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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Tuesday December 26, 2006
A service of Midwest Farm Shows
-- Oklahoma Senate Ag Committee is set for 2007
-- Great News on Paul Jackson making it home for Christmas
-- Senator Coburn pledges that he will work to help secure Disaster Aid in January.
-- OALP Alums- An Important End of the Year reminder!
-- Ag Enhancement and Diversification Grant Applications due in a week.
-- Cattle on Feed a yawner
-- Between the Holidays- generally quiet before the rush of the New Year.

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Oklahoma Senate Ag Committee is set for 2007
The Oklahoma Senate is evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans as get closer to the start of the 51st Legislature and as we have mentioned earlier, there will be Co-Chairs from both parties for each of the standing committees.

For the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, here is the Committee assignments announced this past Friday. Co-chairs are Ron Justice, R-Chickasha, and Charles Wyrick, D- Fairland. Members are Don Barrington, R-Lawton; Johnnie Crutchfield, D-Ardmore; John Ford, R- Bartlesville; Earl Garrison, D-Muskogee; Tom Ivester, D-Sayre; Todd Lamb, R-Edmond; Jeff Rabon, D- Hugo; Mike Schulz, R-Altus; Anthony Sykes, R- Moore; and Jim Wilson, D-Tahlequah.

One important rule when it comes to dealing with lawmakers and state government is to know who has the pursestrings. In the case of appropriations pertaining to agriculture measures, the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee that has oversight is the Sub Committee for Natural Resources and Regulatory Services. Members there include Co- chairs Randy Bass, D-Lawton, and David Myers, R- Ponca City. Members are Cliff Branan, R-Oklahoma City; Ron Justice, R-Chickasha; Andrew Rice, D- Oklahoma City; Joe Sweeden, D-Pawhuska; Anthony Sykes, R-Moore and Charles Wyrick, D-Fairland.

Great News on Paul Jackson making it home for Christmas
Word from Mark Hodges of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission is that Paul Jackson was able to go home from the hospital this past Thursday before the Christmas holiday weekend. Paul is a longterm appointed member of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission and farms just outside Apache.

His wife Dosia told Mark that being home was great medicine for Paul and that he was resting a lot better, his vitals were improving and the state of the art electronics that they have him on at this time are doing great. Paul has been in and out of the hospital for several months now- and it appears to all be linked back to a blood infection that has been very tough to isolate and treat. Keep those prayers going for Paul for a full recovery very early in 2007.

Senator Coburn pledges that he will work to help secure Disaster Aid in January.
The junior Senator from Oklahoma blocked what he called was a symbolic vote on Disaster Aid at the beginning of this month at the end of the Lame Duck Session of the old Congress. That vote was to attach $4.9 billion worth of disaster aid to the Ag Appropriations Bill which had already been declared as dead before this last minute vote was allowed by the Republican leadership. Coburn told reporters at the time that he would not allow that measure to go forward because of the earmarks that infested the entire bill- as well as the promise of those who supported the Horse Slaughter bill to attach that measure to the Appropriations measure as well at the eleventh hour.

All of that is now officially history as we approach next week when the "new" Congress rides into Washington with Harry Reid from Nevada and his team riding herd on the Senate floor- assuming Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota will be fit to serve. And in the midst of all the confusion that comes with a major turnover of power like we are facing in both bodies of Congress- Senator Tom Coburn says that this go round he will be one of those promoting Ag Disaster Aid for farmers to the tune of up to $4 billion. Coburn will be looking for an offset to match up with this spending- something the Democrats have promised to do as they assume power in the new year.

The Maverick Senator from Oklahoma talked about his intentions with the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau before Christmas- and V.P. of Communications for Farm Bureau, Sam Knipp, has an audio report on what the Coburn had to say about Disaster Aid- we have the link to that report below.

Click to hear Senator Coburn's comments on Disaster Aid possibilities come January 2007.

OALP Alums- An Important End of the Year reminder!
There are more than 350 Alums of the Oklahoma Ag Leadership Program around-dating back to Class I in the early 1980s- the class that I am a proud member of- and for each of the Alums- I was asked to deliver a reminder as we hit the final week of the old year- NOW is the time to get your contribution in support OALP in order for the program to be able to match the generous support of the Noble Foundation. In 2006- that match is $15,000. The Noble Foundation will double each dollar you contribute as an Alum up to that $15,000 level.

While some graduates of the Oklahoma Ag Leadership Program will undoubtedly give more- if 300 of the graduates would give $50 back to this rural leadership development effort- we would meet the Challenge in full! Such broad based support would really validate the program to the many groups and companies who have been OALP supporters down through the years.

To contribute- make your checks payable to the OSU Foundation/OALP. They can be mailed to the following address:
Oklahoma State University
900 University Mailing SVCS
Stillwater, Ok. 74075-9988.

Ag Enhancement and Diversification Grant Applications due in a week.
A week from today- January 2, 2007, is the deadline to submit applications for the Oklahoma Agricultural Enhancement and Diversification program. If you have some innovative ideas you would like to implement into your farm or ranch operation- or your value-added enterprise- you need to check out the web site and get moving on the application.

There will be both Grants as well as some interest free loans that will be awarded to successful applicants in three categories: Cooperative Marketing Loans, Marketing and Utilization Loans and Basic and Applied Research Loans.

We have linked below the location on the ODA web site where more information is available. Contact person for this program at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture is Jason Harvey- his phone number is 405-522-5563.

Click here for more information from the ODA site on the Ag Enhancement and Diversification Grants available.

Cattle on Feed a yawner
There was no really big surprises coming from Friday afternoon's Cattle on Feed report from USDA- as the report showed 2% more cattle on feed in the major feedlot states as of December 1, 2006 compared to one year ago. The placements number was in the middle of the range of guesses from pre-report surveys, while the marketings number for November 2006 compared to last year was pretty strong- up six percent from a year ago and at the high end of trader's guesses.

Dan Vaught with A.G. Edwards says in his online commentary that the report shows that marketings may support the nearby futures here at the beginning of the week. He called the November placement number as well as the total number of cattle on feed rather unremarkable in that they were pretty well expected by the trade. Vaught says that most traders were expecting the spike in corn prices to "strangle the cattle industry's enthusiasm for buying and placing replacement yearlings."

The one bearish note that Vaught brings up is the fact that heavier cattle placements- those cattle weighing over 800 pounds- increased 15% from a year ago. He has the opinion that this might "suggest feedlot operators are planning to feed and market the heavier animals aggressively. That is, they'll probably try to feed them about three months, then move them out to packers." He says that could pressure April Live Cattle Futures today.

Between the Holidays- generally quiet before the rush of the New Year.
We have a lot on our plate early in 2007- including coverage early on of the 2007 American Farm Bureau Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Between now and then, it will be fairly quiet as we allow 2006 to expire and greet 2007 next week.

We do remind you virtually all livestock auction barns are closed this week- some will reopen next week- some like those that operate primarily on Mondays will not reopen until January 8, 2007. Check the schedule of the sale barn you frequent if you have plans to hauling cattle anytime soon.

Futures will be trading normal hours today through Thursday- then an early close at noon central time on Friday and closed for New Years Day next Monday.

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