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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Thursday March 25, 2010
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-- Talking Health Care, Childhood Nutrition, EPA and More With Congressman Frank Lucas
-- Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 Unanimously Passes Senate Ag Committee
-- OACD Disappointed with Move to take Money Away from Key Conservation Program to Fund Childhood Nutrition
-- Climategate Shows There's No Global Warming Consensus- Senator Jim Inhofe
-- Prospective Plantings Report Coming March 31- We Get Ideas on What to Expect from Allendale
-- Did you know that almost one fourth of Oklahoma is covered by Forest Lands?
-- People Notes- Jerry McKinley, Matt Gard and One to be Named
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Talking Health Care, Childhood Nutrition, EPA and More With Congressman Frank Lucas
We talked about a variety of issues with the Ranking Minority Member of the House Ag Committee, Congressman Frank Lucas in a phone conversation with the Roger Mills County rancher on Wednesday morning.

Lucas believes that the Democrats are feeling their oats after getting the massive Senate passed Healthcare bill through the House on Sunday, and that could translate into other big policy pushes by the Obama Administration before the clock runs out in November on their substantial majorities in both the House and Senate.

Besides discussing the ramifications of the Health Care vote, we talked with Congressman Lucas about the Child Nutrition measure in the US Senate Ag Committee, farm program spending and those who would love to move those monies to places they deem "better," EPA regulations on pesticides that might include a zero tolerance standard as well as the desire of the Obama Administration to achieve their Cap and Trade goals via regulation, since the efforts to move that measure through the Senate have been a failure.

Click on the link below to go to our website and hear the complete conversation- about 13 minutes worth- with Oklahoma's man on the House Ag Committee.

Click here for our Podcast with Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas

Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 Unanimously Passes Senate Ag Committee
Despite some concerns - and discussion - about the budget offsets proposed to pay for the bill - the Senate Agriculture Committee unanimously approved the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 Wednesday. The bipartisan legislation to reauthorize childhood nutrition programs would invest 4.5-billion dollars in new child nutrition program funding over the next 10 years. Committee Chair Blanche Lincoln called the committee vote a monumental step forward. The Senators did not throw as much money at the porgram as the Obama Administration wanted, which is ten billion dollars in new spending.

Lincoln said she was proud her colleagues on both sides of the aisle voted to support this legislation that puts the nation on the path to ending childhood hunger and addressing the epidemic of childhood obesity.

There was concern among some of the Senators that Lincoln chose to pay partially for the reauthorization of the measure with monies from the EQIP conservation program- and a measure to switch that over to the CSP program failed by one vote. Click on the link below to read more- and hear our audio wrap on the markup session and the argument over nutrition versus conservation.

Click here for more on the Senate Ag Committee passage of an expanded Childhood Nutrition program.

OACD Disappointed with Move to take Money Away from Key Conservation Program to Fund Childhood Nutrition
The Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts has expressed their appreciation of Congressman Frank Lucas and his comments about funding Childhood Nutrition by taking away money from one of the most popular and useful conservation programs offered by Uncle Sam- the Environmental Quality Incentives Program- or EQIP.

In a news release from Wednesday evening, OACD President Trey Lam says "While we are very disappointed that the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee would advance a bill today that took money away from Farm Bill Conservation programs, we are very proud of the stand Congressman Lucas has taken in opposition to this legislation. We are hopeful his leadership can help slow this proposal down and help find a way to protect conservation funding."

Click on the link below to read more of the OACD statement, as well as to hear the segment of our interview with Congressman Lucas on Wednesday morning that was specifically about the flap over nutrition versus conservation.

Click here for more on OACD's reaction to Congressman Lucas Calling for No Cuts in EQIP

Climategate Shows There's No Global Warming Consensus- Senator Jim Inhofe
Oklahoma Senior Senator Jim Inhofe has authored an "op-ed" that has been published in the magazine US News and World Report. Senator Inhofe continues on the offensive about the "mess of errors, exaggerations, and deceit" that is the state of those who are promoting manmade climate change at this time.

Senator Inhofe says in his "op-ed" that "The Obama administration said the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is the "gold standard" for climate science, yet now the Environmental Protection Agency administrator won't defend it. The IPCC and Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. Now the IPCC has retracted several false claims concerning, among other things, rain forests shrinking, crops dying, and sea levels rising. We've been told weather is not to be confused with climate, except when you have heat waves or blizzards. We've been told cap-and-trade would create thousands of green jobs, yet the Congressional Budget Office, Department of Energy, National Black Chamber of Commerce, and others say it would mean a net loss of jobs."

We have the link below to the full article, which is the latest salvo fired by Senator Inhofe against those who the climate is being changed in a bad way by human actions. Click on it and check it out.

Click here for more on the Jim Inhofe Opinion Piece from US News and World Report.

Prospective Plantings Report Coming March 31- We Get Ideas on What to Expect from Allendale
Joe Victor with Allendale has given us a few ideas of what to expect from next week's Prospective Plantings report which will sort out how many acres farmers are expecting to plant to the major spring seeded crops. Allendale also has their ideas about what to expect from the Quarterly Stocks report that will be out that same morning.

The Allendale people believe that Corn planting will be the second largest since 1944. Corn stocks, left over as of March 1, will be the largest for that period in 23 years. A huge crop is normal and is needed to meet demand. Second quarter corn usage is the second largest ever. The Allendale guess is for just over 90 million acres to go into corn this spring, versus 86.5 million acres last spring.

Soybean plantings are predicted to be a new record. Quarterly soybean stocks on March 1 will be the smallest in six years. A new record for second quarter usage was made. The Allendale number for soybean acres to be planted stand at 79.1 million acres for 2010, up from 77.4 million acres one year ago.
Wheat acreage is predicted to be the smallest since 1970. Wheat stocks are expected to be the largest for March 1 in ten years. Third quarter usage totals 397 million bushels. That is under the 433 million five year average.

Did you know that almost one fourth of Oklahoma is covered by Forest Lands?
Most people know that Oklahoma has a thriving timber industry in eastern counties but relatively few people realize that the state's forestlands combine for more than 10 million acres or 23 percent of the state's total area.
Fewer still realize that there are nine distinct forest types across Oklahoma made up of over 150 tree species or that 90 percent of forest lands are privately owned.

A new report, the Oklahoma Forest Resource Assessment, is the result of 18 months work by Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry's Forestry Services Division with input from a number of state, federal and private agencies and organizations, said Oklahoma State Forester, John Burwell. The report was mandated by the latest U.S. farm bill and will be the basis for a new strategic plan for Oklahoma forestry. "I think people will enjoy reading the assessment for the tremendous amount of unique facts and details about the state's forests," he said. "It not only identifies the forest resources but also details a complete list of threats, issues and opportunities facing those resources.

"Some of the end products will be GIS maps showing the distribution of forests in relation to threats such as insect or disease outbreaks, wildfire or urban sprawl," Burwell said. "We are in the process of using this data to generate a new strategic plan regarding forest resource issues and opportunities for the next five years." People are encouraged to review the assessment and take an online survey to provide comments on the report's usefulness and leave other feedback. The report contains a great deal of history and facts about the forest industry.

We have the assessment linked below for you to check out.

Click here for the Oklahoma Forest Resourse Assessment.

People Notes- Jerry McKinley, Matt Gard and One to be Named
We say Congratulations this morning to Jerry McKinley of Tillman County, who has stepped down after serving 14 years as the Board Chairman of the Oklahoma Boll Weevil Eradication Organization. McKinley was asked to be the Chairman of the Board when it was formed in 1996- and has served ever since. You can read more about Jerry's efforts to help bring cotton back to Oklahoma in a big way by clicking here.

We got word that our friend Matt Gard was out and about yesterday evening for the REI Legislative Reception last night in Oklahoma City. Matt was injured in a motorcycle accident several weeks back- and the last word we had from Matt was that feeling is starting to come back in the legs- and he continues to work to get full mobility once again. Your continued prayers are most certainly appreciated.

As for the "One to be Named" from the headline- that would be the Ag Hall of Fame Announcement that comes at 1 PM today at the State Capitol. We'll have details for you tomorrow morning about who is getting this well deserved award that is being presented as a part of the Ag Day Celebration at the State Capitol.

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Let's Check the Markets!
We've had requests to include Canola prices for your convenience here- and we will be doing so on a regular basis. Current cash price for Canola is $7.55 per bushel, while the 2010 New Crop contracts for Canola are now available are $7.55 per bushel- delivered to local participating elevators that are working with PCOM.

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