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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Thursday May 31, 2007!
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-- Will Wheat Harvest finally pick up steam the next couple of days?!?
-- Goat Field Day Coming this Saturday in Ada!
-- Former Kansas Senator Bob Dole Calls for the End of Direct Farm Payments and a Lower Payment Cap.
-- Frank Lucas Holding Town Hall Meetings along I-40 today and tomorrow.
-- A US Firm on the South Korean Naughty List after Sending TWO boxes with bone in beef ribs!
-- Oklahoma Ag Hall of Fame Inductee for 2007 to be Announced on Monday
-- Next Saturday- It's the Cream of the Crop being sold!

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Will Wheat Harvest finally pick up steam the next couple of days?!?
It appears the weather may be starting to turn in our favor of getting drying conditions and a chance to get rolling on the 2007 Oklahoma Wheat Harvest- waiting for that to occur, we sat down and talked with Mark Hodges of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission about one area where we probably have had some damage from prolonged moisture- south of Lawton in eastern Tillman County and Cotton County. Wheat in some of the fields in that area is starting to turn black from a fungus build up after excessive rain has beat up the wheat crop that had so much promise for those producers.

The rest of the southwestern section of Oklahoma probably has not had much, if any damage, sustained by the wheat as of yet- at least from the rains. It is likely that we will see the impact of leaf rust on this year's crop as harvest unfolds. And with rain chances finally falling to around 20% each day for the next several days- with winds from a southerly direction picking up and temperatures into the 80s, the wheat will be drying down, mud will become solid enough for combines to be supported and the machines will run.

We sat down in the Oklahoma Wheat Commission offices on Wednesday afternoon and talked at length with Mark Hodges of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission about the slow start to harvest- and what lies ahead in the getting this crop from the field to the bin in the next thirty days. Click below and check out that conversation.

Click here to listen to Ron and Mark Hodges talk 2007 Wheat Harvest Status.

Goat Field Day Coming this Saturday in Ada!
The event is planned for the farm of J.J. Jones this Saturday and is for producers who already have or are considering getting meat goats, this workshop will feature a discussion of the forthcoming OSU Extension goat handbook, a tour of the Jones' meat goat operation, and basic goat care and marketing.

We have a link below to more details on this weekend's Goat Workshop from the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture. You can also get information by calling the Kerr Center at 918.647.9123.

CLick here for details on the Meat Goat Workshop coming to Ada this Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm.

Former Kansas Senator Bob Dole Calls for the End of Direct Farm Payments and a Lower Payment Cap.
The report's name is "Competing and Succeeding in the 21st Century: New Markets for American Agriculture" and has been authored by both former Kansas Senator Bob Dole and South Dakotan Tom Daschle. They call for big changes in current farm policy and seem to line up with some of the things that current Chairman of the Senate Ag Committee Tom Harkin is wanting to pursue in the writing of the 2007 Farm Bill.

Senator Dole, long a friend of the wheat industry, either has not talked to or doesn't buy the arguments being advanced by the National Association of Wheat Growers, as he says current corn prices have also pulled up wheat prices and has made Direct Farm Payments unnecessary. At a news briefing yesterday in Washington, the former Senate Majority Leader also expressed his support for a lower payment cap than we currently have in law- as he is on board with those who want a $250,000 hard cap versus the current $360,000 payment limitation. The Senators proposed eliminating direct payments to farmers but retaining countercyclical payments, which pay farmers when prices are low(as long as you produce a crop). They also proposed continued support for ethanol production, and programs to get farmers more involved in energy production and carbon sequestration.

We have a link below that will take you to the full report. I thought Colin Peterson of Minnesota, the current Chairman of the House Ag Committee, summed this report up pretty well as he commented after it's release yesterday that the former lawmakers have some "good ideas" but appear "to be ahead of their time" when it comes to wanting to make wholesale change in current policies. You might remember the comments of K-State Farm Policy Guru Barry Flinchbaugh(as well as OSU's Michael Dicks) who have both said many times that in most cases farm policy is evolutionary and not revolutionary.

Click here to be taken to where you can download the full report authored by Dole and Daschle.

Frank Lucas Holding Town Hall Meetings along I-40 today and tomorrow.
Town Hall Meetings are being planned by Oklahoma's man on the House Ag Committee today in Sayre, Elk City, Clinton and Weatherford today- followed by Yukon, El Reno, Watonga and Seiling on Friday.

We have the details linked on our calendar page of WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com which we have linked below. It's an excellent opportunity to be able to offer your ideas to the Congressman, and have give and take on a variety issues, including agriculture.

Click here for the Calendar Page on our website- scroll down and click on Frank Lucas' name to get his Town Hall Schedule.

A US Firm on the South Korean Naughty List after Sending TWO boxes with bone in beef ribs!
We simply can NOT stand prosperity it seems when it comes to dealing with some of our Asian beef customers. The latest evidence of that comes as South Korea's Ag Ministry reports that they have found two boxes of regular bone in beef ribs as a part of a 15 ton shipment that arrived this past Friday in Seoul.

They have not yet released the name of the offending company and plant- but they have been suspended pending further investigation- and the South Koreans are trying to decide if they will just reject the two boxes or the entire shipment, since this is such a blatant violation.

The Koreans had said this spring they would reject just individual boxes of beef if they were found to have bone chips- not the entire shipment that they came with- but this miscue is well outside of the bounds of a misplaced bone chip or two- it shows incompetence, plain and simple, and surely makes the job of USDA's Dr. Chuck Lambert and others who deal with South Korea just that much harder.

Click here for a news update(from Korea's perspective) on the Beef Shipment Snafu into South Korea.

Oklahoma Ag Hall of Fame Inductee for 2007 to be Announced on Monday
In the past few years, they have tied the announcement of the Ag Hall of Fame Inductee for that year to other events- Ag Day or the Governor's Conference on Ag for example- but this year year, it's going to be a stand alone event as the 10th member of the Hall of Fame will be announced.

This coming Monday, June 4th, Governor Brad Henry is scheduled to announce the 2007 inductee into the Oklahoma Agriculture Hall of Fame- the announcement to be made at the Agriculture Building at 11 am.

We have linked to the ODAFF web site and the Hall of Fame page, where you can see the list of the nine Hall of Fame members that have been installed in previous years. Last year, Murry Williams from Altus was the inductee- Williams was one of the most influential cotton farmers ever to call Oklahoma home during his time of service through the National Cotton Council and more in the 1970s and 1980s.

Click here for a listing and the stories of the Nine Current Members of the Oklahoma Ag Hall of Fame.

Next Saturday- It's the Cream of the Crop being sold!
Kris Black's Cream of the Crop Female Sale will be held Saturday, June 9 at twelve noon. The Sale will feature over 450 replacement females including Fall bred cows and heifers and spring pairs. This set includes many black baldies and Maine- Simm-Angus composites females. Sale will be held at the ranch 15 minutes north of Cheyenne, OK and just west of Roll on Hwy 33. For more information you can call 800-975-6313.

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