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Ron on RON Markets as heard on K101  

mornings with cash and futures reviewed- includes where the Cash Cattle market stands, the latest Feeder Cattle Markets Etc.



We have a new market feature on a daily basis- each afternoon we are posting a recap of that day's markets as analyzed by Justin Lewis of KIS Futures- and Jim Apel reports on the next day's opening electronic futures trade- click here for the report posted yesterday afternoon around 5:30 PM. 



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Daily Oklahoma Cash Grain Prices- as reported by the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture.


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Cash price for canola was $9.67 per bushel- based on delivery to the Northern AG elevator in Yukon last Thursday. The full listing of cash canola bids at country points in Oklahoma can now be found in the daily Oklahoma Cash Grain report- linked above.


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Our Daily Market Wrapup from the Radio Oklahoma Network with Jim Apel and Tom Leffler- analyzing the Futures Markets from the previous Day. 


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The National Daily Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary- as prepared by USDA.


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The National Daily Slaughter Cattle Summary- as prepared by the USDA.


TCFA Feedlot Recap:  

Finally, here is the Daily Volume and Price Summary from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.


Oklahoma's Latest Farm and Ranch News
Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
   Monday, August 19, 2013
Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 
Featured Story:
House Ag Chairman Frank Lucas Looks for September Breakthrough to Complete Five Year Farm Bill  


The Chairman of the House Ag Committee, Oklahoma's Third District Congressman Frank Lucas, spoke at the summer picnic meeting of the the Northwest Area of the American Farmers & Ranchers on Saturday in Ringwood, Oklahoma. Ringwood sits in eastern Major County, right in the heart of the third Congressional District that Lucas serves. As he arrived, we spent a few minutes talking with the Chairman about what he expects to happen as Congress returns to Washington on September 9th- at least as it pertains to a conclusion to the 2013 Farm Bill process.

Lucas told us that he "hopes to see action on whether there will be a freestanding Nutrition Bill" soon after members of Congress get back to DC- and once that decision is made- a quick pivot into the naming of House Conferees to work out differences with the Senate on farm policy.

Lucas points out that there is a huge difference in how the Senate and the House are approaching a reform of Nutrition programs in this country- as evidenced in the dollar amount of savings proposed.

Meanwhile, Lucas says rural America is concentrating on the Commodity Title- Title One- with the Senate and the House offering different plans in the measures that have cleared each respective body. Lucas says he has spent time in the corn belt both last year and this year- and the prospects of a bumper crop here in 2013 might force especially the corn grower groups who have strongly called for the shallow loss plan advanced in the Senate to rethink what will help their producers. Lucas told Hays that when you start talking corn- "Now that we're bouncing around in the four dollar range, depending on which weather forecast you get- I would say there's a distinct possibility that shallow loss revenue might not work for them."

We also talked crop insurance, a farm bill extension as called for by the Conservative Political arm of the Heritage Foundation and why mess with Permanent Law-  click here to read more and to listen to the full conversation.



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We are delighted to have the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association as a part of our great lineup of email sponsors.  They do a tremendous job of representing cattle producers at the state capitol as well as in our nation's capitol.  They seek to educate OCA members on the latest production techniques for maximum profitabilty and to communicate with the public on issues of importance to the beef industry.  Click here for their website to learn more about the OCA. 


governormaryfallinGovernor Mary Fallin Appoints New Secretary of Energy and Environment 


Governor Mary Fallin today announced the appointment of Col. Michael Teague to the position of secretary of energy and environment. Teague will begin in his new role on September 3 of this year.  

The position of secretary of energy and environment is new, combining the positions of secretary of energy, previously held by Michael Ming, and secretary of environment, previously held by Gary Sherrer.  

Fallin said the two policy areas are linked, making it practical to combine them under one cabinet post.   

"Strong energy policy is strong environmental policy," said Fallin. "In Col. Teague's new role, his mission will be to help develop policies that encourage energy exploration and production as well as responsible environmental stewardship. His years of experience dealing with energy production and distribution, infrastructure development, and water management will serve him well as Oklahoma's first secretary of energy and environment. I am proud to have him on my team."   


You can read more of this story by clicking here.



higherwaterqualityHigher Water Quality Means Greater Profitability


The Field to Market alliance is preparing to release a water quality metric to its Fieldprint Calculator. This update includes the integration of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service Water Quality Index and can help growers better understand how their farming systems and practices affect the quality of water flowing off their fields.

"The time, landscape and community in which farmers grow their crops, along with their management decisions and skills regarding inputs and production practices, all play a part in the profitability of a farming operation," said Keith Alverson, NCGA's board representative to Field to Market. "No farmer wants to leave dollars on the field, and the water quality metric in the Fieldprint Calculator will help determine if we are boosting yields enough to cover things like extra fertilizer costs or soil loss. While profitability is import, longevity is a greater priority."

NCGA is involved in proactively addressing potential water quality concerns to avoid a one-size-fits-all regulation that will inhibit the ability of farmers to have adequate flexibility in managing issues unique to their operation. In addition to working with Field to Market, NCGA's Production and Stewardship Action Team participates in the Ag Nutrient Policy Council and Waters Advocacy Coalition, two broad-based coalitions working to ensure the Clean Water Act works for American agriculture.


Click here to read more.     



texascattlefeedersTexas Cattle Feeders Tackle Price Discovery Problem


One of the growing problems in today's feedlot industry is price discovery. Fewer and fewer cattle are going on the cash market to be priced.  I recently spoke with Ross Wilson, the chief executive officer and president of the Texas Cattle Feeders Association, and asked him about how to solve this problem.

"This is an issue that has been cussed and discussed in this industry for years, if not decades. As we have continued to evolve in the way that we produce and market our cattle. There's an interesting situation here: we talk mainly about price discovery, but let's not forget that a lot of this is also about value discovery and those two are very closely related. And some will argue that until you take the hide off and you transact that trade, that exchange with the packer and the beef, do you really know what the true value is?"

He said the NCBA has commissioned a study to determine how low negotiated cash trade can go before you lose true price discovery and what might the alternatives be to live cash trade.

"No one is expecting a silver bullet to come from this, but we're hopeful. I'm optimistic there will be some information and some light shed on this that we will-at some point in the next year or two-be pursuing some different ideas in marketing."


Ross joins me on the latest Beef Buzz.  Click here to go there.



usdacongratulatessixMerck Suspends Sales of Zilmax- Conducting Scientific Audit Regarding Lameness Concerns 


Merck Animal Health has decided to halt sales of Zilmax, a beta agonist that provides a significant boost to the formation of lean meat versus fat in the final few weeks of the feeding period for cattle in feedlots.

The decision, as announced in a news release(click here to read the full release) on the Merck site, comes in connection with the announcement by Merck that they plan a in depth scientific review of Zilmax to determine what the connection may be to the product and the reports of lameness of animals arriving at some processing plants.  It was that lameness that had caused Tyson Foods to announce they would not accept cattle fed Zilmax after September 6th.

According to Merck, the company "will conduct a scientific audit, which will monitor the process of feeding of Zilmax, and will follow identified cattle from the feedyard to the packing plant to determine potential causes of lameness and other mobility issues during feeding, transportation, offloading and staging at the processing facility. We also will do a thorough review of potential compounding factors-such as nutrition, transportation and receiving facilities."

Until the results of the study are known- "Merck Animal Health has made the decision to temporarily suspend sales of Zilmax in the United States and Canada. This will allow sufficient time for the establishment of valid study protocols, identification of feeders and packers to participate in the audit, and creation of a third-party team to oversee this process and validate its results."

The Beta Agonist issue was front and center during a five and half hour meeting held right in front of the actual Summer Cattle Industry Conference in Denver earlier this month. One of the stories that we posted on our website highlighted the Tyson decision and an interview that we had with Temple Grandin that showcased her worry about these "tender footed" cattle that were shown in a video by JBS's Lily Edwards at the Denver meeting.  Click here for that earlier story.




MurphyEffective Ag Communications Need to Connect Producers and Consumers Ethically and Morally 



According to Kevin Murphy, owner and founder of Food Chain Communications, agricultural producers are losing the battle. They are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of Americans. Murphy was in Oklahoma City Friday to speak to the International Leadership Alumni Conference. He spoke with me after his presentation.

 He says the communications world has changed dramatically and the agricultural industry needs to change with it. While such campaigns as "Beef. It's what's for dinner" may have worked in the past, they aren't working now. Opponents of the modern food industry have understood the change in the communications paradigm and have been using that knowledge successfully to turn the public against such practices as gestation crates in the pork sector and genetically-modified grains in the farming sector.   

Even before those more recent attacks, Murphy saw an opportunity to help agricultural producers.

"I started Food-Chain Communications in 2007 with the idea of helping people in food communicate. Now, the reason I did that was there was a study done in the late 1990s by Phillip Morris Corporation and it had a graph that showed everybody in our food system communicated to the person they sold to. And then, after that, all communication ceased. My job was to then seize that opportunity and to see that there was now a chance for me to connect farmers to, say, grocers because those people are not speaking to each other in our normal food system enough."

In 2009, Murphy launched Truth in Food a web site devoted to addressing the political, social, philosophical and theological issues that often cascade around food. And that was just the beginning. From building bridges where there were none to fighting misinformation, Murphy has been engaged in helping the food industry stand up and deliver the truth.


Click here to read more or to listen to my interview with Kevin.




KinderSaluting Farm Leader and Friend Jimmy Kinder



We lost a good one this past Friday- and I was sad to receive the news that James Kinder of Walters had passed away this past Friday, just one day after his 79th birthday.   


I met him very soon after I came to Oklahoma back in 1977- he was involved in the group that preceded the formation of US Wheat Associates- Western Wheat- and a member of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission.  I knew him as Jimmy down through the years- and he was one of those folks that I would always keep my eye out for when I went to a wheat meeting, or cattle meeting or Farm Bureau event.  


He always had a word for me about the weather- or how the crops were doing- or his opinions on farm policy.  And he always had a smile and a "come see us" before the conversation would end.  


It's folks like Jimmy Kinder that have made my journey across almost 35 years of being a farm radio journalist here in Oklahoma so enjoyable and I will miss seeing him.


Please pray for the Kinder family, including his wife Trudie and son Jimmy Wayne as services are held later today at the St John Lutheran Church in Lawton.  


Click here for the Obituary from the Hart-Wyatt Funeral Home.



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