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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Thursday May 24, 2007!
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-- There's more than one way to beat a Governor's Veto.
-- Dairy and COOL and maybe more on the plate for the House Ag Subcommittee on Livestock.
-- Japanese audits about done and have gone well!
-- NACD and AFT and others don't like Peterson's plan to shelve CSP.
-- Election Day Reminder for Wheat Producers in Northwest Oklahoma!
-- OCA riding into town with the 2007 Range Roundup!
-- POP sees waving fields of Canola across the Oklahoma Plains.

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There's more than one way to beat a Governor's Veto.
Governor Brad Henry decided to veto SB95 this week- that's the so called "Trespass" bill that has been coveted by several agricultural groups- including the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association. This bill would have required that individuals have permission to hunt or fish on private land devoted to farming, ranching or forestry. Hunting or fishing without such permission would be trespassing.

Executive Director Scott Dewald says the "emergency" clause on the bill tripped up efforts to get a successful override- seems it takes a 75% super majority to override a bill with the "emergency" clause attached versus just a two thirds super majority for a measure without that expedited implementation.

The report from the Capital is that Senator Corn of Poteau is in the process of taking the guts of the vetoed bill and moving it to another bill- scuttling it's original intent and allowing the Trespass proposal take on it's identity- and then run it through yet this week without the "emergency" clause. The trick is that Governor Henry can still veto the measure after the lawmakers have gone home- but since this is the first half of the current Legislative session- plans are already being formulated to mount a veto override vote next February when the second half kicks off!

Dairy and COOL and maybe more on the plate for the House Ag Subcommittee on Livestock.
The House Agriculture Committee marches on with their marking up of the 2007 Farm Bill proposal- the second 'bite of the apple" comes this morning as the House Ag Subcommittee on Livestock and Dairy will meet- and consider mostly Dairy provisions to "mark up" and forward on to the full committee.

There will likely be some amendments offered that will address things like livestock concentration- but that type of language is unlikely to come out of the House Ag Committee this year. It will get a warmer reception when the Senate Ag Committee gets around to marking up their legislation sometime in June or perhaps July.

We have linked the House Ag Committee's Farm Bill page below- you can take a look at the outline of things that the Committee leadership has deemed as the items they want to see in the Livestock related titles for this farm bill. It also provides a lot of detail of the amendments that were accepted by the House Ag Subcommittee on Conservation, Credit, Research and Energy on Tuesday of this week.

Click here for the House Ag Committee Farm Bill page on their website.

Japanese audits about done and have gone well!
Phil Seng of the U.S. Meat Export Federation told reporters on Wednesday that USMEF is hearing that the audits being conducted of US processing plants across the United States by Japanese government officials have gone well- and they are very hopeful that this will result in a move by the Japanese government to very soon drop the requirement of checking 100 percent of the boxes of beef being imported into Japan from the United States. If that happens- and we go back to a random sample of boxes checked- that will greatly aid in getting trade in Japan above the "trickle level" that we have faced for almost a year now.

Seng is also hopeful that the OIE ruling of this week will result in getting several nations on their way to fully reopening to US beef based on these internationally accepted scientific principles. He noted that both Japan and South Korea voted with every other country in the OIE for the "controlled Risk" status of US beef.

We have Phil Seng as our guest today on the Beef Buzz- a daily show that we produce on the Radio Oklahoma Network. Check it out below or go to our website and click on the button that says Beef Buzz on the left hand side of the page.

Click here for today's Beef Buzz with Ron and Phil Seng!

NACD and AFT and others don't like Peterson's plan to shelve CSP.
At least two conservation groups have stepped up and decried the freezing of the Conservation Security Program until 2013, effectively using CSP monies between now and then to pay for contracts already signed- and that will be it.

The National Association of Conservation Districts applauded the Subcommittee for their work on addressing working lands issues by placing as a priority the EQIP program. They note that the EQIP support comes at a price as NACD says "We are disappointed that the proposal eliminates new sign ups for the Conservation Security Program for the life of the next Farm Bill." NACD says that they expect a "robust" debate as the full committee considers the Conservation title.

The American Farmland Trust issued a statement that stopped short of telling the lawmakers that they should move money away from the Commodities title and to Conservation- but they came close. Their President Ralph Grossi says in their release "Most farmers and ranchers don't benefit from current policies, and current conservation policies are inadequate for those farmers they are intended to support; farmers want to do more for our environment and natural resources; too many people in this country don't have access to healthy and nutritious food; and commodity subsidies are not helping our rural communities prosper." He adds that we need to get the Conservation issues "right" and find enough money to properly reward farmers and land owners for good stewardship.

Click here and you can read the full American Farmland Trust release which provides some insights into their priorities for the 2007 Farm Bill debate.

Election Day Reminder for Wheat Producers in Northwest Oklahoma!
Today is the day for the Oklahoma Wheat Commission election in Guymon. The election will be held Thurs., May 24, 2007, commencing at 2 p.m. in the Texas County Activities Center, 4th and Sunset, Guymon, Okla. District II consists of Beaver, Cimarron, Ellis, Harper, Texas, Woods and Woodward counties. This is the seat now held by Tom Stephens of Guymon.

Candidates wishing to run in the election must be at least 25 years old, a resident of Oklahoma, engaged in growing wheat in the state for at least five years and must derive a substantial portion of his/her income from growing wheat. Three nominations will be made at the election, from which the Governor of Oklahoma will appoint one person to serve a five year term with the Oklahoma Wheat Commission. The Commission's vacancy meeting, which is open to the public, will begin at noon, and the election will begin promptly at 2 p.m.

OCA riding into town with the 2007 Range Roundup!
Friday and Saturday are the dates set for the 2007 Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association's Range Roundup- their 23rd annual renewal of this Ranch Rodeo Oklahoma style. The President of the OCA, Jim Birdwell of Fletcher, has penned a special invitation that resides on the OCA website- and I wanted to share it with you.

"For over 22 years the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association and it's Range Round-Up Committee has been focused on one goal; raising money for children's medical research. This focus and decades of hard work has created an awesome experience we like to call Cowboys Helping Kids.
We hosted our first Range Round-Up in 1985, and to this day the event features 12 of Oklahoma's most historic ranch teams in head to head competition for nothing more than bruises and bragging rights. The teams consist of Oklahoma's working ranch hands and the events are examples of how those ranch hands live their lives and make their living.
As we prepare for our 23rd Annual OCA Range Round-Up in 2007 we invite you to saddle up and become our partner in Cowboy's Helping Kids. On behalf of the OCA Range Round Up Committee and the members of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association we thank you for taking time to purchase your tickets today. We look forward to seeing you May 25th and 26th 2007 at the State Fair Arena. "

Best number to order tickets is the local Tickets.Com number which is 405-948-6807.

POP sees waving fields of Canola across the Oklahoma Plains.
Another of the folks that we caught up with during last week's Lahoma Field Day was Gene Neuens of Plains Oilseed Products, LLC- otherwise known as POP. Neuens says plans are moving forward for the building of a processing facility that can handle the extraction of oil from various oilseed crops- but he says the main focus for POP is Canola. Neuens sees great potential with winter Canola here in Oklahoma- he sees a half milliona cres as very attainable in future years.

He told participants at the Lahoma field Day that that POP will announce details of a plan to offer a contract for Canola acres by late June or early July for fall planting. We have our conversation with Gene linked below- take a listen and stay tuned- we will have further details on their plans in the weeks ahead.

Take a listen to Ron and Gene Neuens on POP plans for 2007.

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