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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday March 7, 2007!
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-- Oklahoma Soybean Growers Gather Tomorrow in Claremore.
-- Collin Peterson to be the Lead Sponsor in the effort to clarify that Manure is not a hazardous waste under Superfund Law!
-- State Democratic Lawmaker says he has a potential conflict- won't vote on State Manure Bill
-- Hall of Fame Nominees Needed at ODA by next week.
-- Tyson Foods Pledges more New Beef and Pork Products and fewer Chicken products in the coming year!
-- South Korea continues to play Rope-A-Dope with the U.S. over Beef Shipments into South Korea.
-- Congratulations to Chelsea Spencer of Stillwater!

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Oklahoma Soybean Growers Gather Tomorrow in Claremore.
The 2007 Oklahoma Soybean Expo is set for tomorrow at the Rogers County Building on the Claremore Expo Grounds. A good program has been planned by Rick Reimer and the Oklahoma Soybean Board.

That program includes the latest on new technology and how that is impacting producers presented by Dan Poston of Mississippi State University, Tom Verry of the National Biodiesel Board on the current state of the biodiesel Industry, a Grower Panel that will discuss tillage practices that work for us here in Oklahoma and even the latest on the Qualisoy efforts to produce soybeans with no trans fat.

The Oklahoma Soybean Expo will also feature exhibits and even lunch for those participating. For last minute info on the event- contact Rick Reimer at 918-343- 2326.

Collin Peterson to be the Lead Sponsor in the effort to clarify that Manure is not a hazardous waste under Superfund Law!
A bipartisan group of House and Senate lawmakers, including House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin C. Peterson, will hold a news briefing tomorrow to discuss the introduction of legislation to clarify a law that unintentionally impacts America's farmers and ranchers. The bipartisan legislation would clarify that livestock manure, which many agricultural producers utilize in their traditional farming practices, is not classified as a hazardous waste under CERCLA, otherwise known as the "Superfund law." If normal animal manure is found to be a hazardous substance under Superfund law, then virtually every farm operation in the country could be potentially exposed to liabilities and penalties under the Superfund law, an outcome Congress never intended.

Besides Peterson. other lead sponsors will be Congressman Ralph Hall of Texas (who also was a lead sponsor in the unsuccessful effort to get this legislation through in 2006) in the House, while Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Republican Pete Dominici of New Mexico will be lead sponsors in the Senate.

We talk with Congressman Peterson about this Federal push for clarification of CERCLA as it relates to animal waste, as well as the issue of banning Horse Slaughter for human consumption- all of that on our Wednesday Beef Buzz from the Radio Oklahoma Network. You can link to that below.

Click here for the latest Beef Buzz with House Ag Committee Chairman Collin Peterson.

State Democratic Lawmaker says he has a potential conflict- won't vote on State Manure Bill
State Senator Sean Burrage, a Democrat from Claremore, has been told by Attorney General Drew Edmondson that because the law firm that he has an interest in represents Tyson Foods, that he should not be voting on SB 709, the measure that would define manure as not being a hazardous waste.

Edmondson, who is suing Tyson and other northwest Arkansas Poultry Companies for alleged pollution of the Illinois River watershed with chicken litter, has spoken publicly about his opinion that Burrage has a conflict and should not be voting on that measure- even though the chicken industry is not specifically mentioned in the legislation.

Burrage did cast a vote in favor of the measure at the Committee level, as 709 passed. The measure now awaits full Senate consideration and a companion measure is being considered by the House. In 2006, the House passed a similar measure, but Senate consideration was buried by Senate Democratic leadership. While the Attorney General has indicated that the measure will not apply to his current lawsuit, many say it would be an embarrassment to Edmondson if the bill is passed by both bodies and is signed into law by Governor Henry, also a Democrat. Industry observers tell us that the Governor could be in a tough spot if the bill reaches his desk- should he support the AG and veto the bill- if he does, that could weaken future political ambitions by angering key rural groups.

Hall of Fame Nominees Needed at ODA by next week.
The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture is making a final call to the agricultural community for nominations for candidates for the Oklahoma Agriculture Hall of Fame.

Any living person who derives the bulk of their income, or has retired from an agricultural enterprise, is eligible for nomination. Candidates for consideration are agricultural leaders who have exemplified personal values, dedication to community service, excelled in production and performance and who have provided a strong role model for the state’s youth. “This is the most prestigious award in Oklahoma agriculture and I think it’s even more special this year due to our centennial celebration,” said Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture, Terry Peach. “Our state was opened for settlement by farmers and ranchers so the award will probably get even more attention than ever this year.” Last year’s inductee into the Oklahoma Agriculture Hall of Fame was Murray Williams, Altus, OK cotton grower and livestock producer.

We have linked to the ODA web site and specifically to the Hall of Fame nomination page- which has the rules for the entry process. if you have questions about the Hall of Fame nominating process- contact Jason Harvey at 405-522-5563.

Click here for the ODA's Ag Hall of Fame Nomination form

Tyson Foods Pledges more New Beef and Pork Products and fewer Chicken products in the coming year!
Tyson Foods of Springdale, Arkansas opened a brand new state of the art Research and Development Center- calling it their Discovery Center. They hope to discover some new product ideas and turn them into new product winners for the largest meat processing company in the world.

In particular, Dick Bond of Tyson says that he is hopeful that the Center will help them drive more new products down through the pipeline for their beef business, which has been lagging with the continued problems in key Asian export markets. Bond says concentrating the work in one center will speed development time for new products for institutional customers and time-stressed consumers, who, according to Tyson market research, have less and less time to prepare meals. "It's more than just a building. It is the hub for food innovation," Bond said.

Tyson officials indicate that they rolled out more than 460 new products this past year- the majority of them chicken. As they go forward, they indicate they hope to keep rolling out about that many new products annually, but will be focusing more on beef products, as well as pork.

South Korea continues to play Rope-A-Dope with the U.S. over Beef Shipments into South Korea.
You may recall the "Rope-A-Dope" style was made famous by the boxer known way back in the early 1960s as Cassius Clay- later known as Mohammed Ali. He called it by this name when he allowed another fighter to pound on him till they had no more strength- then Ali stepped up and beat them and steal back the victory. Well, it seems like South Korea is using that technique on the U.S. over our beef shipments and have continued to keep our beef out of their market- something that pleases their Ministry of Agriculture a great deal- Korean Consumers be darned.

Korean and U.S. officials got nowhere yesterday in Washington as they discussed the beef issue. South Korea made the same offer they made a few weeks back- that is, they would continue to examine every box with a fine tooth comb and x-rays. If they find any bone chips, they will reject that box, but will allow the rest of the shipment to enter the market. This pertains to boneless beef from animals under 30 months of age.

The US has demanded that Korea follow OIE standards, which says bones are not an issue with BSE- the key is to remove the Specified Risk Materials at the time of slaughter. The Koreans are saying they don't care about what the OIE says- they will keep up their requirements in place. All of this as the two countries negotiate a Free Trade Agreement. US Lawmakers have told Korea to forget about a deal until they fully reopen their market to US beef based on the OIE standards. So, the game of "chicken" over beef continues.

Congratulations to Chelsea Spencer of Stillwater!
Chelsea is the Reserve Champion Premiere Exhibitor in the beef division of the National Western Livestock Show held earlier this year in Denver. Scoring in the premier exhibitor contests is based on live and carcass placings of the animal, personal interviews and a prepared speech.

Spencer wins a $1000 scholarship for her efforts that were rated second in the beef division of the event. The Premiere Exhibitor Champion was a young man from California.

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