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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Thursday April 5, 2007!
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-- Should Oklahoma Wheat Producers worry about foliar fungicides in 2007???
-- How cold will it get- and how long will freezing temps last?
-- Maybe by the end of the year- we will have "full access" into the Korean market with our beef!
-- The Global Mad Cow Forecast- it's on the decline!
-- Monsanto sales soar on back of corn success!
-- Check our Calendar Page Regularly!
-- A trio of Stations in the Bartlesville area help spread Ron on RON!

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Here's your morning farm news headlines from the Director of Farm Programming for the Radio Oklahoma Network, Ron Hays. Our email this morning is a service of Midwest Farm Shows, featuring the Southern Plains Farm Show in Oklahoma City April 19-21, 2007, as well as the Tulsa Farm Show held each December. Check out details of both of these exciting shows at the official website of Midwest Farm Shows by clicking here.

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Should Oklahoma Wheat Producers worry about foliar fungicides in 2007???
State Wheat Specialist Dr. Jeff Edwards is not giving us a "yes" or a "no" on this question, but he has provided a boatload of information to ponder on the possibilities of foliar disease in our wheat here in 2007- and what a wheat farmer can do if he chooses to pull the trigger.

He does tell us the cardinal rule number one for foliar fungicides is that they don't make more bushels of wheat- they help you more fully preserve the bushel potential that you have. Jeff says that for example, an application of foliar fungicide will not make 40 bushel wheat jump to 60 bushels of wheat being produced- but rather, the fungicide treatment can have the potential of keeping 60 bushel wheat on track, instead of allowing a fungus to drop that yield back to 40 bushels per acre.

Foliar Fungicides and Russian Wheat Aphids are the topics of the day in the latest Oklahoma Wheat Production Newsletter that has been assembled by Dr. Edwards and his colleagues at OSU. We have it linked on our front page- and we have it linked below for your consideration as well.

Click here for the latest OSU Wheat Production Newsletter from Dr. Jeff Edwards!

How cold will it get- and how long will freezing temps last?
These are the two key questions that we face between now and Sunday as perhaps the last system with freezing conditions for the bulk of the state has arrived.

This morning, we have temperatures in the mid 30s over a lot of northern Oklahoma, and more of the same predicted for Friday morning. The coldest weather from this system appears to be in the works for Saturday morning and then a little colder yet for Easter Sunrise Services on Sunday morning. North of I-40, we have predictions into the mid 20s before bouncing to a fairly nice Easter Sunday afternoon and warmer as we get into next week.

We hope to have some models to share with you tomorrow morning for computing some of the possible problems these temperatures here in April could have on early planted crops and especially what may be happening with what has been reported as an "ahead of schedule" winter wheat crop. In the meantime, go to the link below to read what the National Weather Service is saying in a special weather statement for a lot of Oklahoma and North Texas.

Click here for the latest from the NWS on Colder weather this Easter weekend.

Maybe by the end of the year- we will have "full access" into the Korean market with our beef!
An Agriculture Ministry source in South Korea has told their Yonhap news agency that it is possible that we could see a deal in place where US beef from animals of any age- boneless or bone-in, could be accepted into South Korea once again, as long as the Specified Risk Materials are properly removed by the processing plant.

The key remains that OIE ruling that the United States is a "controlled risk" country when it comes to BSE. This means that the OIE- the international animal health organization- ruling is crucial to dealing with South Korea, as well as China and Russia in getting these countries on board to "normalize" trade with these countries.

We are still talking negotiations with a country that is one of the toughest in the world to haggle with over trade matters- so while we can have confidence that full reopening is out there and on its way- it may be like Moses and and the Children of Israel and may find itself "wandering the desert for years before we get a shot at the "promised land."

Click here on the South Korean article on "year end" possibilities of getting our beef back in Korea!

The Global Mad Cow Forecast- it's on the decline!
Kinda like Elvis who has left the building, the experts are saying more and more that BSE is on the decline after peaking in the mid 1990s in Great Britain and Europe.

We talk about that today on the Beef Buzz with Dr. Gary Smith of Colorado State University. Dr. Smith is one of the top Meat Scientists on the planet and we continue our conversation with him today on the Beef Buzz.

Click below to be taken to the latest Beef Buzz- one of our radio features that is a part of the audio offerings we provide daily on the Radio Oklahoma Network!

Click here for the latest Beef Buzz with Ron chatting with Dr. Gary Smith on BSE.

Monsanto sales soar on back of corn success!
Monsanto has reported strong second quarter and first half sales increases, boosted by higher demand for its corn products in the United States. The biotech giant yesterday announced "record" net sales of $2.6bn for its second quarter, 19 percent up from last year's figure. Net sales for the company's first half of fiscal year 2007 reached the "record-to-date" figure of $4.2bn, 15 percent up on last year.

According to Monsanto, sales were driven by increased corn seed and traits revenues in the US, although increased sales in the current quarter were partially offset by lower soybean seed and traits revenues in the country, as the total number of soybean acres is expected to be reduced in favor of corn. "While the 2007 agriculture season is shaping up to be an outstanding one, the strong demand that we've seen for our higher-yielding corn seeds and our higher-margin, triple-trait corn technology has translated into an excellent second quarter and first half for our business," said Monsanto chairman, president and chief executive officer Hugh Grant in a statement.

Monsanto's Seeds and Genomics segment, which includes its global seeds, traits and genetic technology platforms, grew 22 percent in the quarter as a result of stronger demand for the firm's branded corn seed products. The company said that this year its national corn seed brands are poised to gain market share in the United States for the sixth consecutive year. The increase could be 3 or more percentage points, it said, which would be the largest one-year gain for Monsanto brands in the corn seed market.

Check our Calendar Page Regularly!
We have multiple items on the Calendar for April and May that are listed on the web site that we offer to you 24/7.

I would invite you to go and check all of those items out- many of them have links that you can click on and be taken to other web sites or pages we have archived that give you more details on various events. AND, if you have an event that your group is promoting that is not listed here- send me an email and we will be glad to include it on our calendar page!

One of the interesting things we have on the calendar coming up fairly soon is the Seminar entitled "Sustainability in Agriculture"- a Conference that will look at not depending on “corporate agriculture” and going back towards a more “traditional” farming and ranching model. This is a part of the 6th annual Oklahoma Sustainability Network Conference, and this is to be held April 20-21- there is a link on our site linked below to get you more information on this event and a lot more.

Click here for our Ag Event Calendar on our web site, OklahomaFarmReport.Com!

A trio of Stations in the Bartlesville area help spread Ron on RON!
Our friend Kevin Potter has a great lineup of stations that he operates out of Bartlesville and three of those stations are a part of the Radio Oklahoma Network agricultural radio team!

One of the heritage stations in Oklahoma is KWON, a news talk station at 1400 on the AM dial. K-One carries five reports a day from RON, including the following:
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Finally, back on the AM dial, we also are proud to be on KPGM AM, licensed to Pawhuska in Osage County, one of the great cattle counties in America! KPGM offers six reports daily to their listeners-
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