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Let's Check the Markets!  




Today's First Look:  


Ron on RON Markets as heard on K101  

mornings with cash and futures reviewed- includes where the Cash Cattle market stands, the latest Feeder Cattle Markets Etc.



We have a new market feature on a daily basis- each afternoon we are posting a recap of that day's markets as analyzed by Justin Lewis of KIS futures- click here for the report posted yesterday afternoon around 3:30 PM.




Okla Cash Grain:  

Daily Oklahoma Cash Grain Prices - as reported by the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture.


Canola Prices:  

Cash price for canola was $5.93 per bushel- (per Oklahoma Dept of Ag).  


Futures Wrap:  

Our Daily Market Wrapup from the Radio Oklahoma Network with Leslie Smith and Tom Leffler- analyzing the Futures Markets from the previous Day.


Feeder Cattle Recap:  

The National Daily Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary- as prepared by USDA.


Slaughter Cattle Recap: 

The National Daily Slaughter Cattle Summary- as prepared by the USDA.


TCFA Feedlot Recap:  

Finally, here is the Daily Volume and Price Summary from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.


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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON
   Friday, April 3, 2015
Howdy Neighbors! 

Here is your daily Oklahoma farm and ranch news update. 
MeatAnimalFeatured Story:
OSU Squad Repeats as National Champion in 2015 Meat Animal Evaluation Contest


Oklahoma State University claimed the National Championship at the 2015 Meat Animal Evaluation Contest held in Stillwater, OK earlier this week.

The OSU team also won the Market Animal Division, Meat Division, Cattle Division, Swine Division, Sheep Division and Communication Division. Additionally, the team placed 4th in the Breeding Animal Division.

OSU's total team score and their market animal division score were the all-time record high ever recorded in the 51 year history of the contest. This is the second year in a row and the third time in five years that the OSU Meat Evaluation Judging Team has claimed the national championship. The Meat Animal Evaluation Team is one of five teams that represent Oklahoma State's Animal Science Department- and according to the OSU Animal Science website, "Our department has more national judging championships than any other university, including the reigning National Champion Livestock Judging Team, reigning National Champion Meat Judging Team, and the reigning World Champion Horse Judging Team."

At the 2015 Meat Animal Evaluation contest- Blythe Graham (Crossville, TN) was the high individual overall, setting a new individual record score. She also set the record score for the market division, and was 5th in the swine, sheep and cattle divisions as well as 7th in the breeding division. 


More results and details on how each member of the team placed are available here.



Sponsor Spotlight



Here in the new year- we are delighted to have a new partner in helping bring you our daily Farm and Ranch News Email- National Livestock Credit Corporation.  National Livestock has been around since 1932- and they have worked with livestock producers to help them secure credit and to buy or sell cattle through the National Livestock Commission Company. They also own and operate the Southern Oklahoma Livestock Market in Ada- and more recently acquired Superior Livestock, which continues to operate independently. To learn more about how these folks can help you succeed in the cattle business, click here for their website or call the Oklahoma City office at 1-800-310-0220.  





We are happy to have the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association as a part of our great lineup of email sponsors. They do a tremendous job of representing cattle producers at the state capitol as well as in our nation's capitol. They seek to educate OCA members on the latest production techniques for maximum profitability and to communicate with the public on issues of importance to the beef industry.  Click here for their website to learn more about the OCA.     


AndersonAnderson Reacts to Wheat Market Bouncing Back


Wheat prices saw a nice bounce in the market in going up 31 cents in the past week. In this weekend's edition of SUNUP, Oklahoma State University Grain Marketing Specialist Kim Anderson said that price bump can be attributed to the U.S. Department of Agriculture releasing the planted acreage report, the latest crop conditions report and a softening U.S. dollar.

SUNUP host Lyndall Stout asked Anderson about the USDA Prospective Plantings Report that came out on Tuesday. Anderson said the all-wheat planted acres were down three percent at 54.4 million acres, compared with 57.1 million acres a year ago. Winter wheat acres were down four percent at 40.8 million acres, versus 42.4 last year. Hard red winter wheat acres were down three percent at 29.6 million acres, compared with 30.4 million last year.

"I think that's good news price wise and we saw a little bump from that," Anderson said.

Many farmers have expressed how bad this wheat crop is looking, but the crop condition reports from USDA tells a different story. In this past Monday's report, Anderson said 58 percent of the Colorado wheat crop received a good to excellent rating. That was well above last year's rating of 12 percent in the same condition. Kansas had 39 percent in good to excellent condition versus 32 percent a year ago. Oklahoma had 44 percent of the crop in good to excellent shape versus 17 percent last year. While Texas had 55 percent in good to excellent category versus 11 percent last year.

"So you look at those numbers, you've got significantly better crop conditions this year, than last year," Anderson said. "You'll remember last year the production was 738 million bushels for hard red winter wheat. Our average is 893."

Read more from Kim's conversation as well as the chance to hear that interview ahead of when you can see it on SUNUP Saturday morning.  Click here to hear the interview and also to see the full lineup for this weekend's program.

ProteinChallengeBeef Checkoff Introduces the 30 Day Protein Challenge


Are you up for a challenge? Americans currently consume two-thirds of their total daily protein intake at dinner - that doesn't leave much room for protein at other meals or snacks. Introducing: the beef checkoff's 30 Day Protein Challenge!

For some time now, research has shown that consuming protein in balanced amounts at each meal is beneficial to improving overall health. Some of the more remarkable benefits of distributing protein throughout the day include feeling satisfied after a meal or snack that features protein, which helps reduce mindless eating. Additionally, meals with high-quality protein help to build muscle and reduce body fat.

The 30 Day Protein Challenge is a step-by-step way to get an optimal amount of protein throughout the day. "It's simple: work your way up to eat 30 grams of protein every meal, and feel the difference," says Jo Stanko, co-chair of the checkoff's Nutrition and Health Subcommittee, and producer from Steamboat Springs, Colo. "Whether consumers are seeking to maintain and/or build muscle, looking for craving control or simply striving for better overall health and wellness, the Protein Challenge can help them take control of their appetite and kick start the benefits from balancing protein consumption."



Click here to join the 30 Day Protein Challenge.  

EnlistDuoEPA Approves Enlist Duo Herbicide for Nine Additional States, Including Oklahoma


The Environmental Protection Agency announced its approval of Enlist Duo herbicide for use in nine additional states, including Oklahoma and Kansas. A key component of the innovative Enlist Weed Control System, Enlist Duo with Colex-D Technology is the only herbicide to combine glyphosate with new 2,4-D choline for weed control in corn and soybeans.

The label for Enlist Duo now includes federal registration in many of the key corn- and soybean-producing states. The newest additions include Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota and Oklahoma. The originally approved states - Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin - were included on the federal label when the EPA registered Enlist Duo for use with Enlist corn and soybeans in October 2014. Dow AgroSciences will continue to work closely with state regulatory authorities to obtain local approvals. Regulatory approvals are pending for Enlist cotton.

Susanne Wasson, commercial leader for Dow AgroSciences' crop protection business, highlights the significance of the announcement.

"Today, there's more than 84 million acres of farmland that are infested with glyphosate-resistant weeds," Wasson said. "And, that number climbs every year, making this decision by the EPA very critical. Growers need access to this much-needed, effective weed control solution."    


More information is available here.



GrazingSystemOSU Analyzes Cattle Grazing Systems to Maximize Production


With drought and the high cost of land, Oklahoma State University has been looking at alternatives for cattle producers to maximize their grazing resources. OSU Extension Beef Cattle Specialist Dr. Dave Lalman has been evaluating two different grazing systems. The extensive approach utilizes moderate grazing over a large number of acres or a more intensive system that utilizes cropland to reduce the amount of pastureland needed. Lalman said they evaluated both options to determine which system allowed them to have comparable beef production.

With one acre of cropland, Lalman said they used the forage as a supplement or as a summer forage source. OSU planted a cover crop for summer grazing, then limit grazed wheat during the winter months.

"That's the intensification, is basically using that one acre of cropland about six months out of the year, where the native grassland could rest," Lalman said. 

I featured Lalman on the Beef Buzz feature. Click or tap here to listen to today's Beef Buzz.  



Want to Have the Latest Energy News Delivered to Your Inbox Daily?

Award winning broadcast journalist Jerry Bohnen has spent years learning and understanding how to cover the energy business here in the southern plains-  Click here to subscribe to his daily update of top Energy News.

WWLivestock2015 OKC Farm Show Exhibitor Preview: WW Livestock


One of the exhibitors coming to the Oklahoma City Farm Show - April 16, 17, & 18, 2015 - is WW Livestock of Thomas, Oklahoma. Radio Oklahoma Network's Leslie Smith caught up with WW National Sales Manager Sam Eck. With an indoor and outdoor booth at State Fair Park, Eck said they will be showcasing their whole lineup of squeeze chutes, panels, gates, sweep tubs, cattle handling equipment, as well as their portable corral.

This year WW Livestock will also feature a new product called the "BoarBuster" for trapping feral hogs. The BoarBuster was developed by the Sam Noble Foundation and after four years of research they developed this innovative trap for eradicating the feral hog population. This round trap measures 18 feet in diameter and is suspended above the ground. This allows hogs to enter and exit the trap from any direction without going through a gate or entrance. Eck said this is effective in that the hogs won't become trap shy. The trap has a camera, which can be accessed through an electronic App.

"The camera will alert the user that there is something under the trap," Eck said. "The user can go on his cell phone, or the computer or iPad or whatever means they use and view live streaming video of what's in the trap. The advantage of that is, is that gives them the chance to catch the entire sounder of hogs, so we don't educate any more hogs on how to stay away from a trap."

If you would like to see the BoarBuster feral pig trap in action, you can watch the video by clicking here.  

GoodFridayGood Friday is Here- the start of the Easter Holiday Weekend 



Our Ag Futures markets are closed for the start of the Easter Holiday Weekend- and so are the equity markets- the US Stock Market.  However, most government offices are open- and for any businesses you might want to interact with- it would be a good idea to call and check to see if they are open or closed today.


Easter is considered the high point of spring- and this year it comes about as early as it can under our calendar.  While both Easter and Christmas are uniquely Christian holidays- the secular world has taken over a lot of the December 25th timeframe- I am reminded that when we were in Orlando this past December for a few days of relaxing- Jan and I went to Downtown Disney and in the Disney "Christmas" store- there were no nativity sets to see or to buy- and zero mention of the real meaning of Christmas. That is today's world.


The Easter bunny and Easter Egg Hunts are a part of this holiday weekend- but the world has been unsuccessful in pushing the core reason for the Easter holiday to the dumpster- and that core reason is God's answer for sin in this world- his willingness to allow his Son to carry sin to the grave (that's Good Friday) and then on the third day- that grave was opened- and the Son was gone- that's Easter!   


Now, the Son is not MIA- but he is Alive and offers everyone the chance to have a relationship with the one true living God.   


That's why I will go to my church and celebrate this coming Sunday morning.  And that truth, while inconvenient for the secular world, is ALIVE and well and stands forever.   


It's my hope that you will celebrate as well. If you want to talk about my hope and why I celebrate- drop me an email- would love to tell you more.


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