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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday June 27, 2007!
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-- Harvest 2007- A Chaotic Mess!
-- US and Japanese Officials talk US beef safety
-- Talking Farm Subsidy Database and Farm Policy with the EWG
-- Signup for the Master Cattlemen Summit Now Available
-- A Daily Feature Available on our Website- the Morning Farm News with Ron Hays on RON
-- Congressman Cole Touting the Chisholm Trail as a National Treasure
-- AMI Proclaims "The Market Works!"

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Here's your morning farm news headlines from the Director of Farm Programming for the Radio Oklahoma Network, Ron Hays. Our email this morning is a service of Midwest Farm Shows, featuring the recently concluded Southern Plains Farm Show in Oklahoma City, as well as the Tulsa Farm Show held each December. Check out details of both of these exciting shows at the official website of Midwest Farm Shows by clicking here.

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Harvest 2007- A Chaotic Mess!
Actually, I stole that term this morning from the current National Weather Service Forecast Discussion for our state as they try to describe the current Oklahoma weather map. The NWS says that we have multiple circulations swirling above us with moisture being pulled around them, giving us chances of rain everywhere you look. That pretty well tells you the chances of harvest progress for yet another day- as Pat Roberts likes to say- "Slim and None- and Slim was just seen riding out of town."

One of our banker friends from the Panhandle did report that some of his customers have had good yields from not just the irrigated circles, but even the non irrigated corners. He tells of one farmer that reports 77 bushels per acre in the non irrigated corners around one circle and 107 bushels per acre inside the circle for the irrigated wheat.

Back to the National Weather Service- they indicate that we might see all of this circulation stuff move eastward the next few days and that a drier ridge could be set up by middle of next week- although there is little certainty that such a formation could be strong enough to push away these rain bearing circulations.

Click here for the front page of our website- we will offer harvest updates as we have them today- check in but don't expect a lot of fresh information as it now stands.

US and Japanese Officials talk US beef safety
The first of two days of talks between Japanese and US officials is over in Tokyo- and the hope is that the Japanese will begin to budge on their stance of accepting only beef from animals younger than 20 months of age.

Two interesting notes on this meeting- the US is presenting the data given to the OIE which helped establish the United States as a "controlled risk" country when it comes to BSE. I would assume this is actually the second time the Japanese has seen this material as they are members of the international animal health organization. Of even more interest is the fact that the Japanese are supposed to offer details of their mouse tests on tissue from two cows that were claimed to have BSE by the Japanese and were just 21 and 23 months of age. The rest of the world remains skeptical that these animals actually had BSE and the Japanese have apparently had no luck in getting BSE to grow out of the tissue from these animals. How they present those findings should be fascinating.

We continue our conversation with Gregg Doud of the NCBA on today's Beef Buzz, as we focus on the Japanese today and what continues to be an extremely slow process of getting this market reopened. The Beef Buzz can be heard daily on Radio Oklahoma Network Stations as well as being downloaded from our website on the Beef Buzz page. We also have a direct link to today's program by going to the link below.

Click here to listen to our Beef Buzz with Ron and Gregg Doud.

Talking Farm Subsidy Database and Farm Policy with the EWG
Sandra Schubert is the Director for Government Affairs for the Environmental Working Group in Washington. Schubert is one of the key people that has helped develop the farm subsidy database that so many in production agriculture have cussed. It is now in its third generation and has received a million hits after being released just a couple of weeks ago.

This latest generation of the Farm Subsidy Database goes even deeper into who gets what support payment from which program. It's timing is no coincidence- the EWG folks clearly want to have an impact on the writing of the 2007 Farm Bill. Schubert is a fan of Farm21, the measure offered by Congressman Ron Kind who we spotlighted earlier this week. She holds in great disdain those who receive large sums of support money from the government under current farm programs. She says this latest version of the database shows that the top ten percent of those who receive farm price supports receive 56% of the Commodity Title money. Here in Oklahoma, $539 million were received by Oklahoma producers in Commodity subsidies in the three year period 2003-2005. If you add the Conservation programs into the mix, that number goes up to more than $700 million dollars for that period.

We spent the better part of an hour with the EWG folks- and wanted to share with you that complete conversation. We have it linked on our Featured Audio page on our website- and a direct link for you below. In addition, if you want to go check out the EWG farm bill database, click here and we will take you there.

Click here for our conversation with Sandra Schubert of the Environmental Working Group.

Signup for the Master Cattlemen Summit Now Available
Oklahoma's Master Cattleman Summit is scheduled for August 9-10 on the Oklahoma State University Campus in Stillwater. Due to classroom size limitations, registration is limited to the first 180 registrants. Registration is due by July 20.

Sessions for the summit include: Managing Cull Cows for Added Value; A Packer Buyers Perspective of Quality in Cows; Video of Cows to be Fabricated; Assessing Risk in Managing Cull Cows for Added Value; Fabrication and Component Pricing of Cow Carcasses; Improving Your Bottom Line Through Selection and Culling; Heifer Selection: The Way We Do it at Davidson Ranch; The Latest in Beef Marketing; Heifer and Cow Culling Visual Appraisal; Heifer Selection and Cow Culling: Herd Management Software; Using Quicken to Manage Your Personal and Ranch Finances; Determining Forage Production at the Farm/Ranch Level; and Vegetative Index Insurance.

For additional conference information contact Dr. Dave Lalman or Glenn Selk at 405-744-6060 which is the Animal Science Department number on campus at OSU in Stillwater. We also have details of the Summit linked on our calendar page of our website, OklahomaFarmReport.Com. We have that link for you below.

Click here for the Calendar page of our website- scroll down to August items for the brochure for the OSU Master Cattlemen Summit!

A Daily Feature Available on our Website- the Morning Farm News with Ron Hays on RON
We hope you have the opportunity to listen to our daily morning farm news on some great radio stations across the state of Oklahoma- but if you miss it or can't find a signal near your location- it is available daily on our website for you to download and listen to at a time convenient for your schedule.

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Congressman Cole Touting the Chisholm Trail as a National Treasure
U.S. Congressman Tom Cole (OK-4) introduced legislation that would assist in the preservation and recognition of the Chisholm and Great Western Cattle Trails. H.R. 2849, the Chisholm and Great Western Cattle Trails Act, would specifically designate the two trails for a study to determine the suitability of placing these trails within the National Trails System as National Historic Trails. "It is time to ensure the preservation and recognition of such an important piece of history for the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and indeed, the country as a whole," Congressman Cole said. "Future American generations deserve to know the importance and origins of the great western cowboy, and their contributions to the success of the cattle industry after the Civil War."

The Chisholm and Great Western Cattle Trails were used in full force during the years between the late 1860's and the late 1880's by Texas cattlemen to bring their herds to the high-demand consumers in the east. These trails started in Texas from several feeders, and journeyed north, parallel to one another, through Oklahoma to railroad depots in Kansas where they were transported via railroad to the eastern states.

The Chisholm Trail runs from the Red River on the Texas line in the south through the heart of Oklahoma up into Kansas and ended initially at Abilene, Kansas. The trail through Oklahoma followed generally the route of US Highway 81.

AMI Proclaims "The Market Works!"
The American Meat Institute has launched a new web site showcasing how U.S. meat and poultry industry structure and practices are a response to signals from customers - and make the U.S. meat and poultry supply the envy of the world. The site also details the Institute's opposition to legislative efforts to ban meat companies' ability to own or contract for livestock.

Included in the new site are 35 studies done over the last two decades that have concluded that the meat industry is dynamic and competitive - and that both packers and producers benefit from their ability to enter into contracts. The site also includes: Important charts detailing the facts about U.S. meat production, industry structure, and retail prices.

The launch of the web site,, coincides with an ad in Roll Call - the newspaper of Capitol Hill - which encourages Congress to "let the market work." Clearly, the AMI has launched this site to proactively rebut any arguments coming out of the Senate Ag Committee that a "Competition Title" is needed in the 2007 farm bill. In addition, the number one topic listed on the website is Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling, which AMI wants to see repealed.

Click here for the new AMI sponsored website TheMarketWorks.Org

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