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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Tuesday January 30, 2007!
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-- Governor Henry to announce Major Oklahoma Push for Renewable Energy this afternoon!
-- Johanns to unveil his farm bill proposal tomorrow morning- then the USDA will blitz the country!
-- New OSU Dairy Specialist Noah Litherland has a pair of Dairy Field Days on Tap!
-- Later today- we'll begin to have entries on our Bovine Blog from the Cattle Industry Convention!
-- Nitrogen Management Workshops begin Today in Kiowa County!
-- Five Oklahoma Pork Producers a part of the National Pork Producers Delegate Body

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Governor Henry to announce Major Oklahoma Push for Renewable Energy this afternoon!
Governor Brad Henry this afternoon will announce a major legislative proposal to position Oklahoma as a leader in renewable energy. “With 60 percent of the nation’s oil supply coming from foreign countries, the need for renewable energy is a clearly a matter of national security,” the Governor said. “The U.S. spends approximately $320 billion each year on imported oil. And that stark reality has made us reliant on a number of nations openly hostile to America and even supportive of terrorism. That dependency clearly places us in an untenable position.”

In addition to strengthening U.S. efforts for energy independence, the Governor’s proposal would contribute to the diversification of the state’s economy, create high-paying jobs and help revitalize rural Oklahoma. He will be joined by Oklahoma Secretary of Energy David Fleischaker, Secretary of Environment Miles Tolbert and Secretary of Agriculture Terry Peach.

Oklahoma has at least two major players in the efforts to develop Cellulosic Ethanol to help use products like switchgrass, wheat stubble and other agricultural forage products to produce ethanol. Both Oklahoma State University and the Noble Foundation have contributed to the efforts to make Cellulosic Ethanol a reality- and most experts agree that ethanol made from these type products offer the real hope to make ethanol economically viable to be twenty or twenty five percent of our total fuel supply.

Johanns to unveil his farm bill proposal tomorrow morning- then the USDA will blitz the country!
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns will soon begin making the rounds to promote the Bush Administration’s new farm bill proposal. Johanns will announce the details of the proposal during a morning press conference Wednesday.

Following the official announcement - Secretary Johanns begins touring the country to share the details with various commodity groups and farmers. The first stop is Tunica, Mississippi Wednesday afternoon. From there - he will fly to the Iowa Power Farming Show in Des Moines for a Wednesday evening event. On Thursday morning the Secretary goes to Modesto, California where he will present his report at the Stanislaus County Agriculture Center. And on Friday - Johanns will be in Nashville, Tennessee for a program on RFD-TV before heading for the National Cattleman’s Beef Association Annual Convention.

The Secretary says the proposal he will unveil reflects the views heard during USDA’s 52 Farm Bill Forums held across the country. USDA is calling the expected blitz of Secretary Johanns and several Undersecretaries over the next week their "report back to the people." We understand there will be an event in Oklahoma City early next week but the details are still being nailed down and we have been asked to hold on the release of that event at this point.

New OSU Dairy Specialist Noah Litherland has a pair of Dairy Field Days on Tap!
Two Dairy Industry Informational meetings have been planned by Noah Litherland, Oklahoma State's Dairy Specialist. These meetings being planned are set for February 12 in Chickasha and February 14 in Pryor. The theme for these two meetings is "A Focus on Efficiency."

The Chickasha meeting will be held at the Grady County fairgrounds on the 12th, while the Pryor Meeting is planned on Valentine's Day at the Northeast Vo-Tech Center in Pryor. One of the featured speakers will be Dr. Les Hensen of the University of Minnesota- his specialty is genetic improvement in dairy cattle.

Also on the program will be Dr. Derrell Peel of OSU looking at market conditions for dairy producers. Litherland is hopeful for a good turnout from dairymen across the state. If you want more information, you can contact him at the OSU Animal Science Department in Stillwater- that number is 405-744- 6058.

Click here to listen to Ron as he visits with Noah Litherland about the state of the Dairy business in Oklahoma.

Later today- we'll begin to have entries on our Bovine Blog from the Cattle Industry Convention!
We are headed for Nashville and the 2007 Cattle Industry Convention and Trade show, which is beginning to crank up today and runs into Saturday. Tomorrow, the spotlight will be the Cattlemen's College, with Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh among those who will be speaking to cattle producers.

Later in the week, cattlemen will hear from Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns and a whole host of USDA folks. The annual Cattlefax Market Outlook will be especially interesting this year, given several wild cards that are in the cattle market equation for 2007- the most winter weather in the southern Plains in several years, uncertain beef demand, beef export markets that have been slow to open and the biggest wildcard of them all- ethanol!

We will have a web site where we will be posting interviews and thoughts from Nashville daily- in fact several times each day this week- so please check back from time to time to see what's happening at this annual gathering of the movers and shakers in the beef business!

Click here for the Bovine Blog from the Cattle Industry Convention this week in Nashville!

Nitrogen Management Workshops begin Today in Kiowa County!
Many Oklahoma crop producers have heard of Nitrogen Rich Strips and hand held GreenSeekerTM. These are used to determine appropriate nitrogen topdress rates for wheat. In an effort to expose farmers to this technology, OSU Cooperative Extension put ramped nitrogen strips on almost 600 farmers’ fields in the fall of 2006 and provided many county Extension Offices with hand held sensors. The purpose of these workshops is to inform producers about this program and demonstrate sensor based nitrogen management principles.

The first of five workshops across the state showing off this space age technology is today in Kiowa County. Next Monday, the second of the workshops is planned in Canadian County- and Extension Agent Brad Tipton asks that whoever wants to come to his county's free workshop let them know by this Friday so they can have a reasonably accurate mealcount- that number to call is 405-262-0155.

Next Tuesday, the third of the seminars will be held in Dewey County, while next Wednesday is the date for the workshop in Kay County, while February 12th is the last of these planned events, to be held in Mayes County. Check with your local OSU Extension Office for details of the workshop that is closest to you and check out what might be the very best way to ensure that you have not too much- not too little- but just the right amount of Nitrogen on your wheat fields!

Five Oklahoma Pork Producers a part of the National Pork Producers Delegate Body
Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns has named 154 pork producers from across the United States to be members of the National Pork Producers Delegate body. All appointees will serve a 1-year term.

Those from Oklahoma include:
Ronald L. Dill
Chuck E. Luthi
David E. Richardson
Clifford G. Treadway

Established under the Pork Promotion, Research, and Consumer Information Act of 1985, the Delegate Body and the National Pork Board have implemented a national program designed to improve the pork industry's position in the marketplace by investing the Pork Checkoff at the national level. These delegate members will be seated in early March at the National Pork Industry Forum to be held in Anaheim, California.

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