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Cash price for canola was $9.38 per bushel- based on delivery to the Northern AG elevator in Yukon yesterday. The full listing of cash canola bids at country points in Oklahoma can now be found in the daily Oklahoma Cash Grain report- linked above.



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Oklahoma's Latest Farm and Ranch News
Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
   Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 
Featured Story:
ocamemberscautiouslyOCA Members Cautiously Optimistic About Recovery Following Drought, Kelsey Says 


With rain in central Oklahoma in recent days, it may be hard to recall that the western portion of the state is still suffering from its worst drought since the Dust Bowl. Lawmakers met yesterday at the state capitol to discuss the issue and explore what the state might be able to do to help both farmers and ranchers- especially if drought does continue.

Michael Kelsey, executive vice president of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association was invited to address lawmakers during their interim study. Kelsey gathered information from members using emails and social media about how they were weathering the drought and what plans they had for the future. He presented that to the study committee. He spoke with me after his presentation.

Kelsey said the response he got were not scientific, but they were very educational and provided an anecdotal view of the conditions encountered by cattle producers.

"We asked them three questions: How has the drought affected your input costs? What changes have you made to your business because of the drought, both temporary, short term, as well as long term? And then we asked, "If you reduced your operation because of the drought or reduced the size of the operation, do you anticipate rebuilding if weather patterns should permit or become more normal?

"We got some great input and I was able to share that with the House agriculture committee this morning and was very honored to do so.

"Obviously, input costs have gone up. There is no question about that. Feed, by far and away, was one of the most drastic in terms of increase."

Kelsey said the estimates of additional feed costs ranged from 25 to 75 percent higher. He said producers were also having to spend significant time hauling water and the additional cost in time was tremendous as well.

You can read more of this story or listen to our conversation with Michael by clicking here.  



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Johnson Enterprises has been proudly serving agriculture across Oklahoma and around the world since 1893. W.B. Johnston established the company on a foundation of service and five generations of the Johnson family have continued that legacy of service. Johnston Enterprises is Oklahoma's largest and oldest independent grain dealer. We're proud of our long association with the Johnston family. Click here for the Johnston Enterprises website where you can learn more about their seed and grain business.





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canolaexecutiveCanola Executive Seeks Official Recognition for Crop's Productivity 


Everyone agrees the appearance of winter canola as a viable Southerns Plains crop has been successful. Ron Sholar, executive director of the Great Plains Canola Association, is seeking ways to expand on that success.

Sholar explained 40,000 acres of winter canola were planted in the Southern Plains in 2008. In succeeding years, the acreage grew to 150,000 acres for a couple of years with the 2012 planting season seeing more than 200,000 acres planted.

"Planting for the 2013-14 season is taking place now," Sholar said. "I believe we will see 300,000 acres planted and that may be a conservative estimate."

Sholar said he and other winter canola executives are working with the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service to begin listing planting and harvesting data in its regular reports which cover other major crops like winter wheat, corn, soybeans, grain sorghum and cotton.

Click here to read more of this story. 



oshaworkingwithOSHA Working with Agriculture Community to Promote Safety


The agriculture sector accounted for 475 deaths in 2012. With a fatality rate of 21.2 per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers, agriculture recorded the highest fatality rate of any industry sector. Additionally, 48,300 injuries were recorded in 2011, the last year for which statistics are available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This sector employs more than 2 million people in the United States.

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration is supporting the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety's National Farm Safety & Health Week, Sept. 15-21, by emphasizing the importance of worker safety in the agricultural industry. The theme for this year's National Farm Safety & Health Week is "Working Together for Safety in Agriculture."

"By working together to protect agricultural workers from job hazards and assuring that workers have the right to safety training, we can all make a positive impact on the lives of agricultural workers," said Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health. 


You can read more by clicking here



huelskampmeetsHuelskamp Meets with the EPA Over Spill Prevention Regs


On Friday, Congressman Tim Huelskamp met with Karl Brooks, Regional Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During their meeting, Congressman Huelskamp advocated for much-needed regulatory relief for farmers and ranchers. In particular, he raised the specter of proposed Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulations and the detrimental effects they will have on farms and ranches.

After pressure from Congressman Huelskamp and other members of Congress, he was pleased to learn that the EPA will not retroactively enforce the new SPCC mandates.   

"I am pleased to announce that the EPA will not retroactively enforce the new SPCC regulatory mandates they have proposed for farmers and ranchers. This regulatory mandate would have hurt farms of all sizes," Huelskamp said. 

You can read the rest of the article by clicking here



diagnosticlabtestsDiagnostic Lab Offers Discounted Fall Beef Cattle Disease Screening


Grant B. Rezabek MPH, DVM; Pathologist, Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, writes in the latest Cow-Calf Newsletter:

The Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (OADDL) remains actively involved in disease surveillance for the cattle businesses of Oklahoma. OADDL is the only veterinary laboratory in the state accredited by American Assoc. Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians and routinely proficiency tested by USDA/National Veterinary Services Laboratory for most cattle diseases in the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) classification. As the time for fall herd checks, pregnancy testing, and production sales approaches, we wish to offer owners and practitioners reduced rates for "herd survey" of some important bovine diseases.

The summer of 2013 has provided an escape from previous years of severe drought and many producers may contemplate retaining heifers or expanding herd size. This is an opportune time to screen incoming replacement animals or survey existing herds for Bovine Virus Diarrhea Virus, Bovine Leukemia Virus and Johne's Disease. These "chronic" or debilitating diseases can affect over-all herd health, production and annual profits.

The OADDL is offering this screening panel at a 40% discount! ELISA Panel for BVDV + BLV + Johne's = $10/animal.


For more information, click here.   



swosubiologistSWOSU Biologist Discovers New Species of Native Bee from Oklahoma


A new species of native bee from Oklahoma was recently discovered by Dr. Victor H. Gonzalez Betancourt, an assistant professor and researcher in the Biology Department at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford.

The new bee, known from Ellis and Blaine counties, was named Anthidiummichenerorum after the influential bee biologist Charles Duncan Michener and his wife Mary from the University of Kansas. The new Okie bee belongs to a group of solitary bees commonly known as "wool carder bees" because their cotton-like brood cells are made of plant hairs.

"Although most people think of bees merely as honey bees, in reality there are more than 20,000 bee species worldwide," Betancourt said. "One-quarter of this diversity occurs in North America, particularly in the western United States."

Like most bees, the new bee from Oklahoma does not live in colonies nor does it make honey. However, it plays an important role in the pollination of wild and cultivated plants. Betancourt said bees are the most important pollinators of plants on the planet and their greatest abundance and diversity is in warm-temperate and dry areas. 


You can read more of this article on our web page.  Click here to go there.



ThisNThatThis N That- Calling Names, Big Iron and Heart of America Farm Show Reminder



In our comings and goings at the 2013 State Fair of Oklahoma- we have seen lots of friends busily representing agriculture in one way or another- one of the judges with us this past Sunday at the Dairy Max Homemade Ice Cream Contest was Kirby Smith of the ODAFF- she kept us in stitches on Sunday afternoon as we tasted 16 different entries of homemade ice cream- I am told she came up with the vanilla ice cream quote of the century- saying that "vanilla ice cream is the blue jeans of the dairy world."  


Also at the state fair- good to see Dana Bessinger, Ag Secretary Jim Reese and Blayne Arthur (also all of ODAFF fame) this week as well as Mason Mungle handling PA chores at the Dairy Show yesterday.


Congrats to Holly Carroll of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau for a recent promotion by the Oklahoma Farm Bureau folks (Vice President of Field Services), and we also say congrats to Andrea Hutchison who was chosen as the Oklahoma Agricultural Women of the Year and Katie Alexander from Weatherford who was chosen as our Outstanding Youth in Agriculture at the recent Diamond Hats Ball.




It's Wednesday- and that means a fresh set of closing bids for Big Iron on their website.  A total of 502 items are set to be sold to the highest bidder in this no reserve online auction process.  


Click here for their website to jump over to their website for the complete sale order of how things will be closing.  Remember- you can call Mike Wolfe at 580-320-2718 with Big Iron when you have questions about how to best use their services to buy or sell farm equipment and more.




The Heart of Oklahoma Farm Show opens this coming Friday morning- and we hope you will come and say howdy to us on either Friday or Saturday as we present an informational seminar on both days.  Special guest Gant Mourer of OSU will be joining me as Gant describes the latest value added opportunities for cattle producers here in Oklahoma- we'll be offering an overview of the latest issues that are impacting farmers and ranchers around here. (Issues like the Farm Bill, Animal Welfare Battles, Drought and more)


Our seminars will be held at 1:00 PM on Friday and at 12 noon on Saturday.  The Heart of America Farm Show is being held at the Tulsa RV Ranch on US 75 in Beggs, Oklahoma.  Click here for their website to learn more about the three day farm show.




FarmBillThe Latest Word on the Farm Bill Puzzle- CBO Score on Nutrition Bill as Rules Committee Set to Meet

The Congressional Budget Office has released the score for the nutrition bill promoted by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. H.R. 3102 - the Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act of 2013 - would cut food stamps and make other changes to federal nutrition programs. According to the CBO, the bill would cut 39-billion dollars from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program over 10 years.

The CBO summary projects, under its baseline, that SNAP participation to decline from 48 million people in an average month in fiscal year 20114 to 34 million in 2023. The CBO says the two provisions with the largest budgetary effects would reduce the number of waivers available for certain childless adults who would otherwise be subject to work requirements or time limits and restrict categorical eligibility. A provision that would change benefit levels for program participants would have the third-largest budgetary effects.

Meanwhile, the House Rules Committee is still on track to deal with this measure this afternoon- with the possibility of debate and a vote on Thursday. Click here for details from their website.

One move by Cantor and others in the GOP Leadership that likely won't fly is their idea of how long these nutrition measures will be good for- they have included in HR 3102 authorization for three years- compared to the five year window for the House "Farm Bill Farm Bill" and the five year measure in the complete farm bill that has passed the Senate.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has his eye on that difference- and says the apparent House GOP attempt to permanently de-link the farm and food parts of the farm bill by changing to three years the reauthorization schedule for food stamp policy  won't succeed in conference, and therefore is very unlikely to be in there in the Conference Report. 
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