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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Monday December 18, 2006
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-- What's the future of Wheat Pasture in Oklahoma???
-- OSU's Michael Dicks rubbing shoulders with Ag Committee staffs in DC
-- Women in Ag Conference Coming in January to Enid
-- American Angus Boot Camp gets underway today in Stillwater
-- TCFA unveil their top ten stories impacting cattle feeders in 2006!
-- The Christmas Countdown- Seven Days
-- American Farm Bureau and National Pork Producers Council decide to take EPA to court over Dust Rules

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What's the future of Wheat Pasture in Oklahoma???
USDA Research Meteorologist Jeanne Schneider who is stationed at the Ft. Reno Grazinglands Research Facility in Central Oklahoma is studying the long term weather impacts on the Oklahoma wheat industry- and that includes the long term outlook for wheat pasture being a viable part of the Oklahoma fall pasture mix. We visited with this weather lady at the recent Oklahoma Wheat Grower meeting- and we have that interview linked below- and you should take time to hear what she has to say.

It's too early to tell- but Jeanne believes that we may be seeing the beginning of a cycle where we can have less confidence in getting wheat pasture every year in much of Oklahoma- she says that more and more it is looking like you need to almost plan on the wheat pasture, especially in the fall, as a bonus during years that we get decent moisture early in the growth cycle. She says that clearly the last two years we have not.

She adds that the long term outlook for Oklahoma is for warmer winters, drier conditions and hotter summers. At the same time, she adds that we will have wild cards tossed into the ring with extremes like major cold snaps, flooding and the like along the way. She expresses real concern about getting a significant moisture system into Oklahoma anytime soon based on how the storm tracks continue to run. She says that when we get a system tracking off the Pacific down through Baja California and moving across Mexico and the southern Rockies-we have a better chance of sucking some Gulf moisture around with it and bringing that into the state. The storms that are beating up the Pacific Northwest do little to help us as they almost always track too far north.

Click here for our conversation with Jeanne Schneider of USDA and our long term weather discussion.

OSU's Michael Dicks rubbing shoulders with Ag Committee staffs in DC
OSU Ag Policy Professor Dr. Michael Dicks is just back from Washington and he has e-mailed us a few of the things he is hearing from his conversations with staffers from both the House and Senate Ag Committees.

Among the ideas that Mike was hearing in Washington this past week:
They plan to move ahead quickly to fill all staff positions and restructure committees- meaning the Democrats as they assume power.
Senate staff are certainly interested in conservation programs and particularly the CSP and how to fully fund and implement the program.
He says there is some discussion with how to allow use of CRP lands and maintain environmental protection, potential to move CRP lands into CSP.
A significant issue that seems to be on the table- Revenue insurance getting serious consideration
Mike says all indications are that NEW hearings on key topics at the direction of subcommittee chairs may start early.

Dr. Dicks has promised to help us flesh out some of the ideas that may be floating around about how Revenue Insurance or Assurance might be structured in a 2007 farm bill draft.

Women in Ag Conference Coming in January to Enid
The 2007 Women in Agriculture conference "Cows, Plows and so much more!" is being planned for Friday, January 12, 2007. A team of representatives from Logan, Garfield and Grant counties who are dedicated to keeping women in rural Oklahoma informed about the resources available to make their everyday lives simpler will be presenting the conference and honoring women from their respective counties.

The 2007 conference agenda has been planned to include a variety of topics such as traditional farming, women's safety, recordkeeping and backyard conservation. The planned keynote speaker is Dr. Mac McCrory with OSU/OKC who will present: "As years go by, does intimacy fade?" This year's conference will also feature a "Made in Oklahoma" mini-mall that will highlight products that are made right here in our state, such as buffalo meat products, wine, bath and body products and other food items and gives attendees the opportunity to visit with people who own and operate Oklahoma based businesses.

Pre-registration cost for the conference is $10.00 per person which includes a buffet lunch provided by Klein's catering and refreshments during breaks. Registration for mini-mall vendors will be $50, which will include one meal ticket. Additional meal tickets are available for $10.00 Pre-registration ends December 29th and although the title of the conference implies that the conference is for women, men are welcome as well. For additional conference information, please contact Sheri Nickel at the Garfield County Conservation District at (580)237- 7880.

American Angus Boot Camp gets underway today in Stillwater
It's a two day event on the OSU campus in Stillwater- which otherwise will be a very quiet place this week after finals. We will have some coverage of this event later in the week both on the radio as well as in this daily E-mail update as we hope to catch up with a few of their presenters on Tuesday in Stillwater.

TCFA unveil their top ten stories impacting cattle feeders in 2006!
The unpredictable export markets of 2006 topped the list of stories that impacted the cattle feedlot members of the Texas Cattle Feeders Association- so says Ross Wilson, the President of the TCFA, which represents feedlots in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Of course, this story continues to play out with limited access to the Japanese market and zero market access in the Korean market, which is claimed to be open by South Korean officials.

The second biggest story for cattle feeders in 2006 is the price of corn rising faster than flood waters rushing down a mountain canyon. Drought concerns was the third most important story listed by the TCFA during their year end news conference this past week in Amarillo, while battles over Environmental issues like the Dust Rules unveiled by the EPA was story number four.

In the second five stories they listed- they spoke of the 20th anniversary of the Beef Checkoff, the debate over Animal ID and the fact that Smithfield had announced plans to build a new state of the art beef processing facility near Hooker in the Oklahoma Panhandle- work on that plant is expected to begin as early as January. I have linked the full list of the top ten stories from the TCFA- that link is right below.

Click here for the TCFA Top Ten Stories of Impact for the Beef Business in 2006.

The Christmas Countdown- Seven Days
We are out of pocket for one more day- but will be back covering the latest on the Farm News scene tomorrow once again on the Radio Oklahoma Network as well as in this daily E-mail. Things on the farm news scene will be slowing dramatically over the next few days as we approach next Monday and the 25th of December.

It is very safe to assume that after the markets of this week- our livestock auctions will almost ALL will be finished for 2006- so if you want to move any cattle because of tax considerations- you need to probably get that done right away.

It is also a good idea to take a quick look at where you are financially here for 2006- and if you need to do any last minute adjustments for tax considerations- take care of those issues quickly as we have less than two weeks and 2006 will be history.

American Farm Bureau and National Pork Producers Council decide to take EPA to court over Dust Rules
The American Farm Bureau Federation is taking the Environmental Protection Agency to court over its air quality standards as applied to agricultural dust. A petition filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit seeks review of the EPA’s standards. Farm Bureau - along with the National Pork Producers Council - doesn’t believe science warrants the regulation of agricultural dust.

Specifically - EPA issued a rule revising the Clean Air Act National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Particulate Matter on October 17th. In adjusting the annual and daily air quality standards for particulate matter - EPA also rejected an earlier proposal to exclude agricultural dust from regulation. Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman says EPA’s rule is not based on sound science - and the decision to regulate agricultural dust will negatively impact U.S. farmers and ranchers.

Farmers and ranchers agree on the importance of producing food and fiber in a fashion that is environmentally sound - but according to Stallman - over-regulation restricts farmers and ranchers from being productive and serving as global leaders in providing safe and affordable food in the U.S. and abroad.

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