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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Monday November 20, 2006
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-- COOL might be moved up to start in 2007- plus Animal ID ideas...
-- LAGP signup ends Close of Business TODAY- over a million animal units now signed up!
-- Matt Brockman announces resignation from TSCRA
-- Tom Buis on the Washington landscape- after November 7th!
-- Tulsa Farm Show coming in two weeks!
-- OSU comes in 5th, as NEO claims 4th at the 2006 North American Livestock Judging Competition
-- Have you got a strategy??? Let Dr. Kim help!

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Here's your morning farm news headlines from the Director of Farm Programming for the Radio Oklahoma Network, Ron Hays. Our email this morning is a service of Midwest Farm Shows, featuring the Tulsa Farm Show December 7-9, 2006 and the Southern Plains Farm Show in Oklahoma City April 19-21, 2007. Check out details of both of these exciting shows at the official website of Midwest Farm Shows by clicking here.

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COOL might be moved up to start in 2007- plus Animal ID ideas...
All of this from the incoming Chairman of the House Ag Committee, Blue Dog Collin Peterson of Minnesota. Peterson talked with farm broadcasters on Friday afternoon at the annual meeting that we were a part of last week in Kansas City.

For those who have gripped about the Republicans that have stalled implementation of County of Origin labeling- your days of complaining should be at an end. Peterson says that at the very least- mandatory COOL will not be delayed again- and perhaps the delay to 2008 might be moved forward to have the mandatory program begin quicker than that.

On Animal ID- he's not happy with the lack of focus on an Animal ID strategy at the USDA. At least the new Chairman of the Committee sees it as a lack of focus and feels we have wasted a lot of money to date on moving Animal ID forward. You can hear Congressman Peterson's comments from last Friday on these two subjects by clicking below.

Click here to listen to Collin Peterson on Animal ID and COOL

LAGP signup ends Close of Business TODAY- over a million animal units now signed up!
The clock is ticking down to the zero hour this afternoon for signup for the Livestock Assistance Grant Program. At Close of Business today at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, the signup period is done- and it appears that something like 1.3 million animal units will be the most that we can expect to have when the dust settles and they give us a wrap up number.

Based on the signup through this past Thursday afternoon- there were just over a million animal units that had signed up and an average number of animal units per operation of around 120 animal units. That might mean an average check going out to several thousand Oklahoma livestock producers of around $600 All of this is still preliminary- but is well above the first estimates we heard when the program was announced back in September.

We still have the form linked on our web site- so if you are where you can take that form, get it completed, notarized and delivered before Close of Business today- make that one of your chores to do today if you have not already signed your operation up.

Matt Brockman announces resignation from TSCRA
Matt Brockman, executive vice president of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, announced today his resignation from the Fort Worth- based livestock organization. Brockman’s resignation will be effective Nov. 30. “I’ve enjoyed my years at TSCRA, but there comes a time when a person needs to explore new opportunities and, for me, that time has come,” said Brockman. “Service to the livestock industry will always be a very important part of my life, and I’m eager to begin seeking those new opportunities.”

TSCRA President Dick Sherron of Beaumont praised Brockman’s contributions to the association. “When Matt joined the association six years ago, we were going through some very tough times. Matt rolled up his sleeves, went to work, and the association has benefited from solid financial performance ever since. Matt’s strong grasp of the livestock industry, coupled with his communications skills, reinvigorated TSCRA’s relationships with cattle producers, industry leaders and officials in Washington, D.C. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Matt for his dedication and service,” said Sherron.

TSCRA represents cattle producers, mostly cow-calf operators, in Texas as well as here in Oklahoma. Their Oklahoma membership has dwindled down in recent years- and when we talked with Matt back at the beginning of summer at their summer board of Directors meeting, he said they were looking at ways to get those numbers back up. They, of course, offer theft services to cattlemen who have cattle stolen and have three field people currently responsible for covering the state of Oklahoma.

You can check out the TSCRA web site if you want more info about the group by clicking here.

Tom Buis on the Washington landscape- after November 7th!
President of the National Farmers Union, Tom Buis, has not really changed his tune in the last couple of weeks since the Democrats seized power earlier this month- but he seems to have more confidence than ever before about getting his way on several priorities.

He doubts that we will see a simple extension of farm policy- but he does like our chances of getting some changes that are favorable to his group with both sides of Capitol Hill now controlled by the Democrats. Buis talked with us this past week during the National Association of Farm Broadcasters meeting in Kansas City about everything from Disaster Aid to Farm Bill to Manure and more.

On the Death Tax issue- he proclaims efforts to totally kill the Estate Tax is dead- but he sees the ability to get a higher exemption on estates and stepped up basis that will help a lot of farmers and ranchers in the days to come- but lawyers and accountants won't lose business anytime soon by a full and complete repeal. Click below and listen to our full conversation with Tom Buis of National Farmers Union.

Click here to listen to Ron with Tom Buis of NFU.

Tulsa Farm Show coming in two weeks!
The 2006 dates for the Tulsa Farm Show are December 7, 8 and 9 at Tulsa's Expo Square. This is the 13th annual farm show being held by Midwest Shows in Tulsa, and it will be their biggest and best ever, with millions of dollars of equipment and services on display under one huge roof for you to investigate for your farm or ranch or even your rural acreage.

Admission and parking are free, with the lineup of events during the show including Craig Cameron with his special brand of "gentle horse training," Live Cattle Handling Demos, Oklahoma Farm Bureau's Farm Safety Demos and the anuual Livestock Handling Skills Competition featuring a group of top notch FFA members from across the state.

OSU comes in 5th, as NEO claims 4th at the 2006 North American Livestock Judging Competition
The National Collegiate Livestock Judging Contest at the North American Livestock Expo was won by Texas A&M, with Oklahoma State University taking fifth place at the show held earlier this month in Louisville. Panhandle State also had a team in the competition, finishing 23rd in the event that drew teams from Universities from all around the country.

In the Junior College Division, Casper College was the top placing team, while Northeastern Oklahoma of Miami took fourth place, Coffeyville Juco took seventh and Eastern Oklahoma of Wilburton placed ninth in the National Junior College Event.

Have you got a strategy??? Let Dr. Kim help!
Dr. Kim Anderson, extension grain marketing economist of Oklahoma State University, offers some advice to wheat producers who have been watching this wheat market roller coaster up and then down again- don't follow your heart or emotions or desire to brag at the local coffee shop that I got the absolute last penny of the top of the market- but rather follow your plan! On his web site- which I have linked below- here's his latest risk management strategy ideas as of this past Friday:

"During the last month, wheat prices declined 30¢. If you had a written marketing plan, declining prices should not have impacted your decisions. Continue to follow your written marketing plan. If you were using target prices and dates to determine when and how to sell wheat, you should have sold some wheat on this price decline."

"You may want to continue this strategy. For example, the current price is about $4.85 Plan to sell a percentage (i.e. 20%) at $5 or $4.70 or Nov 25, whichever occurs first. If the price goes to $5, sell a percentage. If the price declines to $4.70, sell a percentage. If neither price has occurred by Nov 25, sell a percentage. Prices and dates for the second percentage would be set when the first percentage is sold. These strategies take the emotion out of marketing decisions."

Click here for Kim Anderson's page on strategies and more!

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