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Cash price for canola was $8.44 per bushel- based on delivery to the Northern AG elevator in Yukon last Thursday. The full listing of cash canola bids at country points in Oklahoma can now be found in the daily Oklahoma Cash Grain report- linked above.


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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
   Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 
LankfordFeatured Story:
Lankford Jumps into the Senatorial Race Pool First- Saying He Has the Conservative Ideas That Can Make a Difference   



It was almost six years ago when I got a call from a friend that had just finished the busiest time of the year for him- at that time and for several years before that- James Lankford was the leader of the team that ran Falls Creek for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. He had just wrapped up six weeks of thousands of young people from across the state coming to spend a week at one of the largest church youth camps in the world. 


My wife and I had gotten to know James as the interim Pastor for our church a few years before that. When James called that August- we met and he shared where he felt he was being led in his own life- and that included the pursuit of what was going to be an open Congressional seat about a year later. He wanted to talk ag issues and we did- the why of things like a farm bill, crop insurance, dairy policy, trade policy, regulations and more. I suggested that he subscribe to our daily email- laughing that it might help a little in giving him some continuing education on the world of farming and ranching.


Well, the months that followed saw James Lankford walk though several opened doors- and how his grass roots approach to running for Congress worked- beating several known politicians in the GOP Primary- and became the 5th District Congressman for the state of Oklahoma.

On Monday- he walked though another opened door- announcing his decision not to run for a third term for the US House- but instead put his name into the hat for the right to serve out the last two years of the US Senate term of Dr. Tom Coburn

Click here and you can read our story on the decision and  listen to our audio overview of that announcement and of some comments made by Congressman Lankford to Sam Knipp of OFB in an interview that followed the official announcement.

Lankford is the first to jump into the race- others are likely to follow- and the first test candidates will face is not that far away- June 24th- the already set date for primaries in Oklahoma this election year.


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We are also pleased to have American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual Insurance Company as a regular sponsor of our daily update. On both the state and national levels, full-time staff members serve as a "watchdog" for family agriculture producers, mutual insurance company members and life company members. Click here to go to their AFR website  to learn more about their efforts to serve rural America! AND REMEMBER- the 2014 AFR/OFU Annual Convention is only a month away- set for February 21-22, 2014 at the Embassy Suites in Norman. 




cattleandbeefCattle and Beef Markets: What's Next? 


Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Market Specialist, writes in the latest Cow-Calf Newsletter: 

The Choice boxed beef cutout reached $231.71/cwt. on Friday, January 17, 2014. That was up 15.5 percent since January 2. Select boxed beef, which had never been higher than $200/cwt. prior to January 6, was at $229.32/cwt. on January 17. The 5-Market fed cattle price was at 143.98/cwt., up from a December monthly average of $131.78/cwt. This dramatic run in fed cattle and boxed beef markets goes well beyond expectations for this early in the year and leads to the questions of what caused this and where do we go from here? 

While the rapid advance in these markets happened much quicker and more dramatically than anticipated, the overall price levels are not at all unreasonable relative to conditions that have been building for many months. The general tightening of market supplies of fed cattle combined with moderating carcass weights, no doubt partly reflecting the withdrawal of Zilmax last fall, means that beef supplies were sensitive to any disruptions. The disruptions came with the large winter storms during the holidays that negatively affected fed cattle production and slaughter, and wholesale and retail beef distribution. In addition, while the recent market run should not be taken directly as all due to the strength of beef demand, there clearly is significant demand strength to warrant the buyer fervor that has taken boxed beef to new record levels every day for the past two weeks. It will take some time yet to sort out how much is due to refilling the wholesale and retail pipeline and rebuilding post-holiday inventories and how much is due to continued demand strength in the New Year. 


Click here to read more of this story.



thinktankThink Tank Responds to Letter Calling for Mandatory GMO Labeling


Four U.S. lawmakers and 200 organizations today delivered a letter to President Obama demanding new federal labeling regulations on food products with genetically-modified ingredients. The following is a statement in response by New York City-based Jeff Stier, director of the National Center for Public Policy Research's Risk Analysis Division:

Mandatory labeling of GM foods fails every justification for requiring them: scientific, economic, legal, and most of all, common sense.

Genetically modified foods, already consumed widely by American consumers, haven't made anyone sick. Further, requiring labels would add all sorts of expenses that will make healthy foods more expensive.

Organic food companies, or any company, for that matter, are welcome to label their products as "GM free," and many do. But mandatory labeling of safe products represents a classic case of rent-seeking; this is an effort to assert political influence at the expense of consumers and responsible farmers for the sole benefit of those seeking the labels.

If consumers wish to purchase GM-free foods, they can buy products labeled as such. Consumers already do have a right to know. 


Click here for the rest of the story and a link to the original letter.



beefindustryfacesBeef Industry Faces Numerous Challenges from Regulators and Activists


Scott George, a dairy producer and cow-calf operator out of the state of Wyoming is the current president of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. I spoke with George about a variety of issues at the recent International Livestock Congress-USA in Denver. Topping the list is the challenge of raising beef in an unfriendly environment of activist groups who do not like the methods producers use.

"Our producers are always looking for ways to improve what they do. And we're all committed to producing a good quality product for consumers. Some groups raise concerns and we have to address those concerns because consumers also reflect those same concerns. And it's always a good time when we can get together and help educate one another, share experiences with one another. That's one of the reasons we sponsor Cattlemen's College at our national convention to try and educate producers about how they can look at things and possibly do things differently."

George says that their communications efforts must be resonating with consumers because he sees increased activities by activist groups to attack the funding mechanism of those programs, not only in the cattle industry, but in other animal agriculture sectors as well.

"Some of these groups have targeted the checkoff because they recognize that those dollars help us address consumers' concerns which keeps the consumers buying our product. So, they thought, 'if there's a way we can disrupt this, we're going to target checkoff programs.' And we're seeing it not only the beef industry but in the dairy and the pork industries as well. All their checkoff program are under attack. That tells me they're working. That's not a bad sign to me."

Scott George joins me for the latest Beef Buzz. Click here to listen in or to read more of this story.



nccrespondsNCC Responds to Brazilian Cotton Growers Delegation Comments


The following is a statement issued by the National Cotton Council:

The National Cotton Council is deeply disappointed and disturbed by statements to the press made by representatives of the Brazilian cotton industry. If reports are accurate, a Brazilian cotton delegation visiting Washington has misrepresented the carefully negotiated agreement between U.S. and Brazilian grower organizations and wrongly portrayed the reformed cotton provisions in the farm legislation now being considered by Congress.

The growers' agreement was negotiated during a series of cordial meetings conducted in Brazil and the United States. During the meetings, the Brazilian growers received a detailed explanation of the insurance program, requested further modifications to cotton provisions (the insurance product had already been modified based on comments by Brazilian government officials), and spent considerable time discussing ways the U.S. and Brazilian grower organizations could cooperate. As a result of the discussions, U.S. growers asked Congress to make additional modifications to the cotton provisions and to broaden the scope of projects that could be conducted using the nearly $500 million in funds transferred to the Brazilian Cotton Institute (BCI) under the U.S.-Brazil Framework Agreement.

In comments to the press, the Brazilian growers imply the acceptability of program reforms was contingent on the continued transfer of funds to the BCI. Throughout the negotiations, U.S. growers cautioned the Brazilian growers that the transfer of funds was increasingly controversial and in jeopardy. Certainly, U. S. growers were disappointed that Administration officials announced in August that the transfers would be terminated October 1, essentially abrogating the Framework Agreement under which Brazil has agreed to postpone retaliation while the new farm bill is developed by Congress. U.S. growers appreciate the patience of the Brazilian government in delaying retaliation while work on the new farm bill is completed.


You can read the rest of this story by clicking here.



pedvstayPEDv: Stay Vigilant With Biosecurity and Nutrition


2013 saw the arrival and rise of PEDv (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus) in the United States. A virus that has already plagued many countries across the globe, the disease hit its momentum in December with the highest number of cases reported in the U.S. since the beginning of the outbreak, a peak that is continuing into the New Year. According to one industry expert, it's now more important than ever for producers to not let their guard down.

"After overcoming PRRS outbreaks and high feed prices, many producers looked to rebuild their herds, but as PEDv continued to strike, the end of the year saw a lower than expected U.S. hog herd," said Russell Gilliam, swine business leader at Alltech. "Now more than ever, health has become one of the main focuses in the pig barn and producers are seeing the key to success in implementing a combination of biosecurity measures and nutritional health management programs."

The virus is easily transmitted through indirect and direct fecal/oral contact, so producers have to be cautious of many mediums from animal contact to vehicles, personnel clothing and equipment. According to Gilliam, with a quick spreading disease like PEDv, you not only have to watch what is coming in but you also have to watch what is going out. 


You can read the rest of this story by clicking here.



OWGAOklahoma Wheat Growers Meet This Evening in El Reno



Oklahoma Wheat Grower Executive Director Tim Bartram dropped us an email yesterday- reminding us to remind you that the 2013 annual meeting of the Oklahoma Wheat Growers is set for this evening in El Reno.


You may remember that the first weekend of December was rather slick in central Oklahoma- and the decision was made to cancer the second ever joint meeting of the Wheat Growers and the Oklahoma Sorghum Association.  That meeting was postponed- and then later cancelled when the groups could not figure out a makeup date that suited everyone.  


The OWGA by-laws require an annual meeting- so Bartram and his board have set a dinner meeting to satisfy that requirement.  


Specifically about that meeting- Tim writes "Dr Jeff Edwards OSU Wheat Specialist and Garret King of Chairman Lucas's office will be the speakers. We will start at 5:30pm with a free steak dinner and will be down by 8pm. The meeting will be at the Canadian County Fairgrounds in El Reno in the Education Building. 220 N. Country Club Rd El Reno OK 73036."


Speaking of Jeff Edwards- he was our guest on In the Field this past Saturday on News9 in Oklahoma City- and in case you missed it- click here to view the video from Saturday morning. As Jeff mentioned on Twitter- "Headed In the Field with @Ron_on_RON today. Just like Pappy O'Daniel, I ain't one at a timin' here. I'm mass communicating!"



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