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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
   Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 
Featured Story:
granddaughterofGranddaughter of 'Green Revolution' Pioneer Continues Advocacy for Modern Agricultural Methods 


Norman Borlaug, an American biologist who developed semi-dwarf, high-yield, disease-resistant wheat varieties in the latter half of the 20th century, is often called the father of the Green Revolution. The introduction of his varieties and the use of modern agricultural techniques nearly doubled wheat yields in Mexico, Pakistan and India in the late 1960s and improved the food security of those nations. His methods have since been employed worldwide and have been credited with saving the lives of more than a billion people from starvation.

This week, at the Bayer Crop Science Ag Issues Forum, I caught up with Borlaug's granddaughter, Julie Borlaug. She has followed in her grandfather's footsteps and is the Associate Director for External Relations for the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture at Texas A&M University. Borlaug explained the work of the institute and some of the pressing issues it tackles. 

"We're the international arm of the agriculture program and we take the legacy of my grandfather through the land grant mission of research and training and go and do development projects particularly funded by USDA, USAID and we do them in developing countries like Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Congo, Indonesia, Guatemala, you name it."

She said the institute, which is part of Texas Agrilife Extension, is using the land grant extension model which has proven so successful in the United States.

"No one in the U.S. realizes the extension land grant model's research and training is why we are where we are. And every country needs that. That model has been proven. Now the model we use in Africa is not going to be the same that we've used in that we're not going to have thousands of extension agents and the buildings and all that. But we can use that model using modern technologies like cell phones and teaching the farmers how to properly grow, how to use their seeds, all that. Getting them basic information will revolutionize where they are. We've proven it. We've proven when extension is stepped away that, oftentimes, farmers fall back on old practices. The reason this model hasn't grown in Africa is that they don't have the funding for an extension program. So, by U.S. universities and others coming in and helping to grow the capacity of the African countries to have a model that works for them is really important."


We covered a number of issues including GMOs and how the ag industry can improve in getting its message to consumers in our lengthy conversation.  You can read more of this story or listen to our conversation by clicking here for our Top Ag Story.



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A new sponsor for 2014 for our daily email is a long time supporter and advertiser as heard on the Radio Oklahoma Ag Network- Stillwater Milling Company.  At the heart of the Stillwater Milling business are A&M Feeds- and for almost a century Stillwater Milling has been providing ranchers with a high quality feed at the lowest achievable price consistent with high quality ingredients. A&M Feed can be found at dealers in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Texas. Click here to learn more about Stillwater Milling Company!  




Midwest Farm Shows is our longest running sponsor of the daily email- and say thanks for all of you that participated in the 2013
Tulsa Farm Show. AND- they are excited to announce changes coming to their spring farm show held each April in Oklahoma City.

Launched in 2005 as the Southern Plains Farm Show, the show will now be billed the Oklahoma City Farm Show. The name change is designed to clearly communicate the show's location, and also signifies the plans for a long term partnership with the community and State Fair Park, a world-class event site. The show continues as the premier spring agricultural and ranching event for the southern plains area, with over 300 exhibitors featuring over 1000 product lines for three big days. Click here to visit their new website and make plans to be a part of the 2014 Oklahoma City Farm Show! 

osutechnologyOSU Greenseeker Technology Was Given Borlaug Deathbed Blessing


Next to water, the most yield limiting factor in many agricultural areas worldwide is nitrogen. With each passing year, nitrogen grows more costly and the effects of applying to much can also result in environmental pollution.

In the early 1990s, agricultural engineers and plant and soil scientists at Oklahoma State University began seeking a way to measure plant vigor in an effort to accurately calculate the optimum amount of nitrogen to apply to various crops. More than a decade of work by dozens of professors and graduate students finally resulted in the Greenseeker, a handheld unit that does just what its inventors hoped.

Advances in sensor technology have reduced costs, making them affordable to practically every farmer in America. They are now marketed by Trimble.

Norman Borlaug, the Nobel laureate and wheat breeder credited with the Green Revolution, was an outspoken advocate of applying technological solutions to help feed the world. Borlaug's granddaugther, Julie Borlaug, said he had made many friends at OSU, including one of the inventors of the Greenseeker, Bill Raun. Over the years, Norman Borlaug remained keenly interested in the progress of the technology up until his death in 2006.

"Bill came, in think, on the last day of my grandfather's life to tell him," Julie Borlaug said. "He brought a model and said, 'Here's where we are. We're out there. We're going to have it in the hands of the farmers.' And my grandfather's last words were, 'Take it to the farmer.'


Borlaug shared this story about her grandfather as a concluding story in her keynote at the Ag Issues Forum In San Antonio- sponsored by Bayer Crop Science 


You can catch the rest of this story and more of Julie's comments by clicking here.


issuesissuesIssues, Issues and More Issues- OCA Director Says Cattle Producers Have a Lot on Their Plates


More than 8,400 people attended the recently-completed Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville, Tenn. Michael Kelsey, executive director of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association, says they are digesting what they learned there and beginning to inform their members on issues of importance that were discussed at the convention. 

On national issues, Kelsey says there are a number of issues for Oklahoma ranchers and landowners to be concerned about.

"We learned a little more about APHIS's concept of regionalization of trade with Brazil and Argentina... The comment period has been extended by 60 days and we're communicating to our members to do that. So, that's one issue.

"Another big one, I think, and there's many others, but another big one is the EPA. I understand the EPA is going to issue some rules that will go again at this concept of navigable waters. And the key is they are going to try to define 'tributary' and some of the other key important terms as well as removing or modifying 'navigable.' That's something that we need to watch very closely."


Click here for more of this story and my audio interview with Michael Kelsey.


agandbusiness630+ Ag and Business Groups Call for Immigration Reform


The American Farm Bureau Federation, as part of a multi-industry coalition of 636 business organizations-154 of them agriculture-related-today urged Congress to move forward with immigration reform this year.

In a letter sent to House Republican leadership, the coalition noted that all of the signatories are "united in the belief that we can and must do better for our economy and country by modernizing our immigration system." Further, "Done properly, reform will deter illegal immigration, protect and complement our U.S. workforce, better respond to changing economic and demographic needs, and generate greater productivity and economic activity, while respecting family unity."

The signatories included 246 businesses of every size and sector across the country and 390 business associations, bureaus, federations and chambers representing a broad cross-section of industries and commercial interests.


Click here for the rest of this story.  


qualitybringsvalueQuality Brings Value to Beef Industry, Gant Maurer Says


Gant Mourer, Oklahoma State University's Beef Value Enhancement Specialist, writes in the latest Cow-Calf Newsletter:

No matter what business you're in, quality brings value to your product. It's no different in the beef industry except the definition of quality may differ slightly from producer to producer or segment to segment. Calves that have the genetic potential to gain and gain efficiently would by most be considered the second most important trait a calf can have from a commercial producer's standpoint. The most important trait being, that a calf is healthy and maybe more specifically alive. Producers have the resources and information available to make genetic decisions to meet any environmental or market demands they choose. Many producers have also spent years selecting for their genetics but if they don't manage calves well in the short term it will be all for not and quality will then be lacking.

If a calf does not remain healthy it will never reach its genetic potential. The most critical point in life of that calf is at weaning and how that calf is handled at that time. Bovine Respiratory Disease is the #1 production problem costing the beef industry over $900 million dollars annually (Chirase and Greene, 2001). The fact of the matter is that we have the ability to do something about it. 


You can read more of Gant Maurer's recommendations on our webpage by clicking here.


poultryfederationPoultry Federation Brings 'Chew on This' Tour to Oklahoma


Approximately 400 people attended an exciting, one-of-a-kind event on the east side of the Oklahoma state capitol grounds this past week. In collaboration with Elanco and Nutra Blend, the "Chew On This" tour featured two custom-built tractor trailers, one a high-tech movie theater on wheels and the other a barbecue kitchen on wheels.

This unique road show is stopping at locations all around the country, spreading the word about world hunger and sustainable food production. Participants enjoyed a hearty barbecue meal, watched a film hosted by Bill Goldberg, former NFL lineman and champion wrestler, and tested their knowledge on interactive kiosks.

"We were very excited to host this event," says Marvin Childers, president of the Poultry Federation. "It was an amazing opportunity for legislators, capitol staff, and special guests to get together and learn about world hunger. They all play an important role in spreading the word and finding solutions for the challenge of Oklahoma hunger."


Click here for more.


thisnthatThis N That- Big Iron & Jody Campiche Farm Bill Implementation Webinar Both On Tap for Today 



There are 509 items up for grabs today in's weekly online, no-reserve auction.  Items begin closing at 10 a.m. and will continue until they are all gone.


Every item up for sale has numerous pictures and a detailed description along with the owner's phone number if you have further questions.  Click here to go to the Big Iron website.


If you'd like to know more about buying and selling on Big Iron, just give District Manager Mike Wolfe a call at 580-320-2718 or drop him an email at 





Oklahoma State University Ag Economics Professor Dr. Jody Campiche will conduct a free webinar today (Wednesday: February 26, 2014) beginning at 10:00 am and ending around 11:15 am.

Dr. Campiche will discuss the commodity provisions of the 2014 Farm Bill. 

If you don't have time to watch her presentation live- it will be recorded and available for viewing later today. 

To view the webinar- click here.


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