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Ron on RON Markets as heard on K101  

mornings with cash and futures reviewed- includes where the Cash Cattle market stands, the latest Feeder Cattle Markets Etc.



We have a new market feature on a daily basis- each afternoon we are posting a recap of that day's markets as analyzed by Justin Lewis of KIS futuresclick here for the report posted yesterday afternoon around 3:30 PM.



Okla Cash Grain:  

Daily Oklahoma Cash Grain Prices- as reported by the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture.


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Cash price for canola was $6.42 per bushel- per bushel- based on delivery to Oklahoma City yesterday (per Oklahoma Dept of Ag).


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Our Daily Market Wrapup from the Radio Oklahoma Network with Leslie Smith and Tom Leffler- analyzing the Futures Markets from the previous Day.


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The National Daily Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary- as prepared by USDA.


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The National Daily Slaughter Cattle Summary- as prepared by the USDA.


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Finally, here is the Daily Volume and Price Summary from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.


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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
   Thursday, January 22, 2015
Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 
Featured Story:
Numbers Seem to Say that 2014 Wheat in Oklahoma Could Qualify for ARC Payment- But NOT One from PLC  



According to a blog posting on Wednesday by OSU Ag Economist Dr. Jody Campiche, crop producers have several choices to make as farm bill deadlines are approaching. The deadline to update payment yields and/or reallocate base acreage is February 27, 2015. The deadline to elect county Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC-CO), individual Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC-IC), or Price Loss Coverage (PLC) is March 31, 2015. Producers will make a one-time election of ARC-CO, ARC-IC, or PLC by the March 31, 2015 deadline and the choice will remain with the farm for the life of the farm bill.

The relative lateness of the farm bill means that we have already produced the first crop under the farm law- and in the case of wheat- year two is already in the ground and growing.  That means we have a pretty good idea of whether ARC or PLC will pay for year one- and have at least some data to consider for the second year of the five year farm law.  After that- it's back to relying on what long term projections may be telling us.  


For the 2014 Crop- the early numbers crunched by Dr. Campiche and her colleagues at OSU, K-State and other land grants suggest that there will be an ARC payment for wheat in many Oklahoma counties- but probably NOT a payment earned under PLC.  Data from some counties show a modest or no payment under ARC- with the highest payment in the data crunched thus far showing Alfalfa County getting $22 an acre- BUT BE CAUTIOUS- that is not a final official USDA number yet. 


Dr. Campiche cautions against choosing only based on the first year of the program- as a PLC selection which also allows you to use Supplemental Coverage (SCO) as you buy your crop insurance might still make more sense over the life of the law.


As we have said all along- and as Dr. Campiche has preached at dozens of meetings across the state- these decisions are based on a lot of factors and change from farm to farm- so do your homework on the farm or farms in your portfolio.   


Click here to read more about estimated ARC-CO wheat payments for most Oklahoma counties- this includes the chart of what the numbers are for each county in the state. 



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The presenting sponsor of our daily email is the Oklahoma Farm Bureau - a grassroots organization that has for it's Mission Statement- Improving the Lives of Rural Oklahomans." Farm Bureau, as the state's largest general farm organization, is active at the State Capitol fighting for the best interests of its members and working with other groups to make certain that the interests of rural Oklahoma is protected. Click Here for their website to learn more about the organization and how it can benefit you to be a part of Farm Bureau.



PoultryStandardUSDA Proposal Aims to Reduce Salmonella and Campylobacter in Poultry Products 


The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) proposed Wednesday new federal standards to reduce Salmonella and Campylobacter in ground chicken and turkey products as well as raw chicken breasts, legs and wings. Development of these new standards is a major step in FSIS' Salmonella Action Plan, launched in December 2013 to reduce Salmonella illnesses from meat and poultry products.

"Today, we are taking specific aim at making the poultry items that Americans most often purchase safer to eat," said Agriculture Secretary Vilsack. "This is a meaningful, targeted step that could prevent tens of thousands of illnesses each year."

"These new standards, as well as improved testing patterns, will have a major impact on public health," said USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety Al Almanza. "The proposed changes are another way we're working to meet the ever-changing food safety landscape and better protect Americans from foodborne illness."



Click here to read more about this pathogen reduction performance standard.  

OCA's Range Round-Up Heads Back to Lazy E Arena


The Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association's (OCA) Range Round-Up Committee is proud to announce that the Lazy E Arena near Guthrie, Okla. will be the new home of the OCA Range Round-Up.   The 31st annual event is scheduled for August 28 and 29, 2015.

"We are excited about the possibilities that this move will offer," said Tim Drummond, OCA Range Round-Up Chairman. "The Lazy E is under new ownership and management and has made many improvements recently. As a committee we feel it will work well for us and be a good change. In addition, the Lazy E wants to help us with our mission."

OCA Range Round-Up set out on a mission back in 1985 to provide family entertainment, promote beef and raise money for charity. The selected charity has varied over the years, but 2014 marked the 18th year in a row that the selected charity has been the Children's Miracle Network. In that time, the OCA has donated more than $404,000.00 and formed a strong connection to the charity and its work. 



Click here to read more about the 2015 OCA Range Roundup.  

TonsorBullishTonsor Bullish on Beef Cow herd Expansion- as We Wait on USDA Inventory Numbers Coming Next Week 


Kansas State University Livestock Market Economist Dr. Glynn Tonsor believes the U.S. has made progress in expanding the nation's beef cow herd. There have been some mixed signals on whether expansion has taken place, such as the July 2014 inventory report from U.S. Department of Agriculture that recorded a loss in heifer retention. Tonsor is optimistic the next Cattle Inventory report from the USDA will show expansion is taking place. That report will be released on Friday, January 30 at 2 p.m. Central Time.

"I fully expect there to be a year-over-year increase in heifer retention number there," Tonsor said. "Time will tell if that is confirmed."

Tonsor said another source that reveals whether cowherd expansion is taking place is the quarterly information in the Cattle on Feed report. That report shows what share of the calf crop is staying on the ranch in the form of heifers, versus the steers coming to the feed yards. He said those reports confirm expansion is underway, but the larger unknown is how fast expansion will occur. Tonsor said USDA is projecting the cowherd may increase by 15 or 16 percent. In the long term, that would keep the U.S. below 40 million cows recorded in the 1970's and it will take several more years to get numbers to that level.  


We have featured Tonsor on the Beef Buzz this week in a multi part series and in this final segment of our interview- he tells us that he is very optimistic on an increase in numbers.  Read or listen this Beef Buzz feature by clicking or tapping here.   


SelkCalvingSelk: Study Your Lesson Before Calving Season Begins


Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist, writes in the latest Cow-Calf Newsletter.

Dr. Selk says that one popular industry publication has listed an Oklahoma State University Extension Bulletin as one of 6 most important pieces of equipment needed for producers during the calving season. The bulletin mentioned was Oklahoma State University Extension Circular E-1006, "Calving Time Management for Beef Cows and Heifers". This circular is free to download and should be recommended reading and reviewing before each calving season. Every member of the family and hired staff that will be involved with watching cows and heifers during the calving season should read this bulletin.

"Calving Time Management for Beef Cows and Heifers" discusses the 3 stages of a normal calving and then the causes and impacts of a difficult birth (dystocia). A thorough discussion of the signs of impending calving is followed by a description of when and how to examine a cow to determine the need for intervention. Detailed diagrams of most of the potential abnormal presentations are included with descriptions of necessary manipulations that will be required before the calf can be delivered. Proper placement of the obstetrical chains and the advantages of rotating the calf to ease passage through the pelvic opening are important sections to read.



Click here to read more from Dr. Selk.  

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PioneerSorghumDuPont Pioneer Introduces New Sorghum Hybrids for 2015


DuPont Pioneer announced Wednesday its 2015 sorghum hybrid product offerings, including the addition of three new hybrids. These hybrids offer sorghum growers strong yield potential, improved agronomic performance, a wide range of defensive trait packages and adaptability to both irrigated and dryland acres. The new hybrids for the coming season include:

-- Pioneer® hybrid 83P56 - a medium full-grain sorghum hybrid available in south and central Texas. The product provides improved standability with excellent root and stalk strength, in addition to above-average head exertion and a defensive trait package that fights pests such as downy mildew and sugarcane aphid.

-- Pioneer® hybrid 83P73 - a new grain sorghum hybrid with excellent yield potential, adapted for both irrigated and dryland acres in south and central Texas. It has good defensive agronomic traits and brings improved harvest standability into the current sorghum lineup.

-- Pioneer® hybrid 84P72 - provides strong yield potential and above-average stalks with acceptable root lodging resistance for its maturity, and is available in the High Plains regions of Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. This hybrid has demonstrated strong drought tolerance, above-average cold emergence and good tolerance to fusarium rot.


Click here to read more about this new offering from Pioneer.  


RFSCorn Growers: Worst Possible Time to Cut the RFS



With a record corn crop and low corn prices, Congressional efforts to alter the Renewable Fuel Standard are coming at the worst possible time for America's farmers, according to the President of the National Corn Growers Association.

"Corn ending stocks - the amount above and beyond current demand - are estimated at nearly 2 billion bushels this year, thanks to two back-to-back record harvests," said NCGA President Chip Bowling, a corn farmer in Maryland. "And with corn selling at low prices, any legislative attempt to cut one of our key markets will drive prices even further below cost of production. We have a policy that works well not just for the environment and energy security - but for the rural economy. We need to support farmers, not bankrupt them."

In response to an attempt in the Senate to attach an anti-ethanol amendment to the Keystone XL legislation, NCGA contends that there are many benefits of ethanol - click here to read more.



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