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Today's First Look:  

Ron on RON Markets as heard on K101  

mornings with cash and futures reviewed- includes where the Cash Cattle market stands, the latest Feeder Cattle Markets Etc.


Okla Cash Grain:  

Daily Oklahoma Cash Grain Prices- as reported by the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture.


Canola Prices:  

Cash price for canola was $10.97 per bushel- based on delivery to the Northern AG elevator in Yukon yesterday. The full listing of cash canola bids at country points in Oklahoma can now be found in the daily Oklahoma Cash Grain report- linked above.


Futures Wrap:  

Our Daily Market Wrapup from the Radio Oklahoma Network with Ed Richards and Tom Leffler- analyzing the Futures Markets from the previous Day.


KCBT Recap: 

Previous Day's Wheat Market Recap- Two Pager from the Kansas City Board of Trade looks at all three U.S. Wheat Futures Exchanges with extra info on Hard Red Winter Wheat and the why of that day's market. 


Feeder Cattle Recap:  

The National Daily Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary- as prepared by USDA.


Slaughter Cattle Recap: 

The National Daily Slaughter Cattle Summary- as prepared by the USDA.


TCFA Feedlot Recap:  

Finally, here is the Daily Volume and Price Summary from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.


Oklahoma's Latest Farm and Ranch News


Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
   Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 
cropplantingFeatured Story:
Crop Planting Running Ahead of Last Year's and Five-Year Averages 


Light rain fell across much of Oklahoma's wheat-producing areas last week, with central and northeastern sections receiving heavier amounts. Wheat seedbed preparation was reported to be 96 percent complete, with three-fourths of the crop planted by week's end. That's six points ahead of normal progress and 42 percent of the crop has emerged. Canola planting was 89 percent complete, with emergence of the 2013 crop 25 points ahead of last year. (You can read the full Oklahoma Crop Progress Report by clicking here.)


Kansas farmers had sown 81 percent of their wheat acres by the end of last week which is five points above the five-year average. Corn harvest was 90 percent complete, over three weeks ahead of the five-year average. (Click here for the full Kansas report.)


In Texas, wheat was off to a good start with timely rainfalls being reported in most areas. Sixty-seven percent of the state's wheat crop had been planted with 43 percent reported emerged. (The full report from Texas is available by clicking here.)



Nationally, we are now more than three fourths of way done in harvesting the US corn crop- at 79% done versus the five year average of 38%.  Soybean harvesting also made big progress this past week- now 71% of the US soybeans have been harvested versus the five year average of 58%. To check up on all of the other crop ratings as well as pasture and range conditions- click here for the latest national crop progress summary.




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We are proud to have Winfield Solutions and CROPLAN by Winfield as a sponsor of the daily email- and we are very excited to have them join us in getting information out to wheat producers and other key players in the southern plains wheat belt about the rapidly expanding winter canola production opportunities in Oklahoma. We'll be telling you about their "Answer Plots" in the days to come that they have planted at two locations in Oklahoma featuring both wheat and canola.  Click here for more information on the CROPLAN lineup for winter canola.          



Midwest Farm Shows is our longest running sponsor of the daily farm and ranch email- and they are busy gearing up for this coming December's Tulsa Farm Show- the dates for 2012 are December 6 through the 8th.  Click here for the Tulsa Farm Show website for more details about this tremendous all indoor farm show at Expo Square in Tulsa. AND- we are now accepting your nominations for horses that can be trained by Craig Cameron FREE of charge during the Tulsa Farm Show.  Give me a call at 405-841-3675 and leave a name, number, location and a short description of your horse that you would like to nominate!  


wheatpasturedemandPresident Obama, Governor Romney Weigh In on the Farm Bill and More in ASA Questionaire


With the national spotlight on the race for the White House, the American Soybean Association (ASA) reached out to President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for each candidate's points of view on issues critical to soybean farmers. President Obama and Governor Romney offered their positions on the farm bill and crop insurance, estate tax, biodiesel, biotechnology, trade, research, regulations, and transportation and infrastructure.


Both candidates expressed a desire to pass a comprehensive farm bill as quickly as possible. President Obama pointed to importance of risk management and disaster assistance in the farm bill, saying, "we need a strong farm safety net for all of America's farmers. That's why I increased the availability of crop insurance and emergency disaster assistance to help over 590,000 farmers and ranchers keep their farms in business after natural disasters and crop loss. My administration has also expanded farm credit to help more than 100,000 farmers struggling during the financial crisis to keep their family farms and provide for their families."

Governor Romney emphasized the need to maintain the competitiveness of the American farmer, saying, "we must be cognizant that our agricultural producers are competing with other nations around the world. Other nations subsidize their farmers, so we must be careful not to unilaterally change our policies in a way that would disadvantage agriculture here in our country. In addition, we want to make sure that we don't ever find ourselves in a circumstance where we depend on foreign nations for our food the way we do with energy. Ultimately, it is in everyone's interest is achieve a level playing field on which American farmers can compete."

Click here for more in our webstory - including the complete set of answers given by the President and his GOP challenger.


hungerandmalnutritionHunger and Malnutrition Outpace Economic Growth, Report Says


The Food And Agriculture Organization's "The State Of Food Insecurity In The World 2012 Report" reveals economic growth is necessary but not sufficient to accelerate reduction of hunger and malnutrition. The report shows that almost 870 million people were chronically undernourished from 2010-12, which represents 12.5% of the population. The vast majority live in developing countries, where about 850 million people, or slightly fewer than 15% of the population, are estimated to be undernourished.

Agricultural growth is particularly effective in reducing hunger and malnutrition. Most of the extreme poor depend on agriculture and related activities for a significant part of their livelihoods. Agricultural growth involving small holders, especially women, will be most effective in reducing extreme poverty and hunger when it increases returns of labor and generates employment for the poor.


Click here to read more and to find a link to the full study.


shoppersfindShoppers Find Higher Prices for Breakfast Items


Shoppers paid slightly more for food at the grocery store during the third quarter of the year, with many popular breakfast staples showing an increase in retail price. Higher retail prices for eggs, bacon, orange juice, milk and toasted oat cereal, among other foods, resulted in a slight increase in the latest American Farm Bureau Federation Quarterly Marketbasket Survey.

The informal survey shows the total cost of 16 food items that can be used to prepare one or more meals was $51.90, up $1.00 or about 2 percent compared to the second quarter of 2012. Of the 16 items surveyed, 9 increased and 7 decreased in average price compared to the prior quarter. The cost for the overall basket of foods decreased about 2 percent compared to one year ago.

Most of the slight quarter-to-quarter increase in the marketbasket of foods can be attributed to higher retail prices for breakfast staples, apples and bagged salad.  


You can read more of this story on our web page by clicking here.


rcalfcallsonR-CALF Calls on USDA and DOJ to Examine Tyson's FarmCheck Audit Program


The following is a news release from R-CALF USA:

Tyson Foods, Inc., the nation's largest corporate meatpacker, recently announced it will impose its new "FarmCheck"audit program on more than 12,000 independent U.S. livestock and poultry farmers and ranchers. According to Tyson's news release, its "FarmCheck" audit program will enable the mega-corporation to add valuable marketing information to its meat products sold to consumers - Tyson will use its unilateral power to audit operations on private farms and ranches and oversee everything from breeding to harvest.

Tyson ultimately intends to provide consumers with assurance that their food is being produced in accordance with Tyson's standards.

"Where else but in a monopoly-controlled market can a corporation infringe on the private property rights of independent farmers and ranchers to extract valuable marketing information without having to pay a dime?" asked R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard.

You can read more from Bill Bullard by clicking here.


choiceboxedChoice Boxed Beef, Finished Cattle End Week Higher 


In this week's beef report with Ed Czerwien from the USDA Market News Office in Amarillo, Texas, the choice cut market ended the week of October 12th at $191.67 cwt, which was $1.70 higher than the previous week. The total volume of all cuts was 7,250 loads which was 170 loads better than the previous week.

The general trend in the finished cattle trade was $1.00 to $1.50 higher mostly at $125.00 cwt. Most of the carcass trade was between $193.00 to $197.50 cwt.   


You can hear Czerwien's complete weekly report by clicking here.



AND- we remind you that we have market links on the left hand column of our daily email to help you stay on top of the twists and turns our agricultural markets are taking from day to day- those market links are a service of Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance- with offices in all 77 counties- an Oklahoma company- and always nearby.  Click here for their website to learn about the comprehensive lineup of policies that they can offer.   



SchoolLandLeaseOklahoma School Land Lease Auctions Continue Today in the Oklahoma Panhandle



After a successful opening auction in Beaver County on Monday afternoon, the School Land Lease Auctions move to Boise City this morning and Guymon this afternoon. (Click on the city to see the calendar entry we have posted- which includes the full pdf link of all of the parcels listed county by county).  Wrapping up this week will be the auction planned for Woodward tomorrow.  


The lease auctions are held annually to award five year leases on about 140,000 acres each year.  The monies from the Leases go to provide support for public education across Oklahoma.



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