especially for August 25. The nearest Mesonet station at Woodward only got down to a relatively warm 50 degrees, but the Woodward meteogram tells the story of what occurred at Ft. Supply. Very light northerly winds and clear skies allowed density and radiational cooling to prevail, and the temperature plummeted at the observer's location."

"Historically, that is the coldest temperature ever recorded in Ft. Supply during August, besting the previous record low for the month of 47 degrees, set on August 29, 1988. It shatters the previous record for Ft. Supply on the 25th itself by 10 degrees with the previous record being 51 degrees set back in 1966. Data from Ft. Supply began in 1940. The reading also becomes the 5th-lowest temperature ever recorded in Oklahoma during August (tied with 2 others)."

The coldest it has ever been in Oklahoma in August was 39 degrees- reported back in 1923 in Marlow and then again in Okmulgee in 1967. This morning, it's fairly cool again in northwest Oklahoma- with overnight lows in Beaver and Seiling touching down to 46 degrees. As Gary McManus says, a foretaste of coming attractions.

Click here for the current realtime high/low temperatures for today here in Oklahoma.

Kansas (and Northern Oklahoma) Got Great Rains to Set Up Fall Planting of the 2011 Winter Wheat Crop
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ reports heavy rainfall of 1 to 5 inches on Tuesday throughout Kansas was welcomed for the start of winter wheat planting.
According to Agricultural Meteorologist Dale Mohler, an abnormally hot and dry summer throughout the Midwest has made the layer of topsoil necessary for the September winter wheat planting extremely dry.

Mohler said the winter wheat crop is usually planted in September, and farmers in Kansas are concerned that the dry weather thus far would hinder any hopes of an on-time planting. Most of Kansas, with the exception of the far northwest corner of the state, was blanketed with a healthy dose of rainfall on Tuesday. Rainfall 5 miles south of Wichita, Kan., totaled 5.25 inches on Tuesday.

Mohler says that while northern Oklahoma enjoyed some of that same rainfall that the Wichita area got earlier this week, areas closer to Oklahoma City and south got little or no rain- and prospects are poor for precipitation into early September.
While that is not good news for those that want to plant winter wheat early and are shooting for wheat pasture, there is still time for rain to arrive for the optimum planting window for those wanting to plant wheat primarily for grain harvest next June- that window is actually in early October.

Kansas Senators, Former Secretary Johanns and Oklahoma Senator Coburn Tell Tom Vilsack- Stay Objective!
As we approach the Friday Competition Workshop in Ft. Collins, Colorado tomorrow- we have received a copy of a letter sent by several Senators to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, questioning the objectivity of the USDA over the GIPSA marketing rule for livestock as well as the workshop planned for tomorrow.

In the letter, Senator Pat Roberts, Sam Brownback, Mike Johanns, Saxby Chambliss and Tom Coburn tell the Secretary "Even though you assured us that the workshops would be organized and conducted as open and balanced forums to provide an opportunity for diverse viewpoints to be heard, recent press accounts of an email sent by a USDA official concerning the upcoming competition workshop in Fort Collins would suggest otherwise. A USDA Employee in a Colorado field office used his official government email account to pass along a message from an interest group soliciting attendance at the workshop."

The Senators are referring to a call by Bill Bullard of R-Calf as he hopes to have 25,000 ranchers and farmers turn out tomorrow to send a clear message to USDA and DOJ that the proposed GIPSA rules need to be implemented sooner rather than later.
The letter also calls on the Secretary to make comments from the workshop tomorrow a part of the body of work that will be evaluated as they consider the GIPSA proposal.

Click here for more on this story and a chance to link over to a copy of the letter.

Budgets for Fall 2010 Wheat Pasture Looking Really Good- Almost Too Good.
Scary Good! That's the description offered by Oklahoma State University Ag Economist Dr. Derrell Peel as he talks to us about the early budgets that are being run on grazing light cattle on wheat pasture this fall. Significant profits are coming from the early computations that look at prices of calves going onto the pasture and the expected price of yearlings next spring when the calves would exit the wheat pasture and head for a feedlot.

Dr. Peel cautions it is too early to nail down all of these numbers, and adds it all hinges on good planting weather to allow a lot of acres of wheat to be planted by the latter part of September in order to get the forage to make the calculations work. The potential profits seem to be there for the taking by those doing a wheat pasture operation on cattle they buy- or for that matter- for those mama cow operators who elect to retain ownership of their calves and graze them on winter wheat as we head into the winter.

Click on the LINK below for more on this with Dr. Peel- and a chance to hear this Beef Buzz- as aired on great radio stations around the state on the Radio Oklahoma Network.

Click here for more on this latest Beef Buzz with Dr. Derrell Peel- as we talk about wheat pasture budgets.

Russia and U.S. Debating Chlorine Rinse- Again
Russian demand for U.S. chicken is expected to remain strong until that country's cold storage stocks are replenished. Presently only 12 U.S. processing plants are permitted to ship to Russia. The U.S. believes 27 plants should be eligible. Prices are strong. There continues to be a debate over an agreement between the two nations.

The Russians want an assurance from the Obama administration or individual U.S. poultry companies that U.S. plants are not rinsing birds in chlorine. American trade officials argue that an assurance or certification of compliance is not necessary because the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service system is set up to ensure compliance.

Meanwhile, the Russian consumer rights watchdog says it may ban U.S. poultry imports after 550-million U.S. eggs were recalled last week amid a salmonella outbreak. Gennady Onishchenko, Chief of the Watchdog agency, says - we are assessing the situation to find out if there is a need to toughen regulations on poultry imports from the United States.

Click here for more on the Salmonella aspect of this story as reported yesterday on CNBC

The Big Event Coming to Express Ranch Tomorrow and Saturday!
This year's Big Event Sale of the Express Ranches in Yukon, Oklahoma will be spread out over two days. On Friday, August 27, there will be a Dispersion of the Fall Calving mature Angus females (to make room for approximately 400 heifers). This is a young set of females with several donors and bred to what we feel are some of the best bulls in the breed.

The Saturday sale lineup on August 28 at Express Ranches will include
200 Spring Calving Pairs
25 Outstanding Spring Calving Bred Heifers
50 Elite Fall Yearling ET Heifers
70 Spring Born Show Heifers and Elite Donor Prospects
50 Donor, Pregnancy and Embyo Lots

Click on the LINK below to jump right to Express Ranches website, where you can check out the details of the animals to sell either Friday or Saturday. in the sale catalog- Owner Bob Funk and General Manager Jarold Callahan state their belief that the future of the Angus business is bright "We realize that the past couple of years have been extremely challenging - the economy and genetic defects - but we believe more than ever that the future has never been brighter for the Angus business as Angus genetics are the backbone of the cattle industry in the United States not only because they are the most problem free but also because of our ability to utilize the most information and technology ever available in the beef business. Consequently, our commitment to the Angus business is as strong as ever and we look forward to visiting with you at the sale or in the future."

Click here for the Express website- and a chance to see the The Big event sale catalog.

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Let's Check the Markets!
We've had requests to include Canola prices for your convenience here- and we will be doing so on a regular basis. Current cash price for Canola is $7.60 per bushel- based on the close of business yesterday, while the 2011 New Crop contracts for Canola are now available are $8.05 per bushel- delivered to local participating elevators that are working with PCOM.

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