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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday September 29, 2010
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-- Cuba Travel and Trade Proposal Pushed Back as Congress Decides to Get Out of DC
-- The President Tells Rolling Stone- Let's Do Climate Change in 2011.
-- Kerr Center's President Jim Horne Honored with Henry Bellmon Award
-- Which Branch of the Federal Government Will Prevail in GIPSA Rule Argument?
-- Cargill Focuses on the Welfare of Their Sows- Opens Sow Innovation Center in Kentucky
-- OSU LIvestock Judging Team Brings Home Honors From the Land of Kansas
-- Ranchers Bull Sale At Express Ranches Coming October 4th
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Cuba Travel and Trade Proposal Pushed Back as Congress Decides to Get Out of DC
The House Foreign Affairs Committee won't markup Cuba travel and trade legislation today after all. Chairman Howard Berman, a California Democrat, announced late Tuesday that a decision by House leaders that today will be the last day that Congress is in session prior to the mid-term elections forced him to postpone a committee vote on the Travel Restriction Reform and Export Enhancement Act. A close vote was expected.

Berman's announcement drew a mixed reaction from ag lobbyists. According to Chandler Goule of the National Farmers Union- he thought the votes were there to report the bill out of Committee. So did Chris Garza of the American Farm Bureau, who remains hopeful that this is an issue that might still get addressed in a Lame Duck session.

The Cuba travel and trade language authored by Ag Committee Chair Collin Peterson and Kansas Republican Jerry Moran would remove current restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba and lift cash-in-advance and third country bank requirements for U.S. farm exports to the island nation.

In a statement, Berman said he was postponing consideration of the bill until a time when the committee will be able to hold what he called "the robust and uninterrupted debate this important issue deserves."

The President Tells Rolling Stone- Let's Do Climate Change in 2011.
The website Politico.Com reports that "President Barack Obama is pledging to throw his full weight next year behind efforts to overhaul the nation's energy and climate change policies, though he concedes such moves might need to happen in chunks."

"One of my top priorities next year is to have an energy policy that begins to address all facets of our overreliance on fossil fuels," Obama said. "We may end up having to do it in chunks, as opposed to some sort of comprehensive omnibus legislation. But we're going to stay on this because it is good for our economy, it's good for our national security and, ultimately, it's good for our environment."

You can read more about the President's thoughts on Climate Change- of course what he can get done depends on who is left standing in the House and Senate after November 2nd. If the Democrats hold onto the House and Senate- the President will have a much better chance of getting what he wants in Climate Change legislation- if the Republicans make the big gains being predicted- expect lots of questions to be raised about the validity of the Global Warming data and the motives of the Obama Administration in this effort.

Click here for more on the Obama call for Cliamte Change Legislation to Move in 2011

Kerr Center's President Jim Horne Honored with Henry Bellmon Award
Dr. James E. "Jim" Horne, president and CEO of the Kerr Center, received the inaugural Henry Bellmon Award for Sustainability earlier this month at the Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa.
About 250 attended the awards gala, sponsored by Sustainable Tulsa and the Southside Tulsa Rotary Club. The winner of the Bellmon Award was chosen for his balanced efforts towards sustainability-for promoting quality of life for all (people), responsible economic growth (profit) and environmental stewardship (planet).

Pat Hoerth, one of Henry Bellmon's three daughters, read from the foreword to Jim Horne's 2001 book, The Next Green Revolution, before revealing the winner of the top award bearing her father's name. "Dr. Horne has worked all his life for sustainability," she said.
"This is a great honor," Horne said in accepting the award. Horne said that he knew Bellmon during his second term as Oklahoma governor is the late 1980s, and held him in very high regard.
He admired Bellmon for his integrity and independent thinking, as well as his farming roots and work on behalf of soil conservation and clean water.

Horne told the audience that they have "the opportunity to save the earth." "Sustainability is the only way," he added.

The theme of the awards and the evening was what event organizers referred to as the triple bottom line: people, profits, and planet. All three are essential aspects of sustainability, and an award was given for each, in addition to the Bellmon Award.
Earlier in the evening Horne had accepted the "quality of life for all" award for the 25 years of work he has directed at the Kerr Center. Accomplishments include working to establish the farm-to-school program, promoting farmers' markets, numerous educational events, publications and web resources, farmer grants, and research and demonstrations done at the Kerr Ranch near Poteau.

Which Branch of the Federal Government Will Prevail in GIPSA Rule Argument?
The GIPSA Marketing Rules proposed by the USDA go well beyond the intent of Congress and run counter to recent court rulings relating to the Packers and Stockyards Act- so says Mark Dopp, General Counsel of the American Meat Institute.
Meanwhile, in response to those that say Congress rejected the ideas advanced by the GIPSA Rule during the 2008 Farm Bill debate, Dudley Butler, Administrator of GIPSA has been quoted as saying that all the authority that USDA needs lies in the original language of the decades old law.

In our latest beef Buzz, we discuss the issue of which side of the Federal Government's triangle has the right to do what in the GIPSA Rule Debate with Dopp. Supporters of the Rule claim that recent court rulings by as many as eight different Federal judges prove that the Rules need to be rewritten because the current system is unfair to the small producer. They believe the Executive Branch should change the rules to suit their objectives. Opponents of the Rule say the Legislative branch has considered these ideas and has rejected them- and that the Judicial branch has upheld the law as written. They cry foul over the agency that is supposed to enforce the law as written changing the rules which they claim will cause them harm.

Click on the LINK below for more on this angle of the GIPSA rule debate. Remember- you can weigh in on the GIPSA Rule- whichever side of the debate you are on. Click here for our Primer on the Rule- which includes the language of the rule, additional documents released by USDA on the Rule, interviews and more on both the Pro and the CON of the Rule- it also has information on how you make your comments before the deadline of November 22.

Click here for this Beef Buzz with Mark Dopp of the AMI on the GIPSA Rule.

Cargill Focuses on the Welfare of Their Sows- Opens Sow Innovation Center in Kentucky
The Cargill Pork and Cargill Animal Nutrition businesses of Cargill Inc. have opened the Cargill Sow Innovation Center in Sugar Grove, Ky. Cargill officials say in a news release that the facility will support the company's animal welfare efforts and further improve pork production.
Research at the facility will focus on maximizing sow lifetime reproductive performance, increasing pig weaning weight and improving pig nutrition while also developing new and better farm production management tools, techniques and systems. The facility will use gestation group housing while also evaluating alternative housing for sows giving birth to litters of piglets.

"Health and welfare of the animals we harvest at our pork plants is important because humanely handling sows and their piglets results in better animals and improved meat from those animals," said Dirk Jones, president of Cargill Pork. "We've worked with Dr. Temple Grandin [on the] design of live animal portions of our facilities, in addition to helping us better understand the importance of proper animal handling."

"Cargill's new Sow Innovation Center, with its focus on animal welfare, demonstrates our leadership position in, and ongoing commitment to, further improving living conditions for swine that become sources of animal protein for human consumption," said Mike Siemens, who heads Cargill's animal welfare efforts.

Click here for the full details of the Sow Center that Cargill has opened up.

OSU LIvestock Judging Team Brings Home Honors From the Land of Kansas
The OSU Livestock Team had a good run of success at two contests over the past weekend in Kansas. On Friday, the team competed at the Flint Hills Classic in El Dorado, KS. OSU finished as the 4th and 5th high teams and was high team in the Sheep division. OSU had three students finish in the Top Ten Overall. Ashley Hop, from Templeton, California was 7th; Kaylee Kerbs, from Saratoga, Wyoming was 5th and Garrett Knebel, from Winamac, Indiana was the 2nd High Individual Overall.

In the Mid-American Classic in Wichita on Saturday the team won the Beef, Swine, Sheep and Oral Reasons Divisions on the way to a 104 point victory in the contest. OSU had four students in the Top Ten. They were Kaylee Kerbs in 8th, Ashley Hop in 7th, Clint Mefford, from Central Point, Oregon in 5th and Garrett Knebel in 3rd Overall. Nick Pope from Tecumseh, Oklahoma was the High Individual in Swine Judging and Chase Reed from Winfield, Kansas was the 3rd High Individual Beef Cattle. OSU also fielded the 6th high team at the Mid-American contest.

Several more major Collegiate Livestock Judging Contests are ahead for the OSU team- Mark Johnson, who coaches the OSU squad promises he will keep us up to date on their efforts.

Ranchers Bull Sale At Express Ranches Coming October 4th
Express Ranches Rancher's Bull Sale is scheduled for Monday, October 4, 2010 at the ranch just north of Yukon, Oklahoma.
One thousand plus head to sell, including:
250 Angus Bulls
50 Fall Angus Pairs (20 Reg. & 30 Comm.)
700 Commercial Spring-Bred Heifers

In the sale catalog for this huge sale- I thought the bull development strategy of Express Ranches was most interesting- "All bulls are developed on a high roughage ration from weaning until sale time in large traps allowing them to get out and be bulls! We feed to obtain optimum performance while not sacrificing longevity! While extreme weights are impressive, we feel keeping cattle sound and functional are equally important. We have spent countless hours developing a feeding program that not only allows us to amplify the genetic potential, but keeps the cowman in mind that purchases him. All Bulls are on a 40-45% hay-based ration fed not over 3% of body weight. After all scan data is retrieved, bulls are backed off of feed, and hardened up to first turn out condition. This allows us to eliminate the bulls that fail to respond when conditioning for the upcoming sale.

"To sum it up, we try to get the bulls into the same shape we like to buy them in!"

You can call Express Ranches at 405-350-0044 or click on the LINK below for the Express website and complete details about the cattle to be sold October 4th at Express. They even have a video of many of the top bulls that will sell that day.

Click here for the sale details about the Ranchers Bull Sale of Express Ranches

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Let's Check the Markets!
We've had requests to include Canola prices for your convenience here- and we will be doing so on a regular basis. Current cash price for Canola is $8.50 per bushel, while the 2011 New Crop contracts for Canola are now available are $9.15 per bushel- delivered to local participating elevators that are working with PCOM.

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